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Yesterday, 11:03 AM

had a conversation a bit back (not with JG) about sponsors/investment etc and was told the biggest issue is the division we are in - promotion would make a massive amount of difference to who we could attract (not my words)


Didn't attract anyone or anything in 2006 & 2011, 12 &13 though. We were relegated straight away or spent 2 years at the bottom due to league restructures, in fact 1 season we had possibly the worst Knights side I'd ever seen when the club didn't spend any money as "we couldn't be relegated anyway". Those years were the chance to kick on but it never happened. Why not? We've spent 4 out of the last 10 years in the higher division so what was the problem then? 



will the right sort of right people invest if JG calls it a day? Not sure - heard rumours of people I would be happy with and others I wouldn't be happy with.


More chance if he does I reckon, bearing in mind nobody has with him in charge, other than a few small sponsors who got fed up and have nothing more to do with the club. 10 years of absolute pish needs to be looked at and questions asked.


Is the club and its supporters happy to languish in a division with virtual amateurs or does it want to progress. If it's the latter then EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of the club needs to be looked at, not just the coaching & playing. 

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Yesterday, 10:02 AM


Players improve/change and have made their names elswhere but maybe stopped performing at YCK......ask why and maybe things will improve across the board? 


Not blaming the management, fans or coaching staff as I don't know who is at fault but something wrong if this happens regularly and has done for some years now; with players performing better elsewhere and at a higher level.




Funny that. Thought it was only us "so-called supporters" who'd noticed.

In Topic: Other stuff..

Yesterday, 09:41 AM

Thanks for the reply Andy....




Just out of interest, do you want the club to be where it is forever Col or would you like it to be up there competing with the likes of Fev & Dewsbury every year?


Can you see a way for the club to prosper and get proper financial backing from sponsors & investors to the tune of a £100k a year with the current board to enable that to happen? If you can, why hasn't that happened in the last 10 years? 


Seriously, we've had a toss club since 2005, with disaster after disaster every season, be it PR, commercial, playing or coaching. What's going to suddenly change to make people have faith in the club?


I firmly believe that if whoever is in charge of any sporting club cannot take it any further, they should do all they can to look for someone who can, and if that means they take a financial hit to enable the club to prosper then so be it. 

In Topic: Other stuff..

12 October 2015 - 03:10 PM

Pretty sure York City aren't a family business considering they are owned 75% by the McGills and 25% by the Supporters Trust. Correct me if I am wrong



Man City is a family business by that logic too.

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12 October 2015 - 02:17 PM

Wouldn't actually think JG is easy to work for family or not.


You're right there Col, he's an absolute nightmare. Not because he's a perfectionist or a "hard taskmaster" like some business owners can be but simply because he refuses to believe anyone can know as much as he does about everything, regardless of qualifications and experience.