Sunday, January 25, 2015
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Malcolm Andrews

May the force be with you, Luke

First published in League Express, Monday 26th Aug 2013 Looking back on almost a half-a-century of covering Rugby League (and another decade watching it as a kid) there are a few defining moments. Teams such as the 1955 Frenchmen, the St George Dragons of the 1960s, Jack Gibson’s Parramatta outfit, the unbeatable Wigan combinations of the 1990s and the virtually ... Read More »

English Hall of Infamy

First published in League Express, Monday 19th Aug 2013 The most innovative of all radio commentators in the history of our great game must surely have been the Aussie duo of Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson. Those weren’t their real names. But few people in Australia would know the names on their taxation returns – Roy (John Doyle) and ... Read More »

A ship without a rudder

First published in League Express, Monday 12th Aug 2013 One of the greatest characters I have ever met in almost half-a-century of covering the Greatest Game of All was Jack Gibson. Of course, British readers will best know him as Australia’s ‘Coach of the Century’ and his one-liners on telecasts of Rugby League from Australia. Just when you thought you ... Read More »

Officials can get away with murder

First published in League Express, Mon 5th Aug 2013 Malcolm Andrews reflects on the latest example of an NRL coach getting the sack. Regular readers are well aware of my love of the unorthodox nature of rugby players from the Pacific Islands.  Most have an inbred love of the game …  a passion that few Anglo-Saxons could ever hope to ... Read More »

Rewriting our rich history

First published in League Express, Monday 29th July 2013 I never cease to be amazed by some of today’s sports reporters. Their knowledge of the particular sport on which they are reporting goes no further back than when they were at school. The stories about Rugby League suffer accordingly. After Parramatta’s capitulation on Friday night, and the news that international ... Read More »