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NRL Expansion Optimism

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#21 walter sobchak

walter sobchak
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Posted 03 March 2014 - 10:45 AM

Well i do know one thing. Expansion for rugby league, the NRL, just got a whole lot easier with the ammoncement today of the retirement of the head honcho of the AFL. 
Andrew Demetriou has finally thrown in the white towel. And why wouldn't he. He has travelled the world looking at the thriving EPL soccer league, and the NFL and their huge 100 billion dollar code and understood that his small end of earth code has buckleys and none of ever making a impact on the world stage. 
He milked millions out of this code for his wage alone, and had the media eating out of his hand as he told them of World domination and expansion throughoput the world, where-ever he went they were kicking sherrins and playing AFL. 
The reality in fact was a far bleaker picture. The weight of soccer, American footy, even hand-ball was a mighty hill to climb for his code. 
No, with the rise of the NRL in Australiasia and with two 38's fully loaded with expansion, Nines and a expanding four nations and Origins and World-cups to contend with, he did the honorary thing and threw in the white towel. 
He wont be missed by NRL fans, he could have the media eating out of his hand every day of the week. 
His fans loyalty to him knew no bounds, they had one-eye and rose coloured glasses. 
That 200 million NRL war-chest looks ever growing, it could reach 300 million before the next TV deal, which in turn could see the NRL injecting 500 million back into the code come 2018-2022 tv deal.
Hopefully the 2021 world cup will again be in England. We will fill the biggest stadiums this time.  
Happy days.

Is this $200 million war-chest being put aside for retaining league players in the NRL, raiding union or is it to be put back into grassroots rugby league in the heartlands of say NSW and Queensland and in expansion areas like Perth and Melbourne?

#22 oikee

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Posted 03 March 2014 - 10:25 PM

Is this $200 million war-chest being put aside for retaining league players in the NRL, raiding union or is it to be put back into grassroots rugby league in the heartlands of say NSW and Queensland and in expansion areas like Perth and Melbourne?

To be honest, i think that will grow closer to 300 million over the next 4 years. It was a 60 million turnaround.

With the way the game is growing, their will be plenty more made on top of 200 million. 


No, that money will be a future fund which will contain around 100 million. That is for any emergencies that might arise. So it is like a rainy day fund let's call it, the rest, which as i said will be closer to 200 million, will be used for stadiums, grass-roots into new areas, and basically just areas where the code can spend the cash on growing the game, as in the nines new venture, even just buying packs to give to kids in schools. 

To put it in simple terms, this leftover cash is outside the 1 billion that the game puts back into itself now. So the clubs get 7-8 million each club every year. What is that, 600 to 700 million over 5 years. 

the other 300 to 400 million is to state leagues, and school leagues that the ARL (australian rugby league) organise and run. 

So on top of 1 billion with all goes back into the game, this extra cash that is leftover is the 200 to 300 million. 

That is the warchest, or to make it sound not like a threat, a growth fund for the game to use as i pointed out above. 

All the rest, the officials and development officers and others running the code get paid outside this money. Their is another 300 to 400 million made from game revenues, like cash from games during finals goes to the NRL, Origin cash, the Allstars made 1.4 million, the nines made the code 3-4 million i heard. 

Merchandise is a big money maker for the code and clubs. 

All the Admin staff are paid outside this 1 billion cash from broadcast rights. 

So all up your looking at lets say roughly, 1.6 billion is made by the code. 

Come 2018 i can see that rising to 2 billion at least. 

That is a lot of cash to sink back into the games growth, that is why it is happy days. 

Everything the NRL is touching is turning to Gold. 

PNG is off to a thunderous start. They will have their own TV rights to sell. 

There is big money to be made. We now have a team in charge who know this, and will make sure we get every penny we deserve for having sand kicked in our face for the last 20 years. 

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Posted 04 March 2014 - 03:31 AM

Lets hope for a big crowd for the coming Storm v Bulldogs game in Perth.

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