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In Topic: Heathrow

Today, 05:05 PM

Lumping it is what London CIty Airport are offering to residents out east - plans to massively increase flight numbers and change flight paths with pretty much zero consultation, all signed off by Newham council. An airport that didn't exist 30 years ago, located 300m away from high-density housing, will be handling around 120,000 flights pa.


Luckily, it tends to be mostly poor folk and immigrants who live nearby so no wealthy or well-connected people are likely to be signficantly affected - I'm sure the expansion will go ahead without too much debate or unfortunate publicity <_<


Had the delights of four days at the Excel centre for a conference a couple of weeks ago.  Whenever a plane takes off the speakers had to shut up for a few minutes.  Excel is already too expensive - if stuff like that happens more fewer events will book.  The one I was at has already cancelled its return (for that and a couple of other reasons).  


Economic impact can happen in ways that nobody seems to necessarily think about.

In Topic: EVEL - The perfect acronym for an act of political stupidity

Today, 05:03 PM

We had a referendum to devolve power to the regions a few years ago. Nobody wanted it by a factor of about 8:2. It was a landslide to keep the status quo.


One referendum, over a decade ago, on a vague idea with no cohesion.

In Topic: EVEL - The perfect acronym for an act of political stupidity

Today, 09:16 AM

It is the time to look at it but it's not going to happen.  Instead we have different models and strengths of devolution all over the UK.  London has an incredibly powerful mayor and a powerless assembly, Scotland has a parliament.  The north has a promise of a powerhouse.  Wales has a comedy Senedd.  Northern Ireland has an Assembly that seems very effective at stopping a return to violence but I'm not sure it does much else.  It's all bonkers.

In Topic: EVEL - The perfect acronym for an act of political stupidity

Yesterday, 03:46 PM

When you have a century of the main parties avoiding federalism and then parcelling up differing and conflicting levels of devolution this is what happens.

In Topic: Hull FC and Hull KR to merge...

Yesterday, 08:12 AM

One of the biggest beefs on the community boards seems to be the $toopid League clubs hoovering up young players that they know won't make the grade.  One of the proposals in the RFL wonder document that brought us #everysecondcountsnowyouknow was to reduce the number of academies, or, at least raise the standard and keep them relevant for the whole game.


Joining the dots this seems like the culmination of both those ideas.  And it saves clubs money at a time when, as ever, we're not exactly flush.