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#3138496 Salford V Catalans Free entry

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 11 June 2015 - 05:57 AM

I am a big fan of the Good Doctor but totally against this as it devalues Salford RLFC and the game. It has ben tried in London and failed. I am all in favour of Kids for a quid for example but it is the paying of the symbolic pound that indicates this is a product worth paying for. Go back to the Huddersfield example. How many of that 10,000 turn up at the Galpharm these days. (cue TRL poster inspired by freebie to buy a season ticket)


Your probably thinking - hang is not RR the discount king on here. Now for sure if I was in the manchester area I would go and I do buy the plentiful discounted tickets for major events but I also recognise that what's good for me personally is not what is good in the long term for Salford or the game of Rugby League.


When the Grounds not full, as with London ,you will be left with unwanted tag , like London, of being the game they cannot give away tickets for.

#3136815 5-7 Jun: Kingstone Press Championship Match Thread

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 07 June 2015 - 06:40 PM

For a London fan it just keeps on getting better, From Leighs knock on on their own Goaline from the opening kick off. Througfh Oscar Thomas Show and go for the fiurst try and a brace from Illness Macani. London raced into a 16-0 lead that got whittled down to 22-16 at the half with two tries inh the final 4 minutes. Thye second of which being the only time Leigh's forwards were able to drive down the middle of the London defence. The players stood in a huddle conscious of letting Leigh back into the game and in the stands I thought I would be posting about a Leigh comeback in the last 20 minutes to snatch a win.


Not a jot of it ,London won the second half every bit as convincingly as the first half. Truly its been many a year since London played like this. But I am sure the first thing Hendo has said once the got back to the sheds was enjoy the moment but it counts for nothing if the Broncos are turned over at mount unpleasant on Wednesday night.


Still I have already seen enough under the coaching brains trust this season that whatever the outcome this year. London will be the force in the Championship in 2016, If they can keep this squad together and do a bit of smart recruitment. regardless of where the club ends up playing..


A comparison of the results in the first half of the season v Leigh with today shows just how far this London team has evolved. A team which due to injuries has never played with a full deck of cards so to speak. This shows the magnitude of the achievement that the coaching staff have managed. :clapping:


Leigh are a team built to compete in the championship that can both play the forward dominated game in this Division but can also play a more creative running rugby style. This result might help them focus,because a game at this level of intensity is what they will be facing in the middle eight week in and week out. Certainly it makes the Bradford - Leigh enounter an absolute stonker which SKY TV should consider televising


It makes a change to post as a happy chappie on this board. But if your an exiled northerner or a antipodean doing the OE and missing your footy search out Canons Park on the tube map and come and watch some top notch league at the Broncos who have it all to play for..  :imsohappy:

#3128125 Blackpool Summer Bash (merged threads)

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 24 May 2015 - 06:35 AM

As befits the clubs status, I am only a part-time poster on here these days but a pleasant surprise after a day at Lords to see the recording of probably the best London Broncos performance almost since noah got off the Ark....


That was a win you just cannot buy. Though judging by the sound on the recording the crowd was well and tryly behind Sheffield which makes it all the sweeter. It should do a lot for London's confidence and hopefully a late dart at the top four. Standouts Rhys Lovegrove, Eliott Kear and now I hope you realise why I call him "the impressive Oscar Thomas".


Long term this kind of performance on TV coupled with the efforts of the Broncos Business Club could find the kind of rugby league bloodnut financial backers living in the south, needed to turn 2016 into the year of the Bronco on the Championship. There are of course a lot of if's and but's surrounding the club in the short to medium turn but there can be no such clouds casting a shadow over a sunny day this morning at least.


Very disappointing comments about attendances coming from SKY before kick off. Forget London but Sheffield who let us not forget are also an expansion club. It's a bit premature to cast doubts over the South Yorkshire sides ability to draw a crowd in Super League. Sheffield will not be fishing in the same pool as certain other clubs will be for spectators so how on earth you can imply "if they got promoted who would watch them" is beyond me. The only way to find out scientifically is for the Eagles to get promoted.and then we will see if super league in a swankly new stadium cuts it in the steel city.

#3112316 Championship Match Thread

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 26 April 2015 - 06:40 PM

London 16- Dewsbury 20. For once the scoreline bering an accurate reflection of play. Yet again London tired against another big championship side. London lightweights the legacy of blubbering Joe Grima take such a battering that they appear to fade in the second half of matches. The reverse of what is supposed to happen when a full time side faces a championship side. Unless London establish a substantial lead early on they are in trouble. This game featured very few line breaks with points scored off errors like the Broncos kicking the ball out on the full at the start of the second half. Dewsbury were well organised in defence and tried to play more rugby than Batley did at the Hive.


Had a chat with a few Dewsbury afans who need to chane their tune to

"Super League Top four team your having a laugh"

"Super League Top four team your having a laugh"


For truly expectations in London have plummeted from a tilt at a return to Super League to a realisation that even with the coaching brains trust of Henderson, Ward and Noble. A top four finish looks beyond the current squad.


London are still evolving and pre-season season Dewsbury trouted blubbering Joe's side in a pre-season trial game sending out a giant flare that all would not be well. So this encounter at the Hive proves that London have made progress on the field since then but as London legend Jamie Soward would have put it "close enough is not good enough". 


A mere 663 souls in attendance watching what has become an ordinary Championship side. Wioth Barnet FC getting promoted and gate takings not proving to be lucrative perhaps AK is thinking "Do I need a tenant for 2016" .............

#3085627 Rugby League at the Olympic Stadium London

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 09 March 2015 - 02:40 AM

According to league express there is another terrestrial tv station bidding against the bbc for this test series! Interesting


If this was the case then I would have thought they would not have announced kick off times. That said Channel's 4 or 5 would do a better job in presenting and packaging the sport than the BBC. I would be tempted to accept the bid from the other terrestrial company simply because a fresh approach is required.

#3083466 England to play France at end of this year

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 05 March 2015 - 08:57 PM

Should be in France but I suspect Leigh Sports Village is being lined up for this.

#3078180 WCS: Overall impressions, conclusions and bonkers theorising

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 24 February 2015 - 10:21 PM

Watching this on TV in Christchurch those with me were nonplussed that St Helens were and unquestionably are the best side in English Rugby League as they were well and truly schooled by Souths.There is a gulf between the standards in the NRL and Super League and the three games demonstrated this.


I can compare this with cricket where there is a consensus amongst fans, players, the broadcast media and administrators that change is needed and the game cannot go on the way it is. Yet I see no sign of any such radical moves within Rugby League. Surely the gulf in class indicates that Rugby League needs to concentrate on expansion both of the playing and spectator base as a priority.


Currently under  Wood and Solly, supported by certain journalists and pundits such as Garry Schofield - the Al Murray of Rugby League. The game is contracting being aimed not at a new audience but in making an old and declining audience within the M62 feel better about themselves. With platitudes about "organic growth" being trotted out as justification for some amateur teams outside the M62 watched by friends and family constituting expansion.


What is need is a counter revolution with expansion a priority, it does not need a substantial transfer of funds, ring-fencing or the end of promotion and relegation what expansion really needs is:  


An understanding that expansion clubs need a relaxed overseas quota for a fixed period of time say 10 years. This is because theses areas do not have a ready made local conveyor belt of young players and recognises that the only way to attract and retain supporters and sponsors is to be a competitive outfit in contention for honours.


Concentration on development work in the areas with the expansion clubs to create a local conveyor belt of talent which not only benefits the expansion club but also the game as a whole . For example look at the number of ex-London Bronco players now in Super League.


The cry of "fairness" will be raised but there is nothing "fair" about a situation where a club without a local conveyor belt of young players is forced to competed against clubs that do.


It would also be a recognition that to get a substantial TV contract, which does pay the bills for most sports these days not whether you bring 300 away fans, depends upon having a national appeal and that means having clubs in other parts of the UK not clubs playing in a limited geographical area. This will not happen overnight and the best way for this to happen would be for expansion clubs to be taken over and either run by or in partnership with an NRL club. This would be a radical step but this is the only way in which the current parlous plight of Rugby League in the northern hempisphere can be retrieved. It will face severe opposition probably than the original super league and franchising but for the good of the game needs to happen. 


What is needed is a counter revolutionary alliance between fans, owners, journalists and administrators to take on the vested interests and move the game forward in this county and to ensure that if you view the BBC website from overseas Rugby League no longer appears as a "other sport" accessed via a drop down menu


Rugby League in the northern hemisphere has a choice to evolve or die.- Which option will it be.

#3078133 The NRL take control of the Gold Coast Titans.

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 24 February 2015 - 09:16 PM

Pity something like this did not happen in London in September 2013.. Gold Coast has potential and is the surrogate second "Brisbane" team. Their first game was played at Suncorp v St George, I should know for I was there. If Brisbane has another team it will be in the North at Redcliffe. Queenslands a growing state so I would imagine adding to the Queensland clubs in the NRL not relocation. More clubs in Qld would also stop sydney fans beefing about the Broncos being on Nine every Friday....  

#3076181 Cricket

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 21 February 2015 - 10:12 PM

After a 30 hour flight I made the game in Wellington. Comfortably the worst England Performance in an ODI, I have seen.


Was on the flight with the team to Christchurch, along with Mike Atherton, David Lloyd, Geoff Boycott (seated together), Dean Wilson from the Mirror and sundry other journos.The biggest smiles were from those who did not play in the game because your stock always rises when the sides beat and your not in it. Only Ian Bell and Ravi Bopara stopped to have a chat with Lloyd and Boycott. Eoin Morgan in glasses (he bats in contact lenses) gave the pair a swerve as did batting coach Mark Ramprakash. 


Stuart Broad sat detached from the rest of the team because they gave him the emergency exit seats for a bit of extra legroom. Though he looked a bit lost separated from the rest of the group on his mobile at Christchurch Airport


Been drizzling here in Christchurch this morning so we might not play full stop tomorrow...


Sniff I hear if we get on the field - Two changes Chris Jordan for Steven Finn and Alex Hales for Gary Ballance. They might like to bring in James Tredwell but bringing tricky Treaders in poses the question of who to leave out and neither Joe Root or James Taylor have quite done badly enough to be left out...


This calls for a bold decision and this is England...

#3072230 So what is a good crowd?

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 15 February 2015 - 08:05 AM

Definition of a good crowd;

  • Where all have paid the normal price to get in and not padded by free ticfkets or heavily discounted ones
  • Where less than 33% of the attendance is not made up by the travelling support of the visiting club
  • Where the average attendance of a club has risen at the end of the season

Factors to consider

  • Free tickets and discounted tickets go to those people who are interested in the game but not committed. Only those people who are committed to the game pay full price and have season ticket,s with a club's season ticket base the yardstick for its popularilty and health
  • Adding discounted tickets inflates the average and when attendances drop when everyone is asked to pay the thread turns to a decline in a club's attendances when it may be nothing like as sharp as the statistics say.
  • Thursday nights. the weather the opposition and SKY coverage are used as excuses to explain away poor crowds yet the committed fan will always find a way to be attewndance. Other sports fans do not have this as an excuise which has a marginal impact on crowds at best.

#3068307 Crowd watch - 1st week

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 07 February 2015 - 08:09 PM

Surely the harbingers of doom have something to say about this?


First game of the season, 3,000 freebies at the Halton Stadium and a heavily subscribed  £ 10 offer at St Helens..Actually I am not knocking this as much as you think because even with a Free ticket you have to have some interest in the sport to attend in the first place. I have been offered freebies to AFL at The Oval but I gave that a swerve because I am not into it. It does remind me of when Ken Davy opened the gates at the McAlpine as part of his BIG announcement when 15,000 turned up for Ken to announce discounted season tickets. There's not been 15,000 since and while I freely admit had I been in the north west on Thursday and been offered a freebie the Chemics would have had the pleasure of my company. The acid test will be when the novelty value of the first game and the Free / Discounted tickets.have been replaced with normal pricing how many will then actually turn up.


We will have to see will we not, but it's a bit premature to be declaring "jeopardy" a mega success.



A very decent 11,864 for Warrington's opener. Bigger than every crowd they had last year bar one (vs St Helens).


Does make the case for more Saturday games in the Super League schedule does it not ?


The only professional RL game in town going head to head with a full soccer programme. It must have drawn some neutrals and like Ray French I would suggest more Saturday 3.00 kickoffs will enable the crowd to be drawn from a greater geographical area.


Saturdays are worth persevering with.

#3049114 High Profile SL Game in London 2016: Craven Cottage?

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 26 December 2014 - 06:07 PM

To paraphrase Michael Corleone in one of the later Godfather movies try to stay out ofr thise TRL debates but they drag me in.......


The facts are these :


NRL clubs and the commission have made it very clear to their counterparts in the RFL that without a top level presence in the Capital City the game lacks credibility in the northern hemisphere. As Martyn Sadler put it if the cannot expand into London then it will not expand anywhere.


At Red Hall cold reality is beginning to bite, a small niche sport played around the M62,gets little in way of sponsorship and media exposure and the way Jeopardy has been set up it reflects less jeopardy than predictablity. So an air of panic ensues and more "initiatives" are tried out.


For sure I have advocated on this board the playing of matches outside the M62 as a way of stimulating interest in the sport. However this needs to be part of a concerted plan not a one off effort of which examples such as Windsor park in 2000 and Bristol; in 2013 stand out. Just what is the plan here ? 


Comparisons with the NFL are facile simply because to see an NFL game outside of Wembley involves a 7 to 10 hour plane trip and going through borders wheras in the UK it involves a 3 hour train journey from the Capital and no borders, though the idea of a "wakefield wall" does appeal...  ;)


So you would end up with a game whereby the majority of attenders are from the participating clubs, either beefing about losing a Home game from their season ticket * or losing the "magic" weekend That fun event that means so much to many of you on here and if the majority of attendees are from the north then it kind of defeats the purpose does it not.


Of course you could argue that by strategically placing a Super League game it prevents the chances of a NRL game perhaps between say the Roosters and Manly being played in London. This game would sell out as any one who attended Australia v New Zealand at the Stoop a few years back can attest for there is the antipodean fan base for the NRL if not for Super League within Greater London. This is an idea that has been bandied about and could work but will not for the commission would not want to tread on Red Hall's toes at present, but of course as the feeling grows that League in the northern hemisphere is a secondary game, as with proposed changes to the rules of the game it could be that there comes a point in time where the NRL Clubs no longer care what the RFL thinks if they feel they can make a buck or two...


Does it help the moribund Broncos?. Well I was at the shirt launch in potters fields during my lunchbreak and while London does indeed now have the kit to kill for and one I will buy, the rest I am afraid highlighted to me how much the club has sunk, Something I did not do on this board was report what I saw for fear of being labelled the grinch that stole christmas. As opposed to a season launch in 2009 much better attended over the other side of the river this one imvolved an impromptu strip in chilly potters fields and lining up in a V shape in front of iconic Tower Bridge with the diminutive malteser Joe Grima at the apex of the V for the benefit of the few die hards in attendance and curious Japanese tourists snapping away. I had to laugh on going away at the following conversation between two young women heading to City Hall "who are they"  "there a Rugby League team" "where was Jonny Wilkinson" Sorry folks I could not resist interjecting at that point to the girls that "Jonny is a Wigan fan this is London Broncos"..


ts laughable to suggest that more Home fans will be turning up this year, As I have posted many times previously, fans down south have a portfolio of sporting interests, most of which predated involvement in Rugby League. Unlike Championship fans who pack out the local Golf course if their club cannot be subsidised into Super League, fans down here return to their other sporting interests. It doies not mean you cease to be interested in Rugby League the game or watch it on TV but what it does means is that the game does drop down your sporting pecking order so you watch from the sofa or from the stands less than before. In my case I am only slated to watch 5/6 Home Games , the pre-season against Skolars and Skolars-Wigan at the HAC, plus about 4 NRL games during the CWC.


Now I am a fan some of you may have inadvertantly met who has been since the dawn of Super League traversing the country in search of Rugby League. Yet for the first time, I may not be at the end of year England v New Zealand Series or the Grand Final. As John Drake once posted after 30 odd years or so why was London still regarded as an "expansion" area and not one of Rugby League's heartlands. if that holds true, then is not the gradual disconnnection from the game of heartlands supporters like myself from down south every bit as concerning to Red Hall as the disaffection of Leigh, Featherstone, Halifax and of course Keighley fans ?


* it does also remind me of the time when Wigan tried a ladies day which women would be allowed in free to the JJB and idea that was spiked when a  male  Wigan Season pass holder claimed Sex Discrimination. So imagine the meltdown a game at Loftus road would cause.

#3049096 Super eight or relegate?

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 26 December 2014 - 05:05 PM

At the end of the day if Featherstone or Leigh get into Super League and they have a chairman capable of bleeding red ink to the tune of £ 2 million plus per year then yes they could well aim for the eighth spot. However sooner or later simple economics will take its toll as it did with Blackburn Rovers in Soccer once Jack Walker went. The only way one of these clubs could ever be an established super league club would be for one of their closest rivals to collapse on and off the field and they would replace them. i.e. Featherstone taking over from Wakefield or Castleford or Leigh supplanting Warrington, Saints or Wigan.Unlikely but not entirely out of the realms of possibility.


I call the social darwinism this entails the Peril of Proximity, whereby the only way a club can progress is to cannibalise the support base, and junior base of its local rivals. Without this descending into the tedious Union v League debate. The reason promotion and relegation works in Union is that clubs like Exeter, Worcester, and Newcastle have no local competitors and therefore the financial, junior and support base is there. The Union club that does fish in the same pool as others, London Welsh, is sinking like a stone on and off the field.  


Rugby League has opted to become and remain a small niche sport played aloing the M62 and is being remunerated and covered in the press and TV accordingly. It's like the powerful argument put by the No campaign in the Indy ref, for in the same way you cannot say "i tried this independence lark and dont like it much can we go back to the way it was" you cannot say "I tried this contraction lark back to the heartlands and don't like it much can we expand the game again". Life will have moved on without you.


Panic stricken initiatives from the RFL on which I will comment elsewhere reflect the fact that jeopardy really is not the panacea many on this and other boards claimed it would be. 

#3006918 Nathan Brown to leave St Helens (merged threads)

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 03 October 2014 - 04:36 PM

Not a big problem for them if they appoint Keiran Cunningham Head Coach with Mike Rush as his assistant.


Nathan  Brown's lucky to get an NRL gig as it was not a tour de force on his part when he was in charge of a talented St George - lllawarra team and being a head coach in the UK - without silverware - is not exactly the strongpoint on your CV when it it comes to appointments in the NRL.

#2986775 Sinfield Quits International Rugby (Merged threads)

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 01 September 2014 - 07:32 PM

There are times when you just have to say thank you for your service.It would appear some don't have the decency to do that.To be expected.


Agreed, Kevin Sinfield is a bit like Andy Farrell was in that he is an outstanding leader and player for his Club in Super League and another modern era player who due to the change in seasons was never able to test himself in the NRL during the northern hemisphere off season.


It could be argued that Kevin was found lacking at international level against NRL standard players but he is certainly not alone in that respect. He never gave less than 100% when wearing an England / Great Britain shirt and really that is all as a fan you can ask for. 


His retirement from the International stage is a dignified exit as befits a model professional on and off the field