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In Topic: 2015 General Election predictions

31 July 2014 - 10:59 AM

I think the main thing I was trying to say is that a Tory majority is virtually impossible, and that will remain the case for many years. Irrespective of personalities and policies, the fact that Labour have so many more safe seats means they turn votes into seats at a far more prolific rate. I don't think there are 326 winnable seats for the Conservatives and I don't see how that can change for a long time. You can trace the roots of the declining Tory heartlands back to the 1954 election and they don't seem to understand what they have to do to halt it.

The bookies have hung parliament as the clear favourite outcome. I'd probably agree but think that a Labour majority is still a good shout, especially at the odds you'll get. But the best value bet if you have a Betfair account is to lay the Tory majority at something ridiculous like 3/1.


Tories winning most votes but Labour most seats is also a good bet at about 4/1.




This. Despite being in recession, up against a PM who was incredibly unpopular (unfairly so in my opinion), the Conservatives still couldn't get a majority. As much as I have bleated on about Clegg setting back the Lib Dems, God knows how many years, this coalition has not done the Conservatives any favours whatsoever for future general elections.


To pee off the bulk of the NHS, teachers and local government employees is a lot of voters to not have. I'm not saying they were Conservative voters in the first place, but they will have certainly lost any floating votes.   

In Topic: 2015 General Election predictions

30 July 2014 - 11:01 AM

I can still see a hung parliament happening. The Lib Dems will virtually cease to exist. I can't see Clegg having a snowball's chance in hell retaining his seat, so that will make for interesting times. UKIP could end up being a coalition partner, but I can't see a tie-up with UKIP and Labour. 

In Topic: Banking fraud

28 July 2014 - 07:08 PM

Cracking website, here: http://rowans-blog.blogspot.co.uk/


I first came across him when reading about the BCCI swindle.

In Topic: The Lib Dems and self-congratulation

26 July 2014 - 06:27 AM

The thing that really winds me up is that they're doing things way beyond that that had the nation up in arms in Thatcher's time.  For example, in our area nearly 20% of mental health beds have been cut in two years (Norfolk and Suffolk mental health trust had 600 beds in 2012 but cut this to 481 by 2014) yet no-one seems to care, it's austerity after all and we need to save our pennies.


The Coalition have been lucky with the very low interest rates meaning that there's a big old rump of people who are quite comfortable now and aren't feeling the pinch anywhere near the way those impacted by the sharpest cuts have been.  If we had even scratching the interest rates of the early 1990s then we'd be seeing far more dissatisfaction...


It will be interesting to see the how the economy reacts and the public reaction when interest rates, inevitably start to rise.

In Topic: Rant of the day - bills

22 July 2014 - 09:46 PM

We leased for years up until a few years ago but it just works out so expensive and the car's not yours.


The RAC and AA do quite decent car inspections for you, costs you around £250 or so for their premium checks and you can be sure they'll be thorough as they don't want you coming back to sue them for a rubbish inspection..  If you're buying a specialist car then it's always worth getting in touch with the local main dealer or specialist garage and ask them to do the check for you, it'll usually cost 1-2 hours of labour so doesn't come out as too expensive.


Have you considered buying new from the likes of drivedthdeal.com or carfile.net?