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The fightback starts this week... Knights v Whitehaven

21/7 3pm

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#41 shades2

  • Coach
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Posted 22 July 2013 - 07:14 AM

Know for a fact he won't like me saying this, but the only thing Tom Carr did very, very slightly

wrong yesterday was to try too hard.

He is having to do all the long kicking because Elvis & Johno can't or won't so it adds extra pressure

to Tom's game, also think we struggle when Jack Lee is off the pitch because I don't think the half backs

are doing enough 'leading' & organising at present, also got to be a case for Lee & Brining starting together


Anyway we are the wotsit now & need to stick together & try a sneak an unexpected bonus point in the

next 2 weeks, we will be at Fax as per normal to get behind the lads, can't really fault the effort they have

put in over the last 3 weeks.

#42 Caldecott

  • Coach
  • 136 posts

Posted 22 July 2013 - 08:08 AM

I am starting to get a little worried now. 2pts off 2nd bottom but 6pts off 8th. And if the game finished 5 minutes early we'd have 6 pts instead of 2.

Our kicking game is awful. Three times in two games the ball has gone out on the full. I know we haven't got the biggest & tallest squad but how come we never kick to the corner? Elliott can catch the ball (we've seen him do that when the opposition kick to our corner) and I bet Flockhart can do the same. Plus why does Presley never chip kick? If you remember the game against Hunslet where they equalised on the hooter from a penalty, most of our tries were scored from Presley's little chips over the top for others to collect.

There's no point constantly moaning and complaining at the ref either. What is that going to achieve? All that is going to happen is that 50/50 decisions won't go our way. The ref has made his decision so it is very unlikely he'll change it. And when Carr was obstructed by Merrick he had to give the Try, the same happened when we played Barrow if you remember.

A this time in the season we need to support them - otherwise we could be playing Gloucestershire and Hemel next season.

Whatever happened to Nat Brown?