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Quite a gap.........

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Posted 05 February 2014 - 07:07 PM

By the sounds of it, we will be no further forward or behind than we are now, but the prize money will increase, so whats the big hooha all about?

If we finish as runners up like we did last season, the £500,000 windfall would enable Batley to do all sorts to the ground and continue the progressive improvements.

Also the prize money on offer on the "sliding scale" will still be considerable more than any club below SL gets at the minute, so its win win as far as im concerned.

Add to that they havent decided how much TV money each club will get, and its not looking too bad.

The promotion and relegation thing was always going to be brought back and stacked heavily in favour of the existing 14 SL clubs.

Very true BTJ, we will be better off financially than we are now. So yes it is good news from that aspect. The problem comes when teams like us have to try and compete with the select few teams who have been handed 2, 3 or 4 times the amount of money that we have to build a team. 


Basically what would be required from our division, is for a team like Featherstone or Leigh to build a team good enough to finish 9th in SL as it stands, but to do it on a quarter of the money of the teams they are competing against.


One of the reasons I have liked our division over the years, is because it doesn't matter who you are playing, there is always a chance of going and get a result, like we did at Fev in the playoffs last year as a prime example. It is highly competitive and it doesn't matter how good clubs think they are, if they don't turn up on the day, they will get beaten.


My concern is, that competitiveness we have enjoyed over the years will be taken away and the rfl will create a similar environment to that seen in the Premiership at football and Super League. With same 3 or 4 teams fighting for the top spots every year and rest of us making up the numbers.


That is why the NRL works in Australia, all teams play on a similar footing so all teams has a chance of winning the title, and the competition for places in the Test team and State of Origin is so high. Players have to play at there best week in, week out to get results.


There are other aspects, but part of the reason British players are not at the same level as the Aussies, is because our best players only have to turn on the style maybe 6 or 8 times a season to ensure there team finishes in the top 4. The Aussies cannot afford that luxury. They have to be at the top of their game for maybe 20 weeks a season, because most teams in the NRL have a similar amount of quality throughout there ranks, so if they do not play well, they will not win anything.


The other major problem the new system will cause is, the Boom and Bust we saw in previous years with clubs overspending to have any chance of competing.


It's not looking good to me. 

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#22 jt

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Posted 08 February 2014 - 08:36 PM

As people say the championship clubs will be financially Better than they are now. Come 2015 when the split comes at the end of the season I would say that if the bottom 4 of S/L drop with the top 4 of the championship it is to aim for the championship club to do there best and the 4 v 5 at the end of the 7 matches will be like a grand final as the winners will go into S/L. Also I am told that the salary cap for the championship is to be increased in 2015

#23 John North

John North
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Posted 13 February 2014 - 09:40 PM

Why no one has asked the RFL to explain the prize structure is beyond me.

We can all see the thinking behind it, "reinstate P&R but keep the riff-raff on the back foot"


Similarly, why does no-one send a Freedom of Information request to Kirklees council asking them how much (if any) money has been ploughed into the Rugby League Clubs under its juistiction.

I imagine both responses would make for good reading.

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