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Rugby League Yearbook 2014-15

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SQL: Leeds v Warrington

21 April 2015 - 04:10 PM

1 How many colours will we see on the presenter’s ties before the game?

2 From the kick off will the ball travel from left to right?

3 How will the first set end?

4 How many meters will be made on the first two sets?


In which minute will be the first:

5 Try be scored ?

6 Goal be scored?

7 Penalty?

8 Scrum?


How many points will be scored:

9 In the first half?

10 In the second half?

11 In total?


12 What will be the losing margin?

13 Who will win the game?

14 How many points will the MOM score?

SQL: Saints v Rhinos

14 April 2015 - 06:07 PM

Some of my answers to these questions will depend on:


a How exciting this game is, and

b How many beers I consume making me lose count.


How many


1, Saint's penalties in the first half?

2, Leeds penalties in the second half?

3, Penalties in the game?

4, Try's in the first half?

5, Try's will Saints score in the second Half?

6, Try's will Leeds score in the first Half?

7, Attempts at goal in the game?

8, Goals scored?

9. Scrums in the first 10 minutes?

10, Off-loads in the last 10 minutes?

11, Stevoisms in the last 5 minutes?

12 Total points scored?


Have fun  :ph34r:   ;)

SQL: Tigers v HKR

09 April 2015 - 09:52 PM

This week all you have to do is predict in what minute the following happen, the further your guess is away from the actual means a bigger minus score but big rewards for getting close.


1 Kick from hand

2 Try

3 Goal

4 Penalty

5 Scrum

6 40:20

7 Yellow/Red card

8 20m restart


Good luck   :ph34r:    :D


SQL: Easter Madness

30 March 2015 - 07:33 PM

Simples this week; put the teams in order of lowest scores for the Easter weekend. As there are two games you must state in your answers game A or B. In other words two answers for each team.

Have fun. :tongue:


Hull FC                             v              Hull Kingston Rovers      A

Wakefield Wildcats        v              Catalans Dragons           A

Widnes Vikings              v              Warrington Wolves         A

Castleford Tigers           v              Leeds Rhinos                  A

Huddersfield Giants      v              Salford Red Devils           A

Wigan Warriors             v              St Helens                          A


Catalans Dragons         v              Widnes Vikings               B

Hull Kingston Rovers    v              Huddersfield Giants        B

Leeds Rhinos                v              Wakefield Wildcats         B

Salford Red Devils        v              Wigan Warriors               B

Warrington Wolves       v              Castleford Tigers            B

St Helens                       v              Hull FC                              B

SQL: HKR v Saints

24 March 2015 - 07:47 PM

In a tribute to the legend that is Bruce Forsyth I thought we'd try something this week we have used before and go with a 'higher or lower' round in the manner of Play Your Cards Right!

All you have to do is predict if the shirt number of the player that is the correct answer, is higher or lower than the correct answer to the previous question. If it is the same number than either answer will score a point. Simples!

The starting number, drawn at random of course, is 6. So just answer higher or lower to these questions:

1. Player who kicks off
2. Player who makes the first pass
3. Player who knocks on first
4. First try scorer of first half
5. First goal scorer
6. Player who kicks off second half
7. First try scorer of second half
8. Last try scorer
9. Last player in possession when hooter goes
10. Man of match