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The Magic Weekend Thread

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Posted 31 May 2013 - 07:28 AM

I find your comment about just around the corner grossly offensive. But then again you do tend to be just that most of the time.


If you are a nay sayer my comment applies REGARDLESS of your chuffing post code.


I couldn't give a toss if you travel from Timbuktu for every game, if the cap fits stick it on and where it.


Rant Over   :wild:


Your behaving like the schoolyard bully who has been knocked to the ground and now has a nose bleed. Don';t dish it out if you can't take it.



Do you know the CASTLE INN in Chiddingstone it would be near you one of my favourite pubs:)



CM if you want to meet its more normal to send a PM . I work in London during the week but what about Twiickenham this Saturday ?


I love it when people who are ranting about how only people who attend every game are real fans put it at the end of a long ramble about why they don't go to every game.


It tops up my irony meter.


It helps to actually go every now and then does it not ?


Must admit I will start going to these Magic weekends again when and if they return to Cardiff,Edinburgh or hopefully Newcastle with a view

to building the game outside the heartlands..

I would normally do every game though had to miss the last game in Edinburgh on the last occasion to get a train home for 1900.

Funnily enough we were at that Scotland A v France A fixture at Currie on the friday night.

Our ex London connection of Dave Rotheram and Keith Hogg  were in attendance also as I remember.


And as you will recall Keith arrived late into the stand as he had taken his boys to soccer training that evening. Not a great example for the chair of Scotland RL. Glad know you made it and I think I now know who you are. THe point about adding this and the Scorpions game is that these games were deliberately added on the Friday pre-Magic on the basis that fans would support the game by coming along. As you might know this was not the case and it rather proves the point that most fans go to Magic because its an opportunity to watch their club in a neutral away venue and go on the lash. Those of us who end up having to spend the majority of the day at the game are French and London fans for whom the Magic weekend is an overnight stay.And a mid-day start for London v Catalans ruled out any chance I had of getting there as a day trip this year. 


Zip chance of Magic ever going out of Manchester in future for what Chris Irvine bills the great "Northern" day out ,so the RFL chose Manchester as a small capacity 48,000 ground with good transport l;inks to the "heartlands" in order to fill the ground which makes for a better TV "product" . It had no such effect as the people I was with, viewing this time on TV, rightly said If this is a major event how come there are so many empty seats.


Sitting through a day at the magic weekend tests the cponcept of marginal utility to its extreme.The whole concept is flawed, Its is just another away game at a neutral venue, the atmosphere is often "tinny", there is nothing unique about fans intermingling together as this happens in every UK sport apart from Soccer, and it does nothing for expanding the game in fact - quite the opposite


I will respond to the one I already have on Ignore later..

I am an oil trader and successful at that but, but marketing, finance, business management, human resources etc are not my strengths



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Being an outsider, it is easiest to see what is wrong with the sport. It's a fantastic sport that has been undersold and under-marketed  because people who run it probably want to keep it the way it is



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#242 Ant

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Posted 31 May 2013 - 07:39 AM

Got so say RR you're about as far from my viewpoint on Magic Weekends as its possible to get, and your entire tone is self superior, offensive and condescending

#243 Padge

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Posted 31 May 2013 - 07:40 AM

Your behaving like the schoolyard bully who has been knocked to the ground and now has a nose bleed. Don';t dish it out if you can't take it.

You can obviously read, but you do really singularly fail to understand any of it.

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