Sunday, February 1, 2015
Rugby League News

Malcolm Andrews

Can we stop the Australian juggernaut?


Call it killer instinct … call it whatever you like. But on Saturday the Australians showed why they are simply the best in the Greatest Game of All. Leading 34-2 with eight minutes left to play, did they ease up? Not on your Nellie! They tackled their hearts out to prevent the Kiwis from scoring a try. Pride in preventing ... Read More »

World Cup brimming with memories

So there’s just one week to go. And what a wonderful World Cup it has been, despite plenty of denigration of the minnows from certain sections of the Australian media, who just can’t seem to see past the NRL. Back home after my sojourn in the Mediterranean I have been sitting at home, dressed in a tee-shirt and shorts watching ... Read More »

The Aussie angle: Why I feel for the English

It was perhaps significant that just a few hours after we witnessed one of the greatest World Cup matches in history, between England and New Zealand for the right to play Australia in this year’s final, I should receive an important email. It asked for my choices in the first round of voting for the next member of the Australian ... Read More »

The spirit of America

It’s a case of Back to the Future on my return to these pages after my annual voyage on the world’s finest boutique cruise vessel, SeaDream I. I like to describe the gangplank to SeaDream as “the 18 Steps to Paradise” and, after being pampered for the seventh year running, the 36 hours back from Tenerife in the Canary Islands ... Read More »

They’ve faced the final curtain

First published in League Express, Monday 7th Oct 2013 And now the end is here, and so they’ve faced the final curtain. Tests. Hundreds of senior matches. Joy and distress. The highs, the lows. The camaraderie. Every emotion that makes our sport the Greatest Game of All. It was there at Olympic Park (the new name for the Homebush precinct ... Read More »

Toovey poised for greatness

First published in League Express, Monday 30th Sept 2013 What makes a great coach? You might as well ask: “How long is a piece of string?” It’s indefinable. One thing is certain. It’s not necessary to have been a great player. Many of the greatest players have not succeeded with clipboard in hand because they played by instinct – and ... Read More »

Oldies but goodies

First published in League Express, Mon 23rd Sept 2013 You don’t coach sides to win seven Premierships if you are a dunce. That’s what Wayne Bennett’s résumé shows only too clearly. Six titles with the Brisbane Broncos and another with St George Illawarra Dragons. So that’s why I could not understand the thinking of some Sydney Rugby League journalists when, ... Read More »

Like vintage wine

First published in League Express, Monday 16th Sept 2013 Like many people, a lady friend of mine would hide her age – even though she carried it with classic aplomb. But such an attitude had its drawbacks. Especially when she turned 80 and was hoping that friends would throw a party to honour the special milestone. Sadly, no one knew ... Read More »

Checking the hairs on the chinny, chin, chin

First published in League Express, Monday 9th Sept 2013 I hope our readers all recognised the significance of Saturday. In Australia we went to the polls to choose a new Prime Minister. And we all voted early so we could make it to the matches in the last round of the Premiership. Nevertheless, it wasn’t the election that made Saturday ... Read More »

The Beast, the Wolfman and Brilliant Bev

First published in League Express, Monday 2nd Sept 2013 It was heaven for Australia’s Rugby League couch potatoes on Saturday, as well as those who subscribe to Premier Sports in Old Blighty. And not just for the fact they could watch the Greatest Game of All for more than 12 hours straight. No! As they curled up on the lounge ... Read More »