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In Topic: Help Save York City Knights

Yesterday, 12:16 PM

What on Earth is Guildford trying to achieve here? He has basically isolated the Council and the fans of the club. Why would you not want to get into negotiations to get rid?

The only logical conclusion would be that he is intentionally trying to kill off the club because he hasn't gotten his own way. What a sad state of affairs.


That is exactly what's going on and finally everyone is starting to see him for what he is.


I could understand their reluctance if no-one had come forward wanting to take on the club but The RFL really do need to do something, especially with us having a fit and proper person willing to take over. 


The situation couldn't be more desperate now.

In Topic: Help Save York City Knights

Yesterday, 11:23 AM


  • You think you have problems at York . . . . . :rtfm:
  • Good Luck souds like you need it with Mr Guilford owning the club,



Same problems as you've got over there, a despotic incapable owner who refuses to do the right thing for the club, despite the undoubted potential. RL fans need to stick together on stuff like this otherwise the game is done.

In Topic: absolute shambles

26 March 2015 - 01:06 PM

Gav - before the 'pre-planned' meeting I didn't realise it was about individuals, but I honestly don't have a problem with anyone coming up with a plan to change who runs the club as long as its for the better, but I would question the way its been done and I would be very worried that the way it has been done might backfire and seriously affect us all

I'm going to leave it at that for now - and just hope I've got some Knights games to watch in the next few weeks and beyond


Pre-planned meeting? Of course it was pre-planned, we'd have struggled to get everyone there if it just happened on a whim.


The meeting had nothing to do with getting new owners, only to get some answers from the council, which we got, which then made anyone with half an ounce of sense realise we need new owners.


You stick with Jonny boy and you'll have no games at all Col, that's a given. Even the RFL and players are now aware of that.

In Topic: absolute shambles

26 March 2015 - 11:28 AM

Don't need to name name's Simon - face to face conversation started by me with ''What the ###### is going on'' and got a high level overview of the situation as it was 2 months ago


So you're entire argument is based on what John has told you then?


For your information, mine is based on what John Guildford, Tim Atkins, Sarah Tanburn, Neil Wilford, Jason McGill, Jason McGill's accountant, Ralph Rimmer at the RFL, The RFL legal department, every single councillor in York, MP for York, Companies House, HMRC, the Police, ex-employees of the club including coaches and players, ex-players fathers, ex and current sponsors, ex-fans and vice presidents, ex-employees of Guildford Construction, family members of Guildford, people who've been involved in land deals with Guildford, 3 separate solicitors, York RUFC and finally a friend of his late mother has told me. Oh yeah and there was a bit in the Press.

In Topic: absolute shambles

26 March 2015 - 10:53 AM

By someone who knows the details 


That someone being John Guildford.