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Why why why

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#21 Duck Egg

Duck Egg
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Posted 20 January 2014 - 09:27 PM

In regards to the 'feel good factor', the club is in a great position this season. New sponsors, balancing the books, strong squad (for this division), better relationship with the council etc. There is no doubt that GH has to be given some credit in helping the club. Without him, it is probable that Colin Smith would not have backed Hunslet in the manner he has this season. Further to this, Hunslet get far more exposure to the media (BBC/YEP). In regards to off the field matters, there is no doubt that the tie up with Leeds RL has been of some benefit. And just because I'm from the wrong side of the river, doesn't make me biased. As I will state below.

Whilst there are some positives which GH can be given credit for, lets not be naive. His motives are not completely void of self interest. Super League clubs as we all know last year, voted on a Miss Moneypenny scrimping policy. Dual Registrations sole purpose in my opinion, was not brought in to help Championship clubs, as it was firstly been portrayed. Instead, it did the opposite and the only real beneficiaries were Super League boards saving money. (Please do not ban me for bringing up Dual Reg. I have never brought it up before and is only being used to give my balanced opinions. Not just to rant about old rivalries).

The reason I have brought up the Leeds partnership, is firstly to be honest. With any partnership, there are always going to be positives and negatives. Mainly, it is to respond to some posts that have been made. What I cannot agree with (even though it is very likely that it was done tongue in cheek), are posts which try to turn one set of Hunslet fans against another. Belittling supporters who are not fully behind the Leeds partnership, does not help with the feeling good factor that is currently around the club at the moment. What has to be remembered is that the partnership could end in the coming years. What will not stop, are the supporters of Hunslet who back the club year on year. Anyroad, on a final note. I personally continue to be fully behind the HIST board and the excellent commitment and passion they have towards the club. The amount of positive work that has been done and the progress being made is excellent. Just a shame this great club cannot stand on its own two feet. With promotion and relegation back, who knows.

#22 Blackbeard

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Posted 21 January 2014 - 08:46 AM

"Why Why Why Delilah"

#23 Mystic Meg

Mystic Meg
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Posted 21 January 2014 - 08:50 AM

Excellent post Duck Egg, you sum up the situation pretty well. With regard to GH, there is a saying "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer".....

The partnership was never going to be popular, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Whilst the board risk alienating some fans, we all have to look at the bigger picture. As you rightly say, the ultimate aim is for the club to stand on it's own two feet, and the quicker we get financial security, the sooner that day will come.....


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Posted 21 January 2014 - 01:01 PM

Duck Egg . A very well written post .

Edited by HUNSLET72, 21 January 2014 - 01:04 PM.

#25 terrywebbisgod

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Posted 21 January 2014 - 01:05 PM

Duck Egg . A very well written post .

I remember a man being given credit for the "good causes" and charity work he did .

30 years on and he is seen in a different light ???????????????

Are you seriously comparing GH to JS.

God bless the keyboard warrior.

#26 Gazmeister

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Posted 21 January 2014 - 04:46 PM

"Why Why Why Delilah"

Plays second row with Samson