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Increasing Rugby League diversity

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Duff Duff
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Posted 27 July 2013 - 07:17 PM

A kid born to English parents in an ex-pat Benidorm commune won't have Spanish values and interests, he'll be English but born abroad and will share the same interests as the people in his immediate surroundings. You can't then blame the Spanish for not trying hard enough to involve him in Spanish culture.


In England, we're allowing a similar division to continue, with Islamic faith schools to popping up everywhere and whole towns/regions of cities to become foreign monocultures. This will only continue our cultural differences.


This forced mass immigration was a social experiment to actively encourage people with completely different cultures to come here and make us diverse. I find it odd, how people now seem baffled that these same people with their different cultures, values and religions don't slot right into our way of life. Or, how their offspring don't grow up with British values and interests. This was never about assimilation, it was about diversity, multiculturalism.


It's a shame, as clubs like Batley, Dewsbury & Bradford won't be here in another 25-30 years when those areas are even more ethnically cleansed. Don't expect Asian communities to support them as they're just not interested, and why would/should they be?


I get the feeling many feel we don't do enough to encourage 'minorities' to integrate, but it's also up to them to get involved. If they don't want to know and wish to continue their cultural way of life and ignore their new host nation, we can't be held accountable for their secular ways. We can only do so much.


Well the burden to integrate is certainly upon the immigrants themselves rather than mainstream society because to put it bluntly the country we live in is called England and when push comes to shove it is English cultural values and norms that should predominate. 


Unfortunately some immigrant communities go out of their way to insulate themselves and put up barriers. For example what is the rate of inter marriage between the Pakistani community and white British community in the UK? I would imagine it is incredibly low if not none existent. Meanwhile a British West Indian is now just as likely to marry a white British person as a fellow West Indian. 


Considering the differences between the two communities is it hardly surprising that West Indians have made a real impact in Rugby League with the cases too numerous to mention. Some of these players are so integrated some don't even consider themselves West Indian any more. 

Racism and prejudice works both ways. 

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