Sunday, February 1, 2015
Rugby League News

Jamie Jones-Buchanan

JJB meets Matt King OBE

Matt King - RL World Interview

First published in Rugby League World, Issue 389 (Sept 2013) I remember the paramedic leaning over me holding my head, and asking him to let me die because I remember just thinking what my life would be like in a wheelchair. Jamie Jones-Buchanan listens to arguably the most remarkable story in Rugby League – how Matt King has turned his ... Read More »

JJB Meets Danny Tickle


First published in Rugby League World, Issue 388 (Aug 2013) Jamie Jones-Buchanan could be in direct competition with Danny Tickle for a World Cup shirt come the end of the year, but that didn’t stop the pair sitting down to discuss the Hull FC man’s varied career Playing for your country is always a tremendous honour and having that opportunity ... Read More »

JJB meets Marwan Koukash

Dr Marwan Koukash. ©RLPhotos

First published in Rugby League World, Issue 387 (July 2013) “Now, I’m not a Rugby League expert, I’m a business man, but the way I look at it, with the rules and regulations that people impose in the game I would say that we are deliberately making the game a second class sport.” From boy soldier to millionaire racehorse owner ... Read More »

JJB meets Steve Ganson

Steve Ganson & JJB

First published in Rugby League World, Issue 386 (June 2013) “Getting it wrong is the worst feeling in the world.” If Margaret Thatcher was the Iron Lady then Steve Ganson was definitely the Iron Ref, famous for being the one who could make the biggest of decisions in the biggest of games. Catching many people by surprise, Steve recently retired ... Read More »