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In Topic: Stadium news

22 May 2015 - 08:06 AM

No idea what the final outcome will be, but 3 people are working very hard (as well as coping with running their own business) to sort this mess out, they are Knights supporters and obviously have integrity and business acumen so lets just wait and see what happens.

My own purely personal opinion is that some of the comments from social media regarding the people involved may well prove to be extremely wide of the mark


Sincerely hope you're right Col, I just want the club to be as good as it can be. If the current board manage that, I'll gladly support everything they do. If it's just going to be like before I'll do something more worthwhile with my time and money.

In Topic: South Wales at Fev - Friday night 8pm

21 May 2015 - 01:55 PM

Sorry - a bit deep that one Gav - Simon will understand


Thought as much. 

In Topic: speechless

20 May 2015 - 03:54 PM

Would it possible for from the supports club to organise a public meeting for those supporters who are not in the know and try to explain what the situation is at the moment regarding the future of the Knights and is anything we could do to keep the Knights going and playing back in the City of York.



We had one of those in February, the council told us what was going on and most fans did nothing, just sat there. It's taken a further 3 months for the penny to finally drop and even then there's still people who won't have it that this entire scenario is down to the actions of one person. 


We've got someone who wants to take over the club, have us play at Bootham Crescent and the new stadium and invest in the club to give us a decent club to be proud of, but still blinkered people won't have it, insisting it's all a conspiracy to save the grass for the football club.

In Topic: speechless

20 May 2015 - 11:43 AM

I too am keeping the faith. I believe the 3 directors are doing their best to sort this despite obsticles being put in their way.


I guess you cannot blame the football club re-seeding their pitch, but what would have happened if we had signed the deal and been allowed to play at BC,  what will happen at the new stadium which is to be used 365 days year how can that be maintained? I think someone is playing games and its NOT JG


They manage at Doncaster & Wigan to name just 2 grounds that host both RL & Football. Amazing what they can do with modern pitch technologies (that they don't currently have at Bootham Crescent). It's not just a field anymore you know, all sorts of interwoven fibres in the grass and allsorts.


Had the Knights signed a deal to play at Bootham Crescent the pitch work would have either been done around our fixtures or home games would have been switched to the away venue and visa versa.


There's no great conspiracy, honestly!

In Topic: Future ?

20 May 2015 - 09:32 AM

I've just merged the 2 topics as I think the post from HeworthKnight answers David's question.


In my opinion, if you can go and you want to see a game of rugby you should, the players and coaches don't deserve all this. If you've already bought a season ticket and aren't going to ask for a refund, you may as well get your money's worth. The players are playing a superb style of rugby, there's a lot of local lads, what's not to like about the playing side of things?


I personally would love to go, but I've already given close to £1000 in sponsorship this season (an ad board at Bootham Crescent, programme advert & player sponsor - I've had none of those, no refund either despite asking via a solicitor and the RFL), only to be basically told to f*** off by John Guildford as I don't agree with how the club is run, as has anyone else who disagrees with him - including one of the new directors who has since resigned.


I simply cannot allow myself to give another penny to his club by paying £15 to get into a ground we shouldn't even be playing at.