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Discipline dismay

Club rugby

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#1 saintswigan

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Posted 04 June 2014 - 12:14 AM

I have to report my utter disappointment following an under 15s amateur club league match I witnessed on Sunday. I would normally not think about posting such comments on a public forum but having heard about  Zak Hardakers inappropriate remarks to a referee, I felt the need to express my concern.

My son is part of an avid rugby league supporting family. He has played since the age of 7 and has embraced the culture of  absolute respect  and self discipline that rugby league prides itself on. He is on scholarship at a big super league club whose ethos is all about working hard, training hard and being the professional at all times. He is inspired by his many idols in the game and undoubtedly learns many skills by watching their every move when on the pitch..... 

On  Sunday, as  I  took my son to play his match, he told me there would be a very talented player on the opposing team who has already represented England -  a massive achievement  and a great honour. My son was in awe of this boy. 

The game began, .. in high intensity,  with aggression and fair but ferocious tackling from each side. The referee controlled the game impeccably... And then it began, every expletive I have ever heard raged through the air to noone in particular but from someone in particular. A maturely framed and very athletic young man playing at full back and strutting around the field of play screaming these foul words in waves. It couldnt be, I thought..... but it was, and as the game went on , the language turned to uncontrolled physical aggression, running off the line and double footing a player off the ball, visibly head butting in the tackle and assaulting a player after he had scored a try. The crowd began to roar. the opposing team began to follow suit, A professional foul saw one boy head for an early shower only to be joined seconds later by another for swearing at the referee.This one, I learn is already looking at a six match ban for a recent previous sending off . I looked down the touch line, to see the small group of 8 year old boys who had finished their Sunday morning game and were witnessing their heros from their club, inciting violence, disrespecting the officals and eventually bringing the game to an abrupt end.


I was mortified, Is this the new wave of rugby league players ?  I certainly  hope not ...  








#2 TaxiEgg

  • Coach
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Posted 04 June 2014 - 06:48 AM

No doubt the referee will submit his report and rest assured the Nwc Diciplinary panel will take the appropriate action.
Your quite right we do not want this in our game but clubs have to police this and stamp out poor behaviour both on and off the field .

#3 EdinburghExile

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Posted 04 June 2014 - 11:58 AM

An aggressive sport will always attract aggressive people - sadly some of them don't have the self-control to focus it, although it undoubtedly helps many others. As Taxi said, hopefully these numpties will get what's coming to em.

#4 pandasdad

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Posted 05 June 2014 - 12:20 AM

Can you clarify your interpretation of an "abrupt end" please?  Was the match abandoned or did it last its allotted time?


Was the first player, who committed the professional foul sent off (head for an early shower) or was he sin-binned?


While you haven't identified the teams involved, I am led to believe that they are two teams from different towns in the same borough.  Irrespective, there are no under 15s players, from any club in the league, facing a 6 match ban at the moment.


Perhaps you could PM me and clarify?



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