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Halifax U20 28-6 Oldham U20

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#21 The Art of Hand and Foot

The Art of Hand and Foot
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Posted 21 August 2014 - 08:53 PM

Superrude, you seem to blame CH for the demise of Oldham Rugby in 1997! I'm tired of saying it but i don't see people battering CH's door down to make offers for the club, not as though i'd be told if they were. My shift goes back 50+ years and i'm still proud of the lads who wear the shirt. I honestly don't understand why you have to stoop to slagging the guy off but it takes allsorts! He isn't my mate as you seem to assume but i have seen him do an awful lot of good for people involved with the club over the last few years which he doesn't publicise. Is the job too big for him? Probably! But as far as i'm aware there are not a lot of other options, unless you know differently. Rather that slagging off CH and those who are doing their best, why don't you do something about improving things?

Took the words out of my mouth Tosh.

#22 Superdude

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Posted 24 August 2014 - 11:56 AM

You lot are ridiculous, I gave your pal credit for savjng the club in 97. Its what hes done since that makes me sour. Hes p#$$@& off All the people who understand rugby in the town, and relies on the brainless lunatics left to keep him in lambrini and donuts!

#23 Superdude

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Posted 24 August 2014 - 12:06 PM

It's a shame we're still having these conversations. For my part as long as there's a Rugby League Club for my home town, I'll continue to support it.
That doesn't mean I'll pay 2.50 for a 60p can of bitter because there's never any draught beer on (we can all speculate as to why that may be). It doesn't mean I have to agree with the way the club is handled, promoted, staffed and managed. It doesn't mean I'm happy to be playing at a ground that is a laughing stock - even to the rest of the bottom tier of the 'professional' game.
But, until CH makes the whole financial situation at the club public, or at least available to potential investors, we will never know the how much it will cost to remedy the situation. Clearly CH will also never relinquish control of the club unless there is a signifiant financial inducement for him to do so. This would effectively mean that any prospective purchaser would have to pay more for the club than it is actually worth.
It is too risky to let the club fold...look at Bramley. So those are some of the barriers and without a sugar daddy there isn't a an instant, big-bang solution.

I know some fans will say 'Right then smart-*rse, instead of identifying problems we all know about, why not come up with solutions'.
Now, I (and most of us) am not in a personal financial position to march into the club with a blank cheque and offer CH a golden handshake, pay all the club's debts, appoint experienced people and get us back to a firm foundation from which to launch a new business model.
However, I would put SOME money into a supporters Trust...IF that Trust were able to then purchase a stake in the club (subject to due diligence) AND the Trust's appointed representatives were to have a real say in the day to day running of the club and it's strategic forward planning. This model could see a continued senior role for CH which could safeguard much of his income and influence (and maintain some stability and important relationships), while offering new investment, new ideas and reassuring/engaging the stay away supporters and other would be investors.
I suspect there are a few dozen fans who would be willing to contribute to such a scheme/proposal.

This is exactly what spud tried to organise, and was ambushed by all the lunatics at the George!

Edited by Bedford Roughyed, 24 August 2014 - 01:08 PM.
Corrected the quote

#24 HomeOfTheTubularBandage

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Posted 26 August 2014 - 09:39 AM

Lunatics aside, the fundamental questions are:


1) Would CH be open to such a proposal, and if so, what percentage of the Club is he willing to offer up?

2) Is the club's current financial position even viable enough to support any forward planning?

3) Among the potential Trust paying membership would there be willing, fit and proper people, with proven:

  • business acumen
  • financial integrity
  • performance management experience


..... to administer the Trust itself AND to represent the Trust on the Club's Board and Management Team?


If the answers to all those questions are YES, then we need to know:


How many people would be willing to stump up?

How much cash would that raise?

What would we get for that money?

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