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In Topic: Ref attacked in amateur rugby league game

21 November 2014 - 10:01 AM

The commentators on union ( Sky included) NEVER pick up on referees mistakes no matter how blatant. That is one thing I would happily copy from Union.
Once the referee has made a decision right or wrong no amount of analysis will reverse that decision. Forget it and move on.


Spot on!

In Topic: Ref attacked in amateur rugby league game

20 November 2014 - 08:01 AM

For me the respect to referrees began to decline when refs started calling players 'mate' or referring to them by their first name or nickname.

IMHO refs are not 'mates' of players when officiating.


I agree one hundred percent.  And the same comment could be equally appropriate applied to teachers ......... parents ........ foremen at work ........ matrons in hospitals ...... police officers ........ (politicians ?) ................  


Great topic.  It goes straight to fundamentals doesn't it.


All of us, especially when we are young, need to have confidence in our mentors if we are to benefit fully from them.


We need fair, firm, consistent guidance, instruction where necessary, and a strong sense of reliability and trustworthiness in our mentors just as much as we need kindliness, encouragement, approval and support from them ..... and of course (especially where essential) appropriately expressed love.


An effective mentor can certainly be a good friend, in my view, but in my experience not ever (usefully) `one of the boys' (or the girls).


It may be a very fine line that we cross (between friendliness and mateyness) but if, as a mentor, you once step over that line there is roll on effect, and you had better be pretty super-human to roll with it and yet remain fully effective as a nurturer, guide and mentor.



In Topic: Rugby League Heritage Hits The Road

01 October 2014 - 03:10 PM

They have not bought an Artic as a display, the exhibits are transported in a large van, the largest, I was told, before it becomes a lorrie. It will be displayed in a suitable venue at each location.


More info here -  http://www.therfl.co...eritage-on-tour


There you are, that's it.  They've already got the display cases I was thinking of.


In fact those may be some of the very ones I remember seeing around the room when the collection was at The George.  So all it needs now is a whole lot more of those cases with items appropriate to the various major topics covered by the storyboards - appropriately displayed of course, not just jammed in - and bob's yer uncle really.


It wouldn't take a hundred years to get that done ............ or even one.

In Topic: Rugby League Heritage Hits The Road

30 September 2014 - 04:28 PM

The collection in the George wasn't Stevo's collection, it was Stevo's along with some of the RFL's artefacts along with items loaned to the exhibition by individuals.


The problem with the exhibition in the George was the amount of stuff in a relatively small area and there was no narrative for the most part.


I believe the RFL are in discussions about a permanent exhibition.


I agree with that Padge, the space at the George was rather small, and an appropriate narrative for the uninitiated visitor was lacking, to put that specific collection and its individual items into context, in relation to the whole history and culture of the game.


But it was alive.  This one needs the breath of life if it is to have children `nose to the glass' at every venue, which is surely the only end worth pursuing when it comes to this kind of thing.  Passing it on down the generations.  Succeeding generations who, despite some hard times, have always been net receivers from the joy of the game, paying the interest on that joy back down the generations with our voluntary labour, gifts as we can afford to give them, and unstinting, unqualified love.


There are current players doing so in many small ways, in their own, off-field time every week of the year.  Surely it is not wrong to hope that we who are unable to play, but know the joy that comes from watching excellence, can at least attempt to match their off-field performance.


Things was all I was on about earlier.  Don't dismiss `things in boxes' find the right way to use the concrete expression they are, of the living thing called Rugby league that we are all hoping this exhibition will illuminate ........


in spades!

In Topic: Rugby League Heritage Hits The Road

30 September 2014 - 04:07 PM

What do you class as "no vast, unthinkable cost" for a practical and easily transportable display case?


Hundreds certainly, rather than thousands?  Or at most, somewhere very near the bottom half of ten thousand.


Tony Collins mentioned a `most generous grant' from the Heritage Lottery Fund in his opening address, and I think Chris Rostron may have alluded to it as well.  These things normally come in tens of thousands, not barely useless chicken feed packets.  And to date, among new items added to the collection I saw eight, ten, fifteen times while it was at the George,  all I could have identified as new yesterday were the storyboards, which in exhibition terms are among the less costly items required.


Have we bought an `artic' perhaps that just wasn't mentioned yesterday ..... to house this mobile exhibit, I mean, like the one Rugby Union has permanently equipped?


That would put a different complexion on what I took to be no more than the usual, north country statement of strife against unimaginable odds.  That is so invariable for Rugby League - come rain come shine - that it clearly has to be a de rigeur pose, a matter of regional etiquette I mean, rather than any statement of fact or close to fact.


For my part, as newcomer to the game (and a late returner to the north of England), it took a while before i was able to stop crediting it but after twelve years of patently obvious survival, in the face of declared hardship amounting always to near bankruptcy, how else to stay sane?