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Today, 10:28 AM

Including a comment from "englishmanint" which is John himself, belittling the money supporters have raised for the club. Pretty embarrassing that he sees fit to comment on an article in which he's stated as saying "no comment".

In Topic: give us a clue

Yesterday, 02:52 PM

Fair enough Simon if that's the agreement with the new Directors

A bit back, was it said that Huntington Stadium (as poor as it is) could not be knocked down until agreement is reached to use BC? If so could we still play the game at HC?


The Sport England thing stated the club had to be offered provision for games and training etc, which they were, not "until agreement was reached". It's the owners fault that the agreement wasn't reached and signed. And anyway, if that were the case the landlord is still the council, who JG has wrecked any sort of relationship with so they are highly unlikely to allow him back in. I think they've already started the archeological dig stuff there as well so that's a total non-starter.

In Topic: give us a clue

Yesterday, 01:23 PM

Keep repeating this Pete but no-one listens - JG allegedly cannot speak publicly due to an agreement with the council until after this is all sorted - you could always ask to council to confirm this of course and then it would be clear to everyone

Back to the Newcastle game, Gary, Simon and others have gone public in their condemnation of JG and their support for the Council, YCFC and Mr Atkins which is their choice and I have no problem with, but it would be nice to assume they are now - as we speak - canvassing the people they publicly support to get the game played at Bootham Cresent


Jason McGill would love the game to be at Bootham Crescent and all this sorted so we can move forward but as the owner of the football club he is tied to the council agreement which he has already signed. The council agreement is tied to the new "directors" doing what has been asked of them by the council. They haven't yet done it as far as I'm aware. YCC & YCFC are and have done things in a proper legal manner, (regardless of whether you agree with them or not) there's been no silly threatening emails, messages and tweets from them in all of this has there?


I appreciate it would be nice if YCC & YCFC said "Oh, go on then" and let us play the game there, but what happens next month when nothing has been agreed? Another "Oh, go on then"? You couldn't rent a room in a B&B, insult and threaten the landlady with allsorts, then ask for another night cos it's cold outside could you? They'd quite rightly tell you to do one as it's your fault.



In Topic: New Stadium.

03 March 2015 - 04:00 PM

 if its that brilliant JG (and/or any other person) would have signed it.


That would have been the logical and fair thing to do you'd have thought.


Do people really think the council made the unprecedented step of that statement just for a laugh? Just because they didn't like Rugby League? They've never had to do anything like that ever before regardless of project and they will have taken every single bit of legal advice before doing it. The man has totally ruined our club with his actions, regardless of anything that's gone before. Notice they keep mentioning "improving his position" why's that? Because he's been trying to do whats best for his position, not the club. Pretty simple really and it beggars belief that some fans (although that number decreases daily) can't see that. 



Guildford had:
• used numerous threats of litigation and formal legal process in an attempt to better his terms 
• lodged objections to planning submissions impeding the project’s progress 
• made a number of serious – and unfounded – allegations towards both the authority and individual staff members
• made a series of misleading statements via the media.
Tanburn added that agreements previously reached had offered the Knights a "fantastic range of facilities and secured a commercially sustainable future for the Knights" and that Guildford had agreed to them in September 2014 but did not sign the agreements, "seeking further improvement of his position".
She stated: "He then used formal legal process to contest his vacation from the bar at Huntington Stadium in another attempt to improve his position. At this stage the council was forced to withdraw from negotiations to protect the financial and legal interests of the council."
She said Guildford, as of December 16, had withdrawn allegations made recently against the council but added: "Given the frequent threats, change of position and brinksmanship, we no longer have the necessary confidence in the working relationship with Mr Guildford to enable negotiations with him.
"Mr Guildford’s actions over the last two years have taken up valuable time and additional resource, at great unnecessary cost to the council and therefore the taxpayers of York, besides risking the development of the stadium itself.
"We have taken the decision therefore to move forward with the project without Mr Guildford’s involvement."

In Topic: New Stadium.

03 March 2015 - 12:37 PM

Now 6 days - surely the bl**dy council could give us clue...or don't they have any?



I'm sure the club could give us a clue as well?