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Rugby League's Drought

Will it ever be lifted? Murray

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#1 Maximus Decimus

Maximus Decimus
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Posted 08 July 2013 - 03:56 PM

I'm a big fan of Wimbledon and have been ever since I was a kid. I'm not a serious tennis fan but certainly dip in and out during the Grand Slams. Every year I've watched waiting for a British winner and absolutely loved it yesterday, I have a lot of respect for Murray and think he thorougly deserved it. I think deep down I never thought I'd see a British Wimbledon win and not that it matters doubt I'll ever see an English one (probably the next quest).


It certainly got me thinking though. A British Wimbledon winner was probably one of the 3 sporting droughts I've longed to see broken since a kid. The other two being an English win in the FIFA World Cup (I'd probably take a Euros now) and a British/English defeat of the Aussies when it matters in RL.


I'm equally pessimistic as I used to be about Wimbledon as I am about those two. From a Football point of view I think we are slipping further and further away from being a major player. I've noticed a sea change in the last couple of years and I unless there is drastic change think we're going to be seen soon enough by the rest of the world like Poland/Austria/Czech Rep are now, ie very much second tier.


Do we stand a chance of breaking the 41 year drought that we are suffering in Rugby League anytime soon?


Sadly, in a BBC article talking about long sporting droughts we didn't warrant a mention whereas Morocco waiting 37 years for African Nations glory and 49 years of hurt for the US Olympic Women's Volleyball team did.


Personally, I'm not sure I'll witness it but I live in hope. We just don't have the strength in depth in comparison to them and the modern sport of Rugby League is so unforgiving of inequality. British tennis is shocking but an individuals drive and determination can result in a one-off World Class player like Murray. We have to produce a higher number of world class players with a smaller pool.


Recently, it's happened too many times to get too excited about the prospect of it in finals etc. I highly doubt that I'll ever see us dominate them and go into a tournament as favourites but there is always the chance that we'll catch them having an off day in a final like with the Kiwis in 2005. I live in hope of that day!

#2 South Wakefield Sharks

South Wakefield Sharks
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Posted 08 July 2013 - 04:57 PM

It'll happen one day. I don't think there has been much between us and the Aussies over the past 10 years or so, except strength in depth. We've needed all our best players to be at their best at the same time for us to compete with the Aussies. One player injured or off form and the whole thing comes down like a pack of cards.


This year, we've got a bit of competition for places.


Take half-back for example. In the past we had Long or Deacon plus Farrell or Sculthorpe playing out of position. This year we've had options of Brough, Myler, Widdop or Chase to play alongside Sinfield who plays there week in week out for the champions. Whatever people's personal opinions or club allegiances, that's certainly more options and more depth than we've had in the past.


Centre's we've got Cudjoe, Watkins & Read as a minimum. In the past we had Senior & Gleeson and that was it. The pack is clearly as strong as it's been for years and on the wing we've got Hall, Charnley & Briscoe. We had Brian Carney but not much else in recent years.


It's not as strong as the Aussies, who still have more depth, but we've certainly got more options to cope with lack of form or injuries and the mood in the camp is clearly better than it's probably ever been.

#3 RSN

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Posted 08 July 2013 - 05:07 PM

Man for man starting 17 we are not far off them at all. If we lose a few players though we are struggling though.

If we win the world cup it will be massive for the sport. Sports fans and the media are so quick to jump on sporting success. Beating Australia in front of (hopefully) 70,000 people in the final at the sport they are best at will get us a huge amount of coverage. This really could be our year.

I'm not expecting soccer to win a major tournament within the next 20 years. We are so far behind on player development it's unreal. The focus for our youth system is pace, power, strength ect to turn them into good athletes, but to win world cups you have to have so much more than that. Hence why England have struggled with the likes of Gerrard and Lampard in the side who aren't even in the same league with some of the players Spain and Germany have on their bench.

#4 Kenny Bania

Kenny Bania
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Posted 09 July 2013 - 08:13 AM

Sadly, in a BBC article talking about long sporting droughts we didn't warrant a mention whereas Morocco waiting 37 years for African Nations glory and 49 years of hurt for the US Olympic Women's Volleyball team did.

Do you have a link to that article? It'd be interesting to see what's on there. France's droughts in the TDF and men's French Open to think of two.

I have a degree of optimism about RL seeing as we've only got two teams to get past. Every dog and all that. But as for football, I really can't see us winning a Euros or World Cup for a very long time.

#5 keighley

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Posted 10 July 2013 - 03:58 AM

Murrays fantastic win also knocked some of the shine off the Lions RU win in Australia. An England win in the Rugby World Cup could similarly take a little gloss off the RU version next year.

I live in hope.