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#3198105 Leigh to ignore Salary Cap

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 22 September 2015 - 09:41 AM

On the subject of the monies payed to all SL clubs on an equal propotion by a TV company which must be for broadcasting rights, then the top clubs I.e. Wigan, Leeds, Saints and the other clubs who don't seem to go 3 weeks without being involved in a televised game are getting a low return on the £1.85M divided by the number of times they are on Sky, when compared to the likes of Salford who create very little interest in the quality of Rugby they serve and being not very competitive that they do not receive much airing, so their payback is substantially more per televised game.

So in the same division why should the top flight, the leading club's subsidise their very own welfare state, not even the game as a whole?


Clubs within Super League have the ability to challenge the existing troika at the top of the game because in the majority of cases they have the playing, financial and support base to do so. Those that do not have enough in either of those three categories get relegated under P&R. In addition some events such as the Hull derby are attractive to TV as theatre in their own right and is not the point of "jeopardy" car crash television where clubs desperately avoid dropping down to the lower levels and the financial and playing consequences of doing so.


Championship clubs have to earn the right not just to be promoted but also to justify a competitive presence within the top flight and that does not involve subsdising traditional clubs who have very little appeal 10 miles out from their ground let alone to the rest of the UK. .What you propose is slapping a preservation order on the existing Championship clubs which rather than helping the game grow merely hastens its decline. If your club has the money then go ahead and justify you place at the top table. If not then do not expect others to subsidise you in perpituity for revenue your club does not bring into the game as a whole.

#3184225 29/8/2015 RL Challenge Cup Final Hull Kingston Rovers v Leeds Rhinos, Wembley...

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 30 August 2015 - 07:48 AM

Very disappointing game. I think a lot of posters on this thread miss the point. The essence of sport is competition. That game never saw Leeds out of third gear. The problem with League is it's a great game when played by two teams of similar quality. However when one team gets a jump on the other. It becomes a boring one sided mis-match more so than other sports and not good viewing..


The crowd was anounced as 80,140, if you include all of the 16,532 debenture middle tier seats as pre-sold as they are then the number of vast empty spaces in the Upper Tiers can be explained in the announced total. The empty seats were noticed on TV as people told me post game.


The number of neutrals is in decline, I remember being with "Dally Messenger" when the stadium reopened for League in 2007 when he was fascinated by the number of different shirts from non-participating teams and I told him. The Challenge Cup final was a celebration of the game. It does not appear to be so these days for anyone other than the participating clubs. Someone needs to focus on why The Peoples Final no longer attracts so many people.


Sorry for Keiran Dixon a good lad who had a nightmare 20 mins in the second half. You see from the word go Mac's strategy was to attack the flank The London Phantom was on and it worked.A result like that for KR damages a sporting club's psyche and is in danger of overshadowing a season of promise in East Hull


PS Those of us there very early (1.15pm) heard amongst the dedications a shout out from this boards Webmaster.....

#3183824 29/8/2015 RL Challenge Cup Final Hull Kingston Rovers v Leeds Rhinos, Wembley...

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 29 August 2015 - 07:48 AM

With a big crowd in the offing it is trul;y the cup that cheers - precisely because teams like Castleford and Hull KR can make it to the final as opposed tpo the boring predicability of the league competitions


The Challenge Cuip one tradition that should be cherished. It's the ONLY Thing they envy about Northern Hemisphere league down under.


IMO if they are within 6 points of Leeds 60 minutes into the game KR will win as Leeds old Boys tire.

#3176606 News on Broncos move to Trailfinders

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 15 August 2015 - 09:49 AM

Positive news from the club. The fact is London has not been a Super League Club in reality since September 2013. Leaving aside the damage of the 2014 season to the supporter base.The Barnet deal was both exploitative and uneconomic


Anyone thinking Ealing RFC wuith a capacity of 3,000 is too small for a club whose highest attendance will be 1,100 approx this season is not worth debating with.


Making the club a viable sporting entity (i.e. A club that leaks rather than haemorrages money in the same way other sporting insititutions do) makes it more attractive to an outside investor / consortium.and means the ewnd of the Hughes era may hearalde a brighter future not a total collapse.


The right staff are in place off the field in the adminstration and coaching staff. Albiet about six years too late IMO. also much better being in partnership with a Union club than a soccer club. Two different but similar sports few synergies on the field but plenty of scope off the field.


The fan base is in West London. Like it or not that's where the club has been for most of its life Fulham, Chiswick, Twickenham, Brentford now Ealing. Whether people can reconnect with the club or have moved on permanently remains to be seen but there was no buzz at the Hive and although certain posters will miss their capucchinos. I am sure the staff at Trailfinders can sort you out....


I am supremely unconcerned about fans of other clubs not wanting to come but extremely vexed at supporters of other teams constantly offering their Tuppence H'apenny  worth about the club and where ity should be to suit them.. The future is a southern club for southern people which is how the club should be oriented from now on.


Personally its going to be difficult to get to Ealing from West Kent. That said if the club restarted Chris Warrens idea ofr a six pack of unreserved seating tickets. It would retain more fans who could remain connected tro the club- A sort of Country membership as you do in Cricket when a member lives more than 50 miles from the ground.


People should focus on positives not negatives. It's no good going over the causes of the fire ad infinitum when your house  has burned down. it's time to start the rebulilding work and lay the foundations with bricks and mortar

#3168104 Rumourville: London Broncos to move again

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 30 July 2015 - 07:59 PM

JohnM and Red Rooster,

If David Hughes moves on thereby allowing someone else to come in and make the 'right decisions' for the club what makes you think that these new owners will be able, and will be willing, to put in the investment that will be needed to make the club a success?

History suggests the opposite is likely to be the case.


One of the big problems at the moment lies in the fact that despite London being debt free, thanks to David Hughes decisions. It has become a very unattractive Business proposition.


The club lost it's superleague status thus losing not just SKY money but also the commericial and marketing opportunities that come with Super League status.


The club has no security of tenure (Without knowing the details of the Ealing deal) and is a tenant at the landlords whim. In addition to which the Hughes era has seen the club management fall out with two landlords


The club has no matchday revenue save for the sale of programmes and replica shirts.


The clubs youth set up has not recovered from the departure of Phil Jones in addition to which the playing assets of the club refllect an ordinary Championship side. The big earners being players at the end of their careers with little re-sale value. If the club was producing more players through the youth system that Super League clubs wanted to buy then transfer receipts come in handy at championship level and you could be confident that departing players would be replaced by new prospects.


The clubs training facilities may now have to be relocated from scratch from Bushey to West London.


The customer base keeps on dwindling losing about a third with each move and what remain are disenchanted with the club.management.


And after atomisting the club in September 2013, thus creating the mayhem outlined above, David Hughes claims to have "saved" the club - From himself presumably....If he is looking for an exit strategy then he has snookered himself.


No proper owner gets involved with a sporting club looking to make money but you do not do it to lose significant amounts of money either. Most do it to massage their ego but remember they are stewards of an institution within their community and while players, coaches, owners and even fans go the club remains and they are the temporary guardian of that heritage.


The sad thing is that off the field the club now has the right coaching and backroom staff - unfortunately about six year too late..


So to answer your question directly, any new owner would not have to be particularily cashed up to run a championship club what needs to be addressed are the problems outlined above and unlike the one man committee that has run the club you need to employ the right individuals on and off the field to fix the problems I have outlined and allow them to do the job.


You can spend as much money as you like but unless you spend it wisely all your doing is decreasing your wealth. You can lavish as much money as you like on a team but it is no gurantor of success (and there are a few examples of this in league). What you have to do is get the infrastructure of the club right first. then things can progress from there.


The main criteria when employing staff should be a love of Rugby League and a desire to create links with the amateur game, the community, local business and above all else to re-engage what's left of the fanbase.


It's a tough ask in the current circumstances.

#3166342 Rumourville: London Broncos to move again

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 27 July 2015 - 07:21 PM

I agree with everything you posted.  What I have said on this thread is how a London club should look for a niche, the mainstream has gone.


Bob I am glad someone agrees with me. But on your main point on "the matchday experience"  I do remember Keith Hogg stating at a fans forum that London spent more on pre-match entertainment than any other Super League club during the early 2000's. We then moved to the Paul Blanchard era oif having acts from Britains Got Talent as pre-match entertainment . It all wasted a lot of money and got the club nowhere. Truly it's on the field that count's.


The club had at the Stoop a Long Bar and a post match regular covers band and I hear at the Hive AK's bar serves a mean Capucchino....So this has always been catered for.


As a veteran of T20 Cricket and Union events at Twickers, I would also make the point that these events whilst attracting big crowds and a lot of spectators with a casual interest in the sport also attract the most ire from dedicated followers of both sports owing to the drunkeness and associated antics of those only with a passing interest in what is going on out in the middle and these is a growning debate as to whether this is more counterproductive in driving away the family audience.


League has never had this kind of social cachet, certainly not down here and I would agree has become a niche sport even if there are plenty who refuse to accept it.


More like an article than a post RR take care of those who want "long posts" banning on here!!


I enjoyed it though as I always do your stuff.


But I'm hard pressed to join the camp of opinion that somehow but for some smart business thinking Rugby League would now be a growing sport in the capitol.


......1996 onward was indeed an opportunity to grow Rugby in the London Marketplace, but it's a tough ask when your a fledgling up against a seriously big competitor. Big established Rugby clubs with strong infrastructures and a ready supply of old boys investors from a higher league than Hughes was the opposition. That London is a Rugby City for me helped Broncos to some semblance of credibility at times.


Had London had no established Rugby Union to easily mop up the professional rugby opportunity the city offered the sport of Rugby per se in 1996, it would have been a soccer city, like Sheffield who have also failed to grow.


I think it fair to say that growing a professional London Broncos from nowhere against a Wasps, Sarries or Quins was an impossible task, but what growth Broncos had, like the junior game and academy was to a certain extent on the back of Union.


Had there been no union to talk of in London in 1996 it would have been the souths equivalent of Sheffield where the population have no interest in Rugby League. Oddly London are lauded as useless, whilst Sheffield are hailed as pioneers.


Parky in deference to those who want long posts banned I have edited your post in order to respond.


In 1996 Rugby Union like League was a novice professional sport. London Broncos who drew 10,014 against Wigan and averaged 5,418. I was there, I saw it. The following year, Peter Deakin the newly appointed Saracens Marketing Manager took Nigel Wray Saracens chairman down to the Stoop to see the Broncos. Nigel then lamented how the Broncos drew bigger crowds than any of the newly professional Union Clubs


In a BBC Interview that most of you would notr have seen Nigel Wray confessed the initial professional Union marketing strategy was stick two posts in the ground at either end, buy "name" players and wonder why no one turned up to watch. It was not until the penny dropped that to build a successful sports club you had to have two successful teams one on the field and one off it marketing the sport and building links with the community - your prospective audience that Union started to build to the position of relative strength it has today - and it remains a work in progress I might add.


So while Union learned how to become a successful professional sport, League (and not just in London) continued to pursue the Field of Dreams approach. "We are TGG, we are better than Yawnion..Once they see us they will be hooked" and unfortunately the if you build it they will come approach has failed As has "organic growth" as anybody viewing the Championship one table will note.


League has missed the boat spectacularily and allowed other sports to successfuly lay claim as the non-soccer alternative sport. It was up for grabs in the 1990's / 2000's but not now. League could come again. American Football being an example of a transplanted sport that has risen again in the South but that sport suffered a lost decade from 1997-2007 . League could suffer lost decades before there is another opportunity


On the ground issue, there have been opportunities to work in partnership notably with Harlequins and even with London Skolars allegedly and to keep a a percentage of matchday revenue but these have been spurned. Will Ealing be anything other than a ground rental - We shall see.


As for David Hughes we will have to agree to disagree. One reason why I have always supported P&R (one of the few  London fans to do so) is that chairman and clubs should never be insulated against bad busiess decisions. As in real life, if you make bad choices you pay the price and the current plight of the club is down to David's decisions. League tables do not lie. He has invested a lot of money in the club but so have I and others who have paid to watch his club.


Truly without David Hughes there would be no London Broncos but also with David Hughes there could soon be no London Broncos..


It was a decision taken by Broncos to play on a sunday.


In response to playing part-time sides who would find it difficult to travel down on a Saturday.


The Hive is an ars@e to get too in if you do not live locally, TBH. It takes me - a train, walk, overground and tube combo from east London. As Skolars were not playing yesterday I would have gone along if the trip was easier. (Trailblazers would be train, tube, tube, train - the plus side is it is a qucik walk from the station).


The problems quite simply are - last year's dreadful season put a fair few people off and the constant ground switches....no club can survive that.


Your analysis is spot on - Please refrain from making sensible comments on this thread and forum...

#3162111 Rumourville: London Broncos to move again

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 21 July 2015 - 07:41 PM

I got to the home game against Leigh about 90 minutes before the start and while waiting at Wembley Park Station I recognised David Hughes sitting in a Jubilee line carriage all on his own on the surburban line to nowhere. A journey confirmed when he got off at Canons Park in Harrow.


One thing I do not think anybody should claim about David is that heart is not in the right place. He has spent enough of his personal fortune on his hobby and its has caused him both to postpone his retirement and rumoured family problems.


That said for a Trader in Oli Futures he sure has bought from quite a few snake oil salemen, the results of which have been done to death on his forum. However we cannot change the past and the future is not at The Hive.


Simply put the club has to begin to have a revenue stream from commercial activities. This has never been the deal at The Hive and sooner or later commercial reality whould have intruded on the club's unhappy stay in Harrow. The club would always have needed to make this move and the current arrangement made in the scramble to re-establish A Super League Club in name only for the 2014 season and was never going to be a permanent arrangement.


As I posted earlier the club's real death sentence was served in September 2013


so to all intents and purposes we will never see a London superleague team again (bar the upcoming Wigan experiment)?


As things stand you are probably right. No London team has been met with incredulity down under but although Steve Mascord has claimed that the RFL offered the London Broncos to the NRL. I would surmise this was, in reality, more along the lines of "if you support it so much why do you not pick up the tab". A communally owned club is no more on the NRL agenda than it is on the RFL one.


As for the Wigan game, I am indeed a sceptic but I refer you to Brian Noble's article in this month's Fourty-Twenty (my Italics)


Wigan are planning to bring a super 8s game to the capital and it would be good to think that they have connected with and talked to the Broncos about the strategy behind it - how good it would be to make it a double-header with double payback?. It become a much needed event then.


I'd also hope that the RFL would be in concert about what they hope the sport in the capital could gain from such a showcaee venture.



Now I interpret Nobby's comments as referring to the fact that neither Wigan nor the RFL have discussed this with the Capital Club. I could be wrong but that how I read it.


I would argue that London are not a winning team in the lower division, they are a mediocre team and this is reflected in the crowds which are not much worse than last years.


London Broncos Average 2013 (Stoop) - 2,200

London Broncos Average 2014 (Hive)   - 1,294

Only two London Broncos crowds have barely got into four figures in 2015 with the average around 700


Never let facts intrude into your posting..


I guess what your highlighting is a need to adapt the overall experience to the target market. Assuming of course the analysis identifies its the right market to target,


The problem is that too many in RL think because the game is so good then that's enough.  As distinct from looking at the overall customer experience. Its this experience matched to the identified target market requirements that determine what chance their is of bringing in new demographics or fans. 


How many times does one hear, "its the greatest game" from all and sundry in the game, yet the sport finds it difficult to attract new fans prepared to pay through the turnstile.  It obviously isn't sufficient to be the "greatest game"  to that majority.  Whether we are or not is open to debate but besides the point.


It always reminds me of those dead industry's that failed to adapt to changing market demands and competitive environment.


 A thoughful post and you would have to query if London have any idea what the market is or should be.


Certainly when the thread went up for Southern Rugby League fans to explain why they follow Rugby League there were far too many posts along the lines of:


"Me mam served Pimblett Pies at the Eddington end at Saints when I were our kid and since moving down here I see myself as a missionary in a sea of heathens"


It probably explains the number of pristine Non-Bronco shirts on display at almost Every Broncos forum - that';s when we had them of course.....


You see if wigan draw a crowd of 7,000 comporised of 6,500 Northerns or Northern exiles to a game in London. How does that advance the game in the south?


It does not - you need to tap into a southern based non-traditional audience including BME families (an untapped market). Other sports are beginning to crack this market. Rugby League has not scratched the surface.nor seems to want to.


The period 1991-2003 is beginning to be regarded by Sports Historians as the periodr in which the major sports in the UK finally professionalised themselves, Soccers - Premiership fuelled by SKY, Cricket - two division P&R, Central Contracts and T20, Rugby Union professionalism and the development of credible European and International Competitions.. All these sports evolved and are still evolving.


Rugby League accepted professionalism but then de-evolved and retreated back into the safe world of the 1980's where miiddle aged administrators and fans feel at home. A shrinking sport tugging the forelock to a vanishing Industrial past.,


True in all sports there is this constant battle between aged administrators and fans who want to hark back to a sepia tinted past and those who boldly face the future but League is the sport in which the backwoodsmen so spectatularily triumphed


The 90's and early 2000's were an opportunity to stake a claim for new markets before other sports occupied this territory. Those conditions no longer exist now - as pointed out a couple of years ago in a RLE article by the Skolars chairman Hector McNeil. Sorry but for most people down here is now a case of  "Rugby League had it's chance - Time to move on"


And unless there is some sizemic sporting catastrophy along the line of the Super League war in Australia befalling one of the major sports I'm afraid that's the way it will be..

#3156993 Draw and Venues for European Championship announced

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 12 July 2015 - 05:34 PM

At the risk of being tarred and feathered on this board am I the only one who thinks playing Wales v France on the day of the Union World Cup Final not the brightest of moves..

#3138496 Salford V Catalans Free entry

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 11 June 2015 - 05:57 AM

I am a big fan of the Good Doctor but totally against this as it devalues Salford RLFC and the game. It has ben tried in London and failed. I am all in favour of Kids for a quid for example but it is the paying of the symbolic pound that indicates this is a product worth paying for. Go back to the Huddersfield example. How many of that 10,000 turn up at the Galpharm these days. (cue TRL poster inspired by freebie to buy a season ticket)


Your probably thinking - hang is not RR the discount king on here. Now for sure if I was in the manchester area I would go and I do buy the plentiful discounted tickets for major events but I also recognise that what's good for me personally is not what is good in the long term for Salford or the game of Rugby League.


When the Grounds not full, as with London ,you will be left with unwanted tag , like London, of being the game they cannot give away tickets for.

#3136815 5-7 Jun: Kingstone Press Championship Match Thread

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 07 June 2015 - 06:40 PM

For a London fan it just keeps on getting better, From Leighs knock on on their own Goaline from the opening kick off. Througfh Oscar Thomas Show and go for the fiurst try and a brace from Illness Macani. London raced into a 16-0 lead that got whittled down to 22-16 at the half with two tries inh the final 4 minutes. Thye second of which being the only time Leigh's forwards were able to drive down the middle of the London defence. The players stood in a huddle conscious of letting Leigh back into the game and in the stands I thought I would be posting about a Leigh comeback in the last 20 minutes to snatch a win.


Not a jot of it ,London won the second half every bit as convincingly as the first half. Truly its been many a year since London played like this. But I am sure the first thing Hendo has said once the got back to the sheds was enjoy the moment but it counts for nothing if the Broncos are turned over at mount unpleasant on Wednesday night.


Still I have already seen enough under the coaching brains trust this season that whatever the outcome this year. London will be the force in the Championship in 2016, If they can keep this squad together and do a bit of smart recruitment. regardless of where the club ends up playing..


A comparison of the results in the first half of the season v Leigh with today shows just how far this London team has evolved. A team which due to injuries has never played with a full deck of cards so to speak. This shows the magnitude of the achievement that the coaching staff have managed. :clapping:


Leigh are a team built to compete in the championship that can both play the forward dominated game in this Division but can also play a more creative running rugby style. This result might help them focus,because a game at this level of intensity is what they will be facing in the middle eight week in and week out. Certainly it makes the Bradford - Leigh enounter an absolute stonker which SKY TV should consider televising


It makes a change to post as a happy chappie on this board. But if your an exiled northerner or a antipodean doing the OE and missing your footy search out Canons Park on the tube map and come and watch some top notch league at the Broncos who have it all to play for..  :imsohappy:

#3128125 Blackpool Summer Bash (merged threads)

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 24 May 2015 - 06:35 AM

As befits the clubs status, I am only a part-time poster on here these days but a pleasant surprise after a day at Lords to see the recording of probably the best London Broncos performance almost since noah got off the Ark....


That was a win you just cannot buy. Though judging by the sound on the recording the crowd was well and tryly behind Sheffield which makes it all the sweeter. It should do a lot for London's confidence and hopefully a late dart at the top four. Standouts Rhys Lovegrove, Eliott Kear and now I hope you realise why I call him "the impressive Oscar Thomas".


Long term this kind of performance on TV coupled with the efforts of the Broncos Business Club could find the kind of rugby league bloodnut financial backers living in the south, needed to turn 2016 into the year of the Bronco on the Championship. There are of course a lot of if's and but's surrounding the club in the short to medium turn but there can be no such clouds casting a shadow over a sunny day this morning at least.


Very disappointing comments about attendances coming from SKY before kick off. Forget London but Sheffield who let us not forget are also an expansion club. It's a bit premature to cast doubts over the South Yorkshire sides ability to draw a crowd in Super League. Sheffield will not be fishing in the same pool as certain other clubs will be for spectators so how on earth you can imply "if they got promoted who would watch them" is beyond me. The only way to find out scientifically is for the Eagles to get promoted.and then we will see if super league in a swankly new stadium cuts it in the steel city.

#3112316 Championship Match Thread

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 26 April 2015 - 06:40 PM

London 16- Dewsbury 20. For once the scoreline bering an accurate reflection of play. Yet again London tired against another big championship side. London lightweights the legacy of blubbering Joe Grima take such a battering that they appear to fade in the second half of matches. The reverse of what is supposed to happen when a full time side faces a championship side. Unless London establish a substantial lead early on they are in trouble. This game featured very few line breaks with points scored off errors like the Broncos kicking the ball out on the full at the start of the second half. Dewsbury were well organised in defence and tried to play more rugby than Batley did at the Hive.


Had a chat with a few Dewsbury afans who need to chane their tune to

"Super League Top four team your having a laugh"

"Super League Top four team your having a laugh"


For truly expectations in London have plummeted from a tilt at a return to Super League to a realisation that even with the coaching brains trust of Henderson, Ward and Noble. A top four finish looks beyond the current squad.


London are still evolving and pre-season season Dewsbury trouted blubbering Joe's side in a pre-season trial game sending out a giant flare that all would not be well. So this encounter at the Hive proves that London have made progress on the field since then but as London legend Jamie Soward would have put it "close enough is not good enough". 


A mere 663 souls in attendance watching what has become an ordinary Championship side. Wioth Barnet FC getting promoted and gate takings not proving to be lucrative perhaps AK is thinking "Do I need a tenant for 2016" .............

#3085627 Rugby League at the Olympic Stadium London

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 09 March 2015 - 02:40 AM

According to league express there is another terrestrial tv station bidding against the bbc for this test series! Interesting


If this was the case then I would have thought they would not have announced kick off times. That said Channel's 4 or 5 would do a better job in presenting and packaging the sport than the BBC. I would be tempted to accept the bid from the other terrestrial company simply because a fresh approach is required.

#3083466 England to play France at end of this year

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 05 March 2015 - 08:57 PM

Should be in France but I suspect Leigh Sports Village is being lined up for this.

#3078180 WCS: Overall impressions, conclusions and bonkers theorising

Posted by THE RED ROOSTER on 24 February 2015 - 10:21 PM

Watching this on TV in Christchurch those with me were nonplussed that St Helens were and unquestionably are the best side in English Rugby League as they were well and truly schooled by Souths.There is a gulf between the standards in the NRL and Super League and the three games demonstrated this.


I can compare this with cricket where there is a consensus amongst fans, players, the broadcast media and administrators that change is needed and the game cannot go on the way it is. Yet I see no sign of any such radical moves within Rugby League. Surely the gulf in class indicates that Rugby League needs to concentrate on expansion both of the playing and spectator base as a priority.


Currently under  Wood and Solly, supported by certain journalists and pundits such as Garry Schofield - the Al Murray of Rugby League. The game is contracting being aimed not at a new audience but in making an old and declining audience within the M62 feel better about themselves. With platitudes about "organic growth" being trotted out as justification for some amateur teams outside the M62 watched by friends and family constituting expansion.


What is need is a counter revolution with expansion a priority, it does not need a substantial transfer of funds, ring-fencing or the end of promotion and relegation what expansion really needs is:  


An understanding that expansion clubs need a relaxed overseas quota for a fixed period of time say 10 years. This is because theses areas do not have a ready made local conveyor belt of young players and recognises that the only way to attract and retain supporters and sponsors is to be a competitive outfit in contention for honours.


Concentration on development work in the areas with the expansion clubs to create a local conveyor belt of talent which not only benefits the expansion club but also the game as a whole . For example look at the number of ex-London Bronco players now in Super League.


The cry of "fairness" will be raised but there is nothing "fair" about a situation where a club without a local conveyor belt of young players is forced to competed against clubs that do.


It would also be a recognition that to get a substantial TV contract, which does pay the bills for most sports these days not whether you bring 300 away fans, depends upon having a national appeal and that means having clubs in other parts of the UK not clubs playing in a limited geographical area. This will not happen overnight and the best way for this to happen would be for expansion clubs to be taken over and either run by or in partnership with an NRL club. This would be a radical step but this is the only way in which the current parlous plight of Rugby League in the northern hempisphere can be retrieved. It will face severe opposition probably than the original super league and franchising but for the good of the game needs to happen. 


What is needed is a counter revolutionary alliance between fans, owners, journalists and administrators to take on the vested interests and move the game forward in this county and to ensure that if you view the BBC website from overseas Rugby League no longer appears as a "other sport" accessed via a drop down menu


Rugby League in the northern hemisphere has a choice to evolve or die.- Which option will it be.