Monday, September 22, 2014
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Opinion: Super League attendance drop should cause concern


Only four Super League clubs were able to post increases on their regular season average attendance in 2014, as overall crowds took a tumble in Super League compared to last season, which was also a season in which almost all clubs registered a decline in attendances. After the completion of all 27 rounds of the regular season at the weekend, ... Read More »

Time to stop and think about Nines

9s RL is beginning to spread across the world!

  So how good did the Auckland Nines turn out to be? If unpredictability is a prerequisite of a tournament, we certainly got it as North Queensland Cowboys won their first ever bit of silverware, beating Brisbane Broncos in an all-Queensland final. If speed and skill is another important ingredient for a sporting contest, the weekend had it in spades, ... Read More »

Is peace breaking out?

It might go down in history as the ‘Langtree Park Agreement’, after the 14 Super League clubs finally backed the RFL’s plans to introduce the ‘two x 12s go into three eights’ league structure. A little bit like the Munich Agreement of 1938 some cynics might observe, but nevertheless the six Super League clubs, six of the biggest and most ... Read More »

The final chapter of a great World Cup

Has there ever been a more dramatic ending to an international game than the one we witnessed at Wembley? And has there ever been a more heartbreaking defeat for an England team? They say ‘if’ is a big word and that was certainly the case on Saturday; Ryan Hall’s intercept, Ben Westwood’s drive for the line. If only it was ... Read More »

Looking to the World Cup’s legacy

So now there are just four teams remaining in the World Cup. The line-up for the Wembley semi-finals has been decided and there are no major shocks, with the line-up the same as in the last World Cup in 2008. A different pair of finalists would be fine by us, and we are sure that the England players will be ... Read More »

Rugby League in mourning

The early death of a former Rugby League star will always evoke sadness among many people, but the passing of Steve Prescott MBE in the early hours of Saturday morning was tremendously sad news. Thousands of tributes have already been made in print, on air and online, and the one word which is common to almost all of them is ... Read More »

League Express Editorial: An uplifting week

Sport is all about winning and losing, and the contrast between both was plain to see at Wrexham on Sunday afternoon, as Wales’ chances of qualifying from their World Cup group ended. On the other hand, the mood of the USA camp could only be described as one of elation and it would be nice to think that on the ... Read More »

Something must be wrong. Everything is good!

League Express Editorial, Monday 28th October 2013 We, Rugby League supporters that is, don’t like getting carried away. Over-excitement is not in our normal behaviour range. And we don’t like to speak too soon for fear of tempting fate. But the 14th World Cup has been good so far, hasn’t it? More than good. Very good. Maybe even better than ... Read More »

McNamara and his team face their biggest test

League Express Editorial, Monday 21st Oct 2013 Warm up games are wonderful in theory but in practice can sometimes come back to bite you on the backside. Steve McNamara and his England team must be ruing the fact that on Saturday they approached the game as part of their preparation for the World Cup, rather than a game in which ... Read More »

Fans can be the power behind the World Cup

First published in League Express, Monday 14th Oct 2013 In a guest column, Rugby League World Cup General Manager Sally Bolton urges League Express readers to buy their World Cup tickets before it is too late. As the start of Rugby League World Cup 2013 draws nearer, our vision of success for each match becomes more vivid, and we’re extremely ... Read More »