Friday, January 30, 2015
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Malcolm Andrews

Sione Mata’utia: A young breadwinner and record breaker


I never saw Reg Gasnier’s first Test appearance for Australia back in 1959. At the time I was a schoolkid living in the country and had to be content to listen to a radio broadcast of the match that crackled with sounds of static. It was the First Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground against the touring Kiwis, won 9-8 ... Read More »

Opinion: The rule change that improved our game


This is an excerpt from a story published in this week’s issue of League Express newspaper, which is out in all good newsagents right now. If you can’t get your hands on a hard copy, click here to download a digital version to your computer or smartphone. In recent years the good folk at the NRL have been intent on ... Read More »

The Aussie outlook: Why I can’t wait for kick off


Like a drug addict I need a fix! Only the drug of my choice isn’t harmful, even if it is addictive. Rugby League! It’s been only seven weeks since the World Cup Final was played before that enormous crowd at Old Trafford … and two months since the most thrilling finish to a Rugby League match in years, when the ... Read More »

The Aussie outlook: Spitfires and Eccles cakes


Regular readers will know of my fondness for the grass roots of the game in Old Blighty, especially some of the clubs with an interesting history, or players who have gone on to become famous or come from a town linked to one or more of my ancestors. There was the Chesterfield Spires, named after the church with the twisted ... Read More »

View from the Strand: Murphy’s Law at Henson Park


The start of the New Year in the Antipodes has been as predictable as ever. Enter Mr Glenn ‘Bumper’ Dwyer, the indefatigable publicity and marketing man for Newtown Jets (formerly the Bluebags). Now, Bumper is no man’s fool. He understands the working of newspapers in the so-called silly season, where Rugby League stories are at a premium. So each and ... Read More »

Freddy Fittler in fantasy league

Malcolm Andrews reacts to a story that Brad ‘Freddy’ Fittler will come out of retirement to play for Sydney Roosters in next month’s NRL Nines in Auckland… A happy New Year to all our devoted readers, although from reports filtering in from Old Blighty it has been a grim opening to 2014 – and I am not talking about your ... Read More »

What might happen in 2014: Olde Malcolm’s Almanack

Malcolm Andrews looks ahead to what might happen in Rugby League in 2014… Move over Nostradamus. Olde Malcolm is here again with extracts from his annual Almanack, predicting what will be happening to our great game during 2014. And there will be no quatrains that take a lot of understanding. First prediction: There will be a host of withdrawals of ... Read More »

Not so Stella Christmas presents

Scroll down to see what Christmas present Malcolm thinks SBW should be handing out this year.

Malcolm Andrews gives his compliments of the season. Apologies to everyone if I sound a bit like the Grinch. But it is that time of year again … the time when everyone descends on the main shopping centres at the same time to make my life a misery. It becomes virtually impossible to find a parking spot when you are ... Read More »

Up Stinky Creek without a paddle

Meet Jason Costigan.

Malcolm Andrews reflects on the activities of a former media manager for Bradford Bulls turned politician in Oz… One of the most prolific users of Facebook among my past and present media mates is a fellow that many Rugby League fans in Old Blighty will know … Jason Costigan. But then again, you should expect that behaviour from a former ... Read More »

Discussing the Australian Rugby League hall of fame

Peter Dimond - a childhood idol of this author - pushed the rules to the limit with some frightening stiff-arm tackles on British counterparts on the 1963-64 Kangaroo tour. ©ActionPhoto

It has been a week of Rugby League nostalgia for your humble Antipodean scribe. An email from the good folk at the Rugby League Museum in Sydney had alerted me to the fact that the voting process for the latest addition to Australia’s Hall of Fame was about to begin. And those of us lucky to have a say were ... Read More »