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In Topic: public holidays

Today, 11:23 AM

Football in Belfast on Christmas morning is the Steel & Sons Cup Final a cup competition for totally amateur teams played at Seaview home of Crusaders.


Hmmm...  I must have got a bit muddled.  Cheers for the info.

In Topic: Autumn statement

Today, 11:21 AM


I'm sure they have it worse in Ireland so it's fine.

In Topic: Autumn statement

Today, 10:23 AM

Well the IMF's own figures state that the UK grew more than any other 'advanced' economy last year and more than any other country in Europe


Indeed they do.


They also say that this was because the UK's recovery was slower and weaker so the base was lower.

In Topic: Autumn statement

Today, 10:21 AM

Is he ?







In Topic: Autumn statement

Today, 07:52 AM

Gideon getting a bit of a pasting in the papers this morning.


Murdoch papers being kindest but even then ...