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North Italy Super League Club

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#21 Li0nhead

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Posted 13 November 2013 - 09:41 AM

Sorry guys but you may as well talk about a team entering from Narnia.

Remember Paris?


You need a club, finance, support, players and a structure under this to keep bringing all of these before you even look at putting pins in maps and saying 'we want a team here'.

#22 CQItalia

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Posted 13 November 2013 - 10:48 AM

I used to go to Northern Italy a lot. I could find very little enthusiasm for Union, so why do we think there would be any more enthusiasm for RL? Italy is soccer mad. Most Italians have never heard of Rugby so what chance does a different version of a game they've not heard of in the first place have? Plus of course they're in the depths of a very deep recession and have very little money for spending on watching sport ATM


Well said. Rugby Union is considered a small sport in itself with only 80,000 players because Soccer is like AFL/RL/Union/Football in Australia combined and then some...

In 3.5 months in Italy this year I only tried once to explain the difference between "rugby a XIII" and "Rugby". So I just called it Rugby to family & friends (that weren't involved in Rugby a XIII). RU would have smaller attention compared with Soccer also. They might recognise someone like Castro and "Rugby".


Yes the recession - I think it's fair to say most Australians wouldn't realise how bad it is. I think the average wage a family member said would be about 1000+ euros a month.


I went to Italy in August, the place is a bit of a mess, hotels have just been abandoned, the amount of rubbish on the roads is ridiculous and they are basically making ends meet by ripping off tourists. For example one restaurant we went to had the old prices crossed out on the menu with the new prices hand written next to them. I am not talking a couple of Euro more but €10 or even €20 more.

Also, Superleague does not exist to give second rate Aussies a well paid working holiday. Maybe if they were to be given a franchise they should have the same quota rules as everyone else.

I did notice the rubbish myself except it seemed to be outside the big cities overflowing. I was fine with prices.


It is obvious the squad will be filled with Australians and English. There is talent in italy.....

#23 Lounge Room Lizard

Lounge Room Lizard
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Posted 13 November 2013 - 12:04 PM

I dont see the point of an Italian team in SL. Sl itself is in a mess with infighting and clubs badly run. Wheres the money coming from to do this in Italy? And no doubt the majority of players would be Aussies who wouldnt be cheap. Italian team in SL for me is a pointless exercise. Waste of money and not really doing much to give native Italians the chance to play Pro rugby at a level they are comfortable with


I would have thought it would make more sense both financially and other reasons to run a team or even  2 in French Elite 1 or Elite 2, using mainly Italian native players and build from there. In Elite 2 Cavaillon, Carpentras, Entraigues are all under 500km to Genoa for example and would give a good base to work off for Native players. A number of Italian or heritage Italians already play in Elite 1 & 2. It would also help the Elite leagues get more teams and maybe bigger sponsors and tv. Maybe it makes more sense for the French and Italians to work more together than the English and Italians. If things do go well then maybe look to have a SL club like Catalans at a later date.