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RLWC Waste of Time?

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#1 G Las D

G Las D
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Posted 19 November 2013 - 10:47 AM

According to one report I've read, there are some voices in Australia who think the RL World Cup is a waste of time.

I guess these are the same ones who don't see any value in the World Club Challenge game.

They seem to be pointing at small attendances at say the Oz v Ireland game in Limerick.

These people should look beyond their own little comfort zone and see the reality of this World Cup tournament.

It has been a great success with good attendances not just in the heartland of the game in the UK.

Media coverage has been good and as Jarryd Hayne points out the interest raised in this tournament has brought investment into the game where it is needed eg

Fiji have earned themselves some decent sponsorship.

Anyone who follows our game has to appreciate the value of international fixtures if it is to attract the interest and sponsorship it needs to survive and grow.

The paying public have supported this World Cup. The media attention has been decent.

OK nothing is perfect, but this tournament has been well run and should be considered a great success with a couple of big days still to come!

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#2 Stoney100

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Posted 19 November 2013 - 11:10 AM

No -not a waste of time - more international matches are needed especially for the lesser team I for one have enjoyed watching teams like USA etc. compete.

Also I would like to see alot of the money from this WC going to USA etc. to develop.

Format of the Tournment needs reviewing - like the idea last time when they put the 4 higher ranked team in the world in one group to play each other for 3 semi finals places and the others in another mini tournment to battle it out for one.

Less one sided matches and means the smaller sides could grow without getting a massive beating.

But that is just me - wonder if any one agrees.

#3 Futtocks

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Posted 19 November 2013 - 02:35 PM

According to one report I've read, there are some voices in Australia who think the RL World Cup is a waste of time.

I guess these are the same ones who don't see any value in the World Club Challenge game.

They seem to be pointing at small attendances at say the Oz v Ireland game in Limerick.

Unfortunately, trolls need very little nourishment, whether on the internet orin the media. One small crowd, albeit a record for a match in ireland, and two one-sided quarter-finals and the empty vessels can claim that all the matches have been blowouts with nobody watching.


But then, look at who's been doing the negative talk - Phil Rothfield and Rebecca Wilson. Anyone who takes either of them seriously isn't going to understand the counterargument, especially if it contains long words.

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#4 mt smart

mt smart
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Posted 19 November 2013 - 04:42 PM

If Rugby League were an Empire Sydney would be Rome.


Australia have built their own Colosseum like Gladiator clashes in their NRL competition.


If rugby league nations were states of Ancient Greece , the real Spartans play their State of Origin to remind us all ' it is the highest form of the game , Spartans only '


Those of us who have been following Rugby league pre the rise of the Origin NRL dominance will recall a time when test matches were more brutal and in your face personal than what the Aussies constructed within their own Matrix.


Yes Origin is special , yes it could be argued that in some era's it has been the highest standard of Rugby league but it's becoming more and more apparent that the Australian game is becoming sterile and one sided with the dominance of Queensland.


What has this to do with the World cup criticism coming out of Australia ?


Everything.  Australian rugby league have worked really hard to survive in a competitive internal sporting market place , they have lost some ground to the AFL , Origin is their biggest product.


Footy games involving them and the rest of the minions are an un needed distraction from running the central control of the World game.


The only way that the rest of the world are going to wrestle control off the Aussies at board level is for England and NZ to grow a pair and go it alone with Tests during the Orgin Window.


The NRL clubs would fight that tooth and nail, I'd like to see two sovereign nations tell the third to get stuffed or join in with the rest of us.

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#5 Joe Whitley

Joe Whitley
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Posted 19 November 2013 - 05:07 PM

What a load of rubbish. I can't tell if they're covering their backs just in case they end up losing or they are still bitter about 2008.

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#6 oikee

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 02:38 AM

Mt Smart, good post, and Rome is burning. 

I will have to work out to copy your post so you know i am replying. 

The best thing to ever happen to rugby league world-wide was the internet. 

Call me naive, but to be honest i never knew much about rugby leagues hard 100 year slog until i started to read about it on the net. 

We all know about it now, but even as a kid, i just loved the game and wanted to play the game. 

Now, with social media and twitter, facebook and on=line, these dinosaur media men are finding it hard to account for their out of date jobs. 


Ignore them, more and more are ignoring the negative stories written by small minded writers who are all about to retire anyhow as they have not keep up with the modern world. 


I myself have found this forum the most refreshing, why, because i am not having to defend stupid negative comments every day. 

(hold the phone, i have only been here a couple of hours), but still, others are all moving to social media, and for proof, you have the strategy and future report from the NRL with real results in social media and digital media for massive results with-in a year. 

Take Origin alone, 1 billion hash-tags on twitter for 3 games. 

Already a 50% increase in sponsors for digital media at games. 


I was watching a game this year, and the advertising on the ground looked strange to me, then i found out yesterday it was virtual, so beamed onto the ground without having to paint it on with chalk. 


Anyhow, i have taken off from my Australia forum, which was biased in my opinion, and i was forever caught up defending the code. 

3 days later i realised had wasted 5 years of my life on that site. 


The NRL and the media reporting on the game has now been exposed, and channel 7 has opened people's eye's, rugby league will never be the same again. 

I wont ever be settling for second best coverage again in Australia. I seen the light, most have as well.

League supporters in Australia were told for years they were living in a bubble.

I think it has now burst.