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How Do We Solve The Problem That is Australia?

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#21 Jim from Oz

Jim from Oz
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Posted 15 November 2013 - 07:43 AM

The Australian problem is that they win everything.
In the modern era , for their fans , It's almost a triffling bore to watch the Kangaroos win every single tournament they play in.
Even they acknowleged it publicly when the Kiwis beat them , to their credit they were the first to say ' It's good for the game , It's no good if we win all the time '
I agree whole heartedly that the best ( realistic outcome ) of the world cup is that it gets shared around ( realistic = England.....In my wildest dreams the U.S. would win it ).

Next best option that would sit comfortably with me is if NZ win it.
The State of Origin as we know well is rated higher by Aussie sports fans  1) because they are the best 2) because historically it's been a tightly contested prize.
As the Aussies became more insular with their Origin mentality , test footy died  , a whole generation of fan has grown up in Australia and NZ not apreciating that at one time the greatest game on Earth was probably GBR V Aussie closely matched by test the series of NZ V Aussie.
Before Sam Tomkins decided to look at playing in the NRL , I would say that my rational mind thought a strong English game was important , but if you asked me pre Tomkins whether England winning the World cup was a good idea I'd have said nope , not on your Nelly.
What changed ?
The Tomkins thing got me watching ESL Games again ( albiet that they are delayed here in NZ and it's a very limited one game a week package ).
I became a born again Wigan Fan ( left the fold in the 1990's ) more significantly I became an ESL fan again.....and I have sended up with an emotional buy in to the English game.
I would Love the New Zealand Warriors to recruit a few more ESL lads ( Juniors ) but don't want to see the ESL raided , there is a conflict of interest there......which needn't be if the NZ Warriors send some of ours to the ESL.
I'm going off on a tangent here....oh yeah the Aussies......point being they have a solid product the best way to exploit it for the good of the game is for NZ and the Northern Hemisphere game to show them the way ( play each other suring Origin ).
That will make the Aussies think a bit about their role in the scheme of things , no one likes to be left out of the party for too long.

Excellent post

#22 boxhead

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Posted 15 November 2013 - 08:04 AM

Excellent post

It is a good post.
Australia have taken their direction because of lack of competition (mainly from England) and looked inwards at playing against themselves.


The kiwis have lost around 16 from the last 19 games against Oz, the fact that two of those games were significant games in a WC Final and 3/4 Nations Final plays a part but Australia see the Kiwis as almost a younger brother and I doubt they are as upset with a Kiwi win as they would be an England win.

Australia get smashed by the All Blacks endlessly and respect what the Kiwis can do, the fact so many Australian born or imported young Kiwis play in the NRL gives a familiarity and respect to NZ.


England need to win this tournament and win that respect.

#23 petero

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Posted 16 November 2013 - 12:48 PM

Good thread this with some excellent letters in it and alot of what is being discussed is both legible and intelligent. A little more profound I find than ' Next seasons shirts' etc!