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First Elimination Results

Yesterday, 10:03 PM



1 East

2 South

3 South

4 South

5 East

6 East

7 Draw

8 South

9 South

10 South

11 Less

12 Less

13 Less




Mister C 6 v 7 NNY

HPR 3 v 4 Edinburgh Exile


Which gives us the semis as:


YCKonstantine v NNY

7723 v Edinburgh Exile


Questions posted tomorrow

SQL: The Grand Stupidship Eliminators

23 September 2014 - 06:53 PM

Hudds v Cats


Mister C v NNY

HPR v Edinburgh Exile


The first block of answers must be either East or South

1. Who will kick off?
2. Who will complete the first set?
3. Who will give away the first penalty?
4. Who will feed the first scrum?
5. Who will score first?
6. Who will score the first try?
7. Which team will be winning at half time?
8. Which team will score first in the second half?
9. Which team will score last in the match?
10. Which team will the MOM be from?

Other questions

11. How many points will be scored in the first half, more or less than 22?
12. How many points will be scored in the match, more or less than 40?
13. Will the winning margin be more or less than 9?

Tie break


What will be the attendance? 

Playoff first round results

22 September 2014 - 08:03 PM



YCKonstantine  7 v  6  Mister C

HPR  6 v 7  7723

Edinburgh Exile  7 v  2  Saintslass

Raider Park 4 v  6 NNY


YCKonstantine and 7723 go straight to the semi finals which gives us the elimination games of


Mister C v NNY

HPR v Edinburgh Exile


I will post the questions tomorrow for Friday's game.

SQL: Round 1 playoffs

16 September 2014 - 08:30 PM

Play off 1st round (following the SL model with a twist)


YCKonstantine v  Mister C

HPR v 7723

Edinburgh Exile v Wiltshire Rhino

Raider Park v NNY


Saintslass is first reserve for any non-posters but if every one of the top 8 posts then Saintslass will join Wiltshire Rhino against Edinburgh Exile, (It is the SQL after all)


Qualifying play offs


Wigan v Hudds

Saints v Cas




Will both home teams kick off?
Will both home teams score the first try?
Will both home teams score the first goal?

Will both home teams receive the first penalty?

Will both away teams feed the first scrum?
Will both home teams drop the ball first?
Will both home teams be winning at half time?
Will both away teams kick off the second half?
Will both home teams score more than 4 tries?
Will both away teams score more than 3 tries?
Will both home teams win?
Will both home teams win by more than 10 points?

Tie break: add the shirt numbers of the respective MOM's