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Leigh east

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#41 jpmc

  • Coach
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Posted 05 April 2014 - 08:01 PM

The unofficial forum seems to be the outlet that was needed to get some people talking and some people listening.


Fingers crossed people can get round the table now and get things sorted out properly, and for the long term, for Leigh East and the town of Leigh and surrounding area IMO

#42 mr chairman

mr chairman
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  • 1,666 posts

Posted 08 April 2014 - 08:31 PM


15 minutes ago Quote

Hi everyone , as you have noticed I have not been on here for a few days . The reason being in that I was awaiting a phone call from Jim Hoffman the chairman . I need to put down here what that phone call was about

Jim rang me the other day and started having a go at me saying that I had told people that leigh east was going to fold . I said to Jim that I will swear on my grand children's life's I never said those words . What I did admit to was saying I was worried about the open age section of the club . Jim raised his voice and said " as long as me and david Coyle are in charge of this club you and janet Pendlebury will never have nothing to do with the open age " I said that's fine Jim , after a few more words were said Jim said " what I want is for you and your compatriots to come and help the club raise £28,000 . It took me two seconds( despite the insult about not being involved at open age ) to agree to help . Jim said he would ring me after the committee meeting on Tuesday .

I have just received that call and Jims words were , the committee have decided tonight that they do not want keith latham to help this club in any way wether that be with open age or to help raise the £28, 000 , in fact he said that if I was to come back to the club they would walk away from it . In my 1st phone call with Jim he said what have I ever done for this club in the last 3 years . Well Jim after looking after my mother who as deme ture and his very poorly as well as trying to get my head round that I had lost my remission for leukemia and just three weeks ago being diagnosed with heart failure , I think my family deserves most of my time .

Thank you to the committee and Jim Hoffman for treating someone who as been at leigh since 1977 like a lepper . I'm devastated , feel sick and can't think straight . Jim said that I and others have been posting negative comments on the forum that was opened a few weeks ago . I denied that and stand by what I have said

Thank you very much to the hundreds of people who have patted me on the back for raising the issues I have . Thanks for all the nice people in this world who have wished me well over the tough last 12 months . It won't be my last post and it won't stop me watching my beloved leigh east . One day I will speak to these people who made this decision , some were once friends . What goes round comes round

#43 pluto

  • Players
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Posted 08 April 2014 - 08:55 PM

Simple, we need someone to stand for club chairman against Jim Hoffman, anyone half decent would be voted in. They would then have the power to get rid of others bringing the club down. They are terrified of giving the members a vote, they know what would happen.

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