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In Topic: CC Round 5 Draw

Yesterday, 03:10 PM

Just most as has been just demonstrated

"most"You class one as most.

In Topic: CC Round 5 Draw

Yesterday, 03:06 PM

and yet 18k watched leeds play Wigan. 7k watched leeds play Leigh. The majority of people in that crowd last Friday are people like me.

Yep,makes you wonder how many would attend if:
[A] Leeds United were in the Premier League.
[b] Leeds Rhinos had the form they had pre and early SL.

In Topic: CC Round 5 Draw

Yesterday, 02:59 PM

Which means , ALL clubs that are not Leeds are not worthy to play Leeds , DIE , DIE , DIE , all of you

A bit harsh,not all Leeds supporters are as myopic as that.

In Topic: CC Round 5 Draw

Yesterday, 02:57 PM

a closer translation would be " I decide what I spend my time and money doing. I go to the rugby because I enjoy it, not because it feel obligated or because I want to prove my super fan credentials. Like a million things RL is competing for my spare cash and if it isn't selling what I want. It doesn't get it."

Still you super fans can be as super ad you want. Feel as important as you want. The pound in my pocket is still worth exactly the same as the pound in yours. You just seem to want to hand yours over to a very rich man without thinking about it.

No one is claiming to be a "super fan" but for most that post on here,Rugby League is in our blood,we don't demand that our clubs are worthy of our attendance when we deem them worthy of it.We go to see "our team",through good times and bad.Of course we think about where our money is going,we don't blindly give our money.

In Topic: CC Round 5 Draw

Yesterday, 02:32 PM


Roughly translated,it means "I am a glory hunting ,bandwagon jumper,who only goes to games that are worthy of my presence!"