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Sam Tomkins - Do you think he'll be a superstar in the NRL?

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41 replies to this topic

#1 JimBronco

  • Coach
  • 360 posts

Posted 20 February 2014 - 02:46 PM

No doubting his talent and ability. He's a sensational player. Worth every penny in my opinion. Do you agree? I can't wait to see him in action week in week out.


#2 JimBronco

  • Coach
  • 360 posts

Posted 20 February 2014 - 02:47 PM

*superstar I meant lol


#3 Futtocks

  • Coach
  • 27,914 posts

Posted 20 February 2014 - 03:04 PM

After seeing him in the Nines, if the Warriors don't implode (and that is a big 'if'), he and Johnson could cut loose in spectacular style on attack. Just a question of him learning the team's style of play.

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The difference is quite droll:
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The pessimist sees the hole.

#4 JimBronco

  • Coach
  • 360 posts

Posted 20 February 2014 - 03:32 PM

Yeah, from what I saw in the Nines the early signs of him and Johnson performing great together were to be seen. Still early days for him and he's still adapting to a new environment, team mates and style of playing, but he looked good and will only improve.

I think only around 2,000 people picked him in their fantasy teams, but that could be down to anything. Maybe a case of many people rather picking another fullback who's more settled in in the NRL, or maybe there's a degree of uncertainty with many people.


#5 Stoney100

  • Coach
  • 154 posts

Posted 20 February 2014 - 03:51 PM

My answer is simple - Yes very talented player - one of our best - English players always now days have that question over them when they go to the NRL probably because Aussies can't stand us being better.

As for the Fanstay League did not pick him 1) because Warrior are one of those teams when they are good they are great but when they are bad they are bad so not sure on the scoring and 2) for far less you can pick up Ben Barba (which I did) which leaves more dosh to spend else where on other players and well Barba is not bad is he.

Edited by Stoney100, 20 February 2014 - 03:53 PM.

#6 G Las D

G Las D
  • Moderator
  • 18,369 posts

Posted 20 February 2014 - 04:18 PM

The general impression I get - including something I read online yesterday is that the aussie pundits reckon that outstanding SL players usually turn out as average in the NRL.

Tomkins was outstanding in SL. I think he can be very good in NRL. Warriors have the reputation  for inconsistency (as Stoney said) so that could be a hindrance. However Johnson showed last season that despite this a talented back can excel in that team. If Tomkins plays his best stuff Warriors fans will be hoping that him and Johnson will break plenty of defenses in 2014


******************************* Disciple of Experience *******************************

#7 mt smart

mt smart
  • Coach
  • 684 posts

Posted 20 February 2014 - 08:30 PM

Tomkins is a great player , that's with or without the NRL part.


Can great players make it in the NRL ? ( rhetorical )

As others have pointed out , he has chosen to play for an inconsistent team. The reasons the Warriors are inconsistent are complex and they are grounded in the way Rugby league players are moulded here In NZ.


They tend to be one dimensional. Either great runners of the ball , or great defenders , rarely both.


The other Rugby league fundamentals missing when players are developed outside of a 'schools system' is no culture of 'reading and controlling games in a structured sense'


In other words we just don't produce well rounded spine players , especially halves.


While Tomkins is studying how the Warriors play ' he is already working out who he can get an offload from.....he does his research that boy..........Sam and Shaun have been doing some freakish things in training they will present a massive challenge for opposition teams ' ( Matt Elliot Interview )


Tomkins fate in the NRL is tied to Johnson's.


I tend to see the paradigm flipped on it's head.......the Warriors need to adjust to how Tomkins plays.....it's why they spent so much money to get a consistently high standard player from a consistent team.....to influence and iron out the problems in our back line.


Warriors weaknesses Tomkins will improve :


- Too greater emphasis on Johnson : The Warriors attack is often a crude reactive plan to' get the ball to Johnson and see if he can create something from nothing.

Teams just mark Johnson out of the game and the Warriors struggle , sometimes it takes the opposition half a game to shut him down ( ergo the Warriors set the record for most 18 point leads conceded in NRL history last couple of years ).

On day two of the Nines.......Tomkins was shut down as was Johnson....they were easy targets playing individually , on day one when Tomkins looked to set up Johnson...they were unstoppable.


They must play off each other , the focus of the Warriors attack needs to shamelessly link those two players selfishly......Tomkins has that weird side stepping and beautiful hands.....Johnson is the fastest and most mercurial halfback in the World.


The Warriors have no Kicking game ( Johnson Bombs the ball no one gets to it.....the Warriors play most of the year on the back foot from poor territory , their forwards tire as a result and they fall out of contests time and again ).


Tommy Leuluai isn't a very good kicker either. Locke has no real boot to speak of.

Tomkins while not a primary Kicker or a long field kicker......has a neat short kick option.....the key being options.


Chad Townsend the Cronullar reserve grade (NSW cup for NRL'ites ) half the Warriors have brought in has more of a kicking game than all of them ( critical in Rugby league ) that will help the Warriors cause this season all around.


Leuluai goes to hooker this year by the Looks , as a former team mate of Tomkins.....it makes the possibility of the Warriors adjusting to what Tomkins can do a realistic aim ( half a Wigan spine / familiar combo / when Tomkins and Johnson aren't hogging the ball , Leuluai has proved he is a deceptive sneaky ruck player ).


Rugby league is won in the forwards :


Kinda telling Granny how to suck eggs here.....but bare with me , in the Warriors this is more relevant than most teams.....

Tomkins ( and Johnsons ) chances in the NRL are stuffed without good go forward.


There is an NRL Myth about the " Big Warriors forward pack " ( that one really gets up the noses of Warriors fans who know the team well ) .....a comparison of Pack weights and player heights placed the Warriors in the Lower third of the competition last year.


In days gone by the Warriors had monster forward packs , they went away from that under Ivan Cleary and hired / developed an army of skinny back rowers and converted back Rowers to Props....they ended up with a club of tacklebotts we are still trying to recover from to this day.


The Warriors get belted by Packs like Manly and Canberra , North Queensland , the Titans, not through lack of talent....they just get dominated.


Tomkins has arrived at a time where the Warriors look to be adding some big players to their Pack or sizing up by moving big men like Matulino to the secound row ( very effective in the Wigan Trial ) and giving Young fellahs like the number 17 in that Trial Albert Vete some exposure ( he was a handful ).


If you compare Giants like Sione Lousi and Solid bigger Prop / secound row interchange players Like Charlie Gub to what we had in Elijah Taylor , Ben Henry ( small kid for UK fans ) , and Todd Lowrie ( Skinny forward ) the Warriors are far more likely to provide that space Tomkins will need to shine.


Tomkins specific assets the Warriors need :


  • Interestingly they don't need his running game ( well not the length of the field Try's ) they've got an overkill of backs who can kill the opposition.
  • They need Tomkins Vision to put those players one on one or in an overlap situation.

Hurrell ( Power )  Vatuvei ( Power ) Fis'iahi ( has to be one of the fastest players in the game...certainly the Warriors Fastest , he burnt Tomkins by some way in speed trials pre season this year )  Johnson ( speed and evasion )  Lolohea ( Junior ) who you will be hearing a lot about during Tomkins tenure at the Warriors , another Johnson styled half back clone Tomkins describes as having ' electric feet' .


Summary :


The Warriors attack has always been limited to one edge. In big Manu's day nearly all Try's were scored on his side of the field ( Left edge ).

In the last couple of Hurrell Seasons the Try's are heavily loaded to the Right.


Tomkins is the best Fullback in the game at ball playing out wide on both edges.

I don't expect him to score a million Try's.....the Warriors don't need that. I expect he will set up the Warriors outside backs with his vision and flat passing game.


That will be his legacy at the NZ Warriors , setting Hurrell / Vatuvei  and Fis'iahi loose on the hapless outside defence of the rest of the NRL competition.


Around the ruck in tandem with Johnson they will create a nice highlights reel. Lastly , the Warriors are some of the most natural off loaders / secound phase players in the game ( it's a NZ league staple )......watch out for Tomkins and Feleti Mateo.......( Ironically Feleti is Australian....but it's the Polynesian off load game he was bought here for to correct Ivan Cleary's killing off of the Native [tongue in cheek] instinct here ). 


I'm expecting a confident NZWarriors in 2014 ( if you look up confidence teams in the dictionary there is a Warriors Logo in invisible ink )


Is Tomkins a player who inspires Confidence in his team mates ?


Look out.

Edited by mt smart, 21 February 2014 - 06:31 AM.

#8 dude02

  • Coach
  • 446 posts

Posted 20 February 2014 - 09:50 PM

Tomkins is a fantastic player and I reckon he will establish himself as one of NRL's greats.

#9 oikee

  • Coach
  • 335 posts

Posted 21 February 2014 - 02:44 AM

Tomkins and Johnson are mind-boggling. 

As are Ben Barba and Anthony Milford. 

He needs to stop talking about rugby union. If the poms are going to come out here to Australia and try to talk up union, they might as well not bother coming, just go play union in England France, you wont be missed. Our fans pay to watch league players. ? true,,,,not listen to you bumble on about union. hehe

#10 oikee

  • Coach
  • 335 posts

Posted 22 February 2014 - 11:48 PM

Adding further to Sam Tomkins post. He really needs to pull his head in with this Union obsession. 

The NRL are not paying him to talk about and promote union on the other side of the world. If he does not want to keep his mind on the NRL season, maybe he should ask for a release from his contract and go home and play union. 

These players trying to big up union every second day needs to stop. Your either playin in the toughest comp in the world or your off to union,. You cant do both. 

Nuff said. 

#11 mt smart

mt smart
  • Coach
  • 684 posts

Posted 23 February 2014 - 04:34 AM

Tomkins scored his first try in an NRL Trial V the Broncos today.q


Edited by mt smart, 23 February 2014 - 06:02 AM.

#12 oikee

  • Coach
  • 335 posts

Posted 23 February 2014 - 08:26 AM

Dunedin will be very lucky to keep this trail game after a poor showing of only 6 thousand. 


There are plenty of places, cities screaming out for rugby league games. 

A double header at Suncorp could have brought 30 to 40 thousand through the turnstiles. NZ smaller cities need to be careful, they will get shut out of games in the future. 

Its the stadium and city that suffer. This stadium is propped up by the government now in Dunedin.

Anyhow, time to move on, nothing to see here. 

Tomkins looks the goods. 

#13 wackojacko

  • Coach
  • 747 posts

Posted 23 February 2014 - 11:11 AM

They looked good there and Tomkins looked like one of their best. I really hope he can make it, he may not be the same agile speedster he was a few years back [not saying he's slow or anything though] but he is a much more rounded player and is such a great link out wide. Bit shaky in defence and under the high ball at times so hopefully he can raise that aspect of his game.

#14 Lounge Room Lizard

Lounge Room Lizard
  • Coach
  • 7,187 posts

Posted 23 February 2014 - 12:49 PM

Tomkins needs to show he can stay fit for the season and also that he can put on a good show regularly and not just a few games. On his day a quality player but he also disappear when the going gets tough. I am not sure going to NZ was the right choice for him as they are also very inconsistant team and personally I dont rate the Coach Matt Elliott. I think he would have learnt more and improved if he went to somebody like Manly (Geoff Toovey), Canterbury (Des Hasler) or Melbourne (Craig Bellamy) he would have learnt far more and be with teams that are consistant and have a good chance of winning things. I think his price in Fantasy is over the top for somebody new to the NRL and who missed a few games last couple of seasons. There are better and cheaper options I feel than Tomkins

#15 londonrlfan

  • Coach
  • 1,098 posts

Posted 23 February 2014 - 01:16 PM

Tomkins scored his first try in an NRL Trial V the Broncos today.q



Was there a gig on afterwards or something? Just wondering why the stand looks like that.

#16 mt smart

mt smart
  • Coach
  • 684 posts

Posted 23 February 2014 - 10:52 PM

Was there a gig on afterwards or something? Just wondering why the stand looks like that.

Unlikely on a Sunday.

Don't know why the end stand looks like a sound shell for a concert. The rugby was there the night before , hard to say what that's about.

#17 mt smart

mt smart
  • Coach
  • 684 posts

Posted 24 February 2014 - 06:25 AM

Feed back from Dunedin after the success of the Nines re poor showing from the crowd.


They rely on student attendance as a large part of their walk up crowd ( Otago university is a major contributor to the Seasonal population of Dunedin ).


The Students had just finished Orientation week including a  Six60 concert on the friday ( answers the querrie about the stage at the end of the Ground ) , The Rugby on the Saturday , student party on the Saturday night....they were drunk and impoverished come Sunday.


They also depend on a large portion of Christchurch League fans ( a City with a League tradition ) traveling down to Dunedin. Sunday marked the third aniversary of the Christchurch Quake fatalities. Most stayed home to mark the day.

#18 Davo5

  • Coach
  • 948 posts

Posted 24 February 2014 - 09:37 AM

Tomkins has developed into a great link player,I think The warriors outside backs could have a field day this season,he did it at Wigan and they didn't have the strike power NZ warriors have.

#19 mt smart

mt smart
  • Coach
  • 684 posts

Posted 24 February 2014 - 10:14 AM

Tomkins has developed into a great link player,I think The warriors outside backs could have a field day this season,he did it at Wigan and they didn't have the strike power NZ warriors have.

You're bang on Davo , I've done my research into this player. Read everything ever written on him in a Wigan forum ( that took a while ) and watched a lot of games ( retrospectively ).


Seen him play Live in NZ in 2010 and saw something very special then.


Yes the Warriors have a crazy number of Xfactor backs in their line up.....attacking backs that is. There was an interview with Nathan Friend on the Radio this morning ( Warriors hooker ).


The biggest contribution he said Tomkins bought was that you could hear him through the whole game yelling at our young kids where to stand in  the defensive line.


That will send this club a very long way.

#20 Davo5

  • Coach
  • 948 posts

Posted 24 February 2014 - 10:52 AM

I think Johnson will benefit from having Sam there,as defences in previous seasons have known that if you shut him down you shut NZ warriors down,now they have another unpredictable creative player coming into the line to look for,which could give Johnson more time/space to work his magic.
Hopefully Sam's knee problems are behind him,I look forward to watching them on premier sports over here

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