Saturday, August 23, 2014
Rugby League News

Martyn Sadler

The prospect of England vs the Celtic nations

A great way to ensure our prospective GB side is at full strength would be to pit England against a team featuring Scotland, Wales and Ireland. ©RLphotos

I don’t know how far the RFL has got in planning the domestic representative season, and whether the idea of playing England versus the Exiles is already cast in stone. But if it isn’t, I would like to propose an alternative. If we are going to bring back the Great Britain side to tour Australasia in 2015, why not have ... Read More »

It is good to see the RFL rejecting gimmicks

Kevin Sinfield in action for England at the RLWC2013. ©RLphotos

I’m very glad to see that the RFL has rubbished the idea that England or Great Britain is being lined up to play a hybrid form of rugby against the touring Australian Wallabies rugby union team next December. After a superb World Cup tournament, the last thing our game surely needs is a gimmicky match of this sort against rugby ... Read More »

What qualities should a Golden Boot winner have?

It is tough to pick the winner of the prestigious Golden Boot, says League Express editor Martyn Sadler. ©RLphotos

The latest edition of Rugby League World magazine has named the six players who have been shortlisted for this year’s Golden Boot award. The winner will be announced in the issue of the magazine that is due for publication on 17 January, so there is plenty of time for us to mull over who the winner should be. Johnathan Thurston ... Read More »

Where now for international Rugby League?

You only had to watch the first ten minutes of England’s World Cup semi-final at Wembley on Saturday to see how vital international sport is, and how it transcends the club game. Super League and the NRL are great competitions in their own right. But they don’t have the potential to draw in the whole population in the way that ... Read More »

What is wrong with Australia?

If you’re like me you’ll find it rather odd this week not to have any World Cup games to watch before Saturday. With the group games and the quarter-finals now having been completed, we only have three more matches to look forward to. I wonder how many Rugby League supporters will have withdrawal symptoms as we head into December. Unlike ... Read More »

The Headingley Experience

Visiting Headingley on Friday night to see the World Cup was a wonderful experience, and not just because the New Zealand team gave us a great exhibition of exciting Rugby League. At half-time they were leading 40-0, and their performance would make the Australians and the English sit up and take notice, with Sonny Bill Williams going over for three ... Read More »

The World Cup and the media

MARTYN SADLER, the editor of League Express, suggests that Rugby League could do a lot to help itself get more coverage in the national media. This is a modified version of an article that appeared in this week’s newspaper.   After an initial surge of interest in the World Cup from the leading national newspapers, there was a clear decline ... Read More »

Smaller nations, and smaller clubs, do us proud

MARTYN SADLER, the editor of League Express, pays tribute to the World Cup’s smaller nations. This is a modified version of part of his ‘Talking Rugby League’ article in this week’s newspaper. The more you watch the World Cup, the more you realise that the tournament isn’t really about the big three of Australia, New Zealand and England. It’s really ... Read More »

How the World Cup format was created

MARTYN SADLER explains his input into the format of the 2013 Rugby League World Cup. Ah well, if I don’t blow my own trumpet, then no one else will. On the website forum, a thread has been opened praising the format of the World Cup, and hailing whoever thought of it as “a genius”. When praise of that order ... Read More »

The ups and downs of the England coach

Isn’t Rugby League a funny old game? I can’t think of any other sport that can elate you and depress you within such short timescales. Just over a week ago those of us who saw England lose to Italy at Salford were feeling decidedly downbeat. The idea of England being able to compete with Australia and New Zealand looked a ... Read More »