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Stevo: I will retire from commentary in three years

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#41 Saintslass

  • Coach
  • 7,221 posts

Posted 02 April 2014 - 01:08 PM

I don't have the statistics to back anything up, but I've always been led to believe that Rugby League's viewing figures on Sky were excellent, so if that's the case then it's not like he's turning people off the game in their thousands. I sympathise with those who find him irritating and can appreciate why, but for me he does more good than harm and I'll continue to appreciate his work.


You can hardly use the viewing figures to back up Stevo's popularity ratings really can you though as rugby league fans have no option but to watch Sky if they want to watch any rugby league on TV.  I watch Sky for that reason but I don't listen to Stevo and Eddie.  I listen to 5 live extra for commentary instead.  Sky could come back and say that hundreds of thousands watch Eddie and Stevo so that's all fine and dandy except that wouldn't actually be providing an accurate reflection of whether those same people want to watch Eddie and Stevo.  We just have no choice.


I'm no RL afficianado.  But I appreciate intelligent, articulate commentary which explains stuff to me.  I learned more about the rules and nuances of the game from listening to Premier Sports both their commentary teams and the video referee than I have ever learned from listening to Eddie and Stevo, but that is because I want to have an understanding of what it is I am watching.  Premier Sports' coverage included wit and banter too but not to the exclusion of education and analysis.

#42 latchford albion

latchford albion
  • Coach
  • 583 posts

Posted 02 April 2014 - 03:16 PM

If I was a Sky subscriber and watched all the games, then I'm sure that Eddie and Stevo would begin to annoy me, but as an occasional watcher they don't, which suggests they are not that bad.  


For football I can't abide Mark Lawrenson and refuse to watch any match where he is a summariser - Robbie Savage likewise.  At least we don't have to put up with clowns like that in our sport.  I agree with the poster who praised the F1 coverage, although I am not a fan of the sport, but I think games are probably much harder to commentate on than races.

#43 Bulletproof

  • Coach
  • 2,242 posts

Posted 02 April 2014 - 10:29 PM

He and the sky team are incredibly stale. He has nothing new to say and relies on the same tired catchphrases. Has an unfortunate habit of giving the sport a cheap image.


On the plus side he is passionate about the sport and clearly cares about it. I just think we need to get rid, and not in three years.

#44 Bostik Bailey

Bostik Bailey
  • Coach
  • 1,751 posts

Posted 03 April 2014 - 06:32 AM

If stevo does step down, there is not better or impartial commentator than Ron Hoof ( they guy how commentated on the Micron video games for saints)

Edited by Bostik Bailey, 03 April 2014 - 06:33 AM.

#45 eal

  • Players
  • 93 posts

Posted 03 April 2014 - 11:24 PM

How will the players know when to chip over the top if he isn't commentating?

#46 Saintslass

  • Coach
  • 7,221 posts

Posted 04 April 2014 - 07:49 AM

How will the players know when to chip over the top if he isn't commentating?

When I watched back the Saints-Leeds game on Friday I realised that when Hohaia chipped over the top he did so entirely without Stevo's permission.  Stevo hadn't considered that a chip over the top may actually be imminent.  Fail!

#47 The Big Gun

The Big Gun
  • Coach
  • 477 posts

Posted 05 April 2014 - 04:13 PM

I sometimes get annoyed with Stevo when he's chatting nonsense, but generally I find him amusing. I don't think he's a particularly disagreeable type, more of a loveable buffoon.

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