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#3016454 Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust

Posted by oldham13 on 19 October 2014 - 05:31 PM



£10 x 12months is £120 per year not £220.


I said an initial investment of £100 for a share and then £10 per month.




I fully understand your viewpoint, it makes sense to start a fresh with a new consortium / trust / company.



#3015842 Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust

Posted by oldham13 on 18 October 2014 - 09:00 AM

I would suggest that a part time chairperson / chief executive role would have to be paid or at least expenses covered by the trust. Any trust is going to need a variety of roles, Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer,  Marketing Officer, Supporters Liaison Officer, plus other posts, the majority would have to be voluntarily, but any trust would have to pay a ground person and match day staff including bar staff, plus utilities expenses, VAT etc.     


The figures need clear examination because if we only managed to attract 500 shareholders each paying £20 per month that only brings in £12, 500 per annum, Central funding and sponsorship only covers players, coaches, medical staff wages. plus if 500 people purchase shares and the trust agrees to give each share holder a season ticket, you lose that season ticket revenue.


The figures also don't include reducing the clubs debt but if 500 people invested £500, that would give the trust £250000 plus the Gold investors who are permitted to invest a limitless amount. in essence the trust would be running a business that is reliant on the following income streams , A) RFL central Funding, B) Sponsorship both private (Player sponsorship) and Corporate, C) Season Ticket Seasons, D) Trust monthly income, E) Math Day income. The clubs expenses are continually both on and off season.


To move for forward, if it important we turn words into action.

#3012974 Canadian team apply to join Championship 1 (merged threads)

Posted by oldham13 on 13 October 2014 - 11:59 AM

News reports are suggesting the RFL have received an application from a Canadian Rugby League team based in Toronto to join Championship one in 2016.




The seven-man consortium has put forward an application to join the Rugby Football League and the subject was well-received at a meeting of Championships representatives in Leeds.

One of the seven businessmen in the consortium, Eric Perez, told News & Star Sport: “Rugby league didn’t exist in Canada four years ago.

“In 2010, my business partner and I were working in Birmingham. We watched the game on Sky TV and thought what an incredible game this is – the best.

“When we returned home, without any supporters, players, kit or stadium we challenged the USA to a game. And within six weeks, we got together the players and lost the game by just one try in front of 1,200 spectators.

“From there, the game has gone from strength-to-strength.

“We are now averaging almost 7,000 for every Test and have our own TV programme ‘The Rugby League Show’ which has 90,000 viewers every week and 170,000 per Test match,” he added.

“We have excellent corporate sponsorship deals with companies such as Fosters (brewery) and Booster Juice (a giant Canadian smoothies company) and a lot of people will look at this and think ‘How are teams going to be able to afford to play in Canada’. The answer to that is easy – it will not cost them a penny.

“We will fly them out on a Thursday, play on Saturday and they will fly back on Sunday, all expenses paid.

“And they will even have the chance to make money – we will give each club a block of seats in the stand, and any ticket money that’s made will go back to the club.

“It’s an opportunity for the clubs to offer travel packages and make money.

“We are also offering to sponsor the competition to the tune of £200,000.”
The consortium has been working on the proposal with the RFL for more than 12 months and coming into the game at League One level is not going to put the dampeners on the application.

Perez added: “Going into League One can give us time to build, find our feet, gain promotion and prove our worth to the game. We would stay in the UK for a block of six or seven games and then travel home to play six or seven games there.

“The idea of promotion and relegation is intriguing to Canadian fans. We don’t have that here. All the major sports, ice hockey, baseball, basketball and Major League Soccer, are franchise-lead. Sometimes teams don’t worry about doing so well because they know they’ll be there in the league next season.”

Town vice-chairman Mark Fryer was excited at the proposal, and said: “I’ve spoken to Eric and he has a passion for the game.

“They have some serious business backing and it could be a fantastic opportunity for rugby league itself.

“I’m positive about it but we have to be realistic and work it through.

“The worst thing that can happen is for them to gain membership and be gone in a couple of years.”

An RFL spokesman said: “We have received an application from a Canadian consortium to enter a team into League 1 [the current Championship 1] in the 2016 season.

“The consortium delivered a presentation to the Championship clubs at a meeting in Leeds, on Wednesday, which was well-received by the club representatives present.

“The RFL will now produce a report into the proposal for consideration by the governing body’s independent board of directors who will make the final decision.”




"going to the match dear, see you next week"



#3012957 Supporters Direct Website Information.

Posted by oldham13 on 13 October 2014 - 11:40 AM

I have communicated with Hornets RL and Hunslet Hawks about Trust status, I am having a telephone meeting with Supporters Direct tomorrow. The main issues will be SD supporting a second trust and the amount of support interest in financing a second trust. FC Manchester and Portsmouth have strong fan bases and increased revenue streams, so any trust will have to operate in a framework similar to Rochdale, Hunslet and Hemel.  I am researching the processes of trust status and continuing to communication with other trusts and SD at the moment. once I am in receipt of more information I will update people, it will be in the interests of all Oldham supports to financially support any trust with the intention of moving forward. Many issues have to be addressed, notably the ground issue.


We have a complex multi tier system at the moment? Firstly Oldham RLFC, a privately owned business that is in need of investment, secondly we have Rugby Oldham, I have viewed the information on the website and it looks like they support both amateur and professional rugby in Oldham and finally we have ORSA that does directly support Oldham RLFC. it would make sense to have one combined trust to move operations forward to ensure WE have a professional rugby team in Oldham. A trust will only work if every Oldham supporter financially supports the trust by investing in shares, I am slightly concerned that people with verbally support this idea but they will be less willing to finance the trust.


Boro Hornet, thank you for the information, it is very useful.

#2966655 Oldham Sunday

Posted by oldham13 on 27 July 2014 - 06:45 PM

Congratulations to the people who undertook the sponsored walk to todays match, Well Done, hope you raised plenty on money.


Cracking game of rugby league between two well supported teams, it is nice to have vocal and passionate visiting fans at the game.

#2916031 Good Friday Hunslet Hawks v Oldham Roughyeds

Posted by oldham13 on 13 April 2014 - 08:08 PM

Easter showdown South Leeds Stadium KO 1400hrs

#2915572 Oldham under 20's v Fax

Posted by oldham13 on 12 April 2014 - 07:19 PM

Final Score Oldham 24 Halifax 27


Very good game indeed and Oldham were very unlucky to lose.


Oldham outscored Halifax 5 try's to 4 but with Oldham scoring out wide they missed 6 points in conversations, coupled with gifting Fax some very generous field position ay critical times meant to was 24 each with 5 mins to go but a drop goal and a penalty in the last min meant Fax took the points. 


The penalty count was heavy stacked in Halifax favour but the Oldham pack dominated and the "Cookie Monster" had a very good 80 mins.


Neil's boys are a very good team unit with a strong pack and some speedy backs


Well Done Boys

#2915358 Roughyeds vs Thunder Sunday 13th April

Posted by oldham13 on 12 April 2014 - 07:34 AM

Here Here Tosh,


No matter what positive rugby post people put on the forum, the same negative nellies drag it back to the same subject. le Tosh1960, your post is marked Oldham v Thunder, clearly a post about the match but we arrived about at negativesvilles.


The same people who have financially supported in the past but now support the club spirit continue to post negative opinions and they infiltrate all rugby posts about OUR current team and other rugby matters.


Lets have one topic banner for "negative, anti CH, I am not going ever again whilst CH is in charge, I don't like Whitebank, and lets talk about starting a new club", then the rest of us use the forum for rugby matters, and we don't have to plough mountains of negativity everyday.


Look forward because that is way we are going.


Two great games to watch this weekend


Come on Boys

#2914513 Roughyeds vs Thunder Sunday 13th April

Posted by oldham13 on 10 April 2014 - 04:22 PM

Apologises for posting a rugby topic on this rugby league forum but I thought I would break with tradition and put team information on the forum :)


Oldham v Gateshead Thunder (3.00pm)


Oldham pair Liam Thompson and Adam Files are both ruled out of Sunday’s Kingstone Press Championship One fixture with Gateshead Thunder.


Oldham coach Scott Naylor said: “I’ll probably make changes for Sunday and then do some more adjustments for the Good Friday game.


“Five days between games doesn’t give us a lot of recovery time so it makes sense to get the best I can out of the squad as a whole.”


David Cookson is nearing a return to action after missing six weeks with a groin problem.


Thunder coach Stanley Gene has challenge his players to make improvements in defence, having conceded 93 points in their first three league fixtures of the year.


Gene said: “Defensively I'm not very happy, but we've got to move on quickly. If not, we'll be going out looking for other players to come in.”

#2912824 Roughyeds fans trust

Posted by oldham13 on 07 April 2014 - 01:14 PM

if people boycott Oldham Roughyed's, then put simply there will be NO Oldham Roughyed's to support or rebuild because the RLF are under no obligation to grant any new club a licence i.e. Bramley RLFC went out of business and they have never been permitted back into the professional ranks.


Boycotting the games is a short sighted strategy that will destroy professional rugby league in Oldham. (my opinion)


I have read this thread with interest but talk is cheap. People can post all day long about this issues concerning Oldham Roughyed's but until either 1) Private investor comes forwards and invests, 2) A supporters trust is officially formed and they buy shares in the club or buy's the club  3) A consortium is identified who are willing to provided investment or 4) The clubs goes out of business, then things are going to remain the same.


I enjoy watching both teams and I personally will continue to watch my rugby league team.


Oldham v Gateshead Sunday 13th April 2014..


Get down and support your team this weekend.......

#2912633 Bradford Bulls (Northern) v Oldham Roughyeds Challenge Cup

Posted by oldham13 on 07 April 2014 - 09:22 AM


#2912016 Bradford Bulls (Northern) v Oldham Roughyeds Challenge Cup

Posted by oldham13 on 06 April 2014 - 05:00 PM

Good performance by all the team today, they never gave up.

Well done boys

#2907676 Under 20's Championship Today 2:30pm

Posted by oldham13 on 29 March 2014 - 07:21 AM

With no first team game this weekend and another away match next week at Bradford, Come on down to Whitebank and watch the reserve grade boys play. The matches are fantastic, the guys play with commitment and passion. Neil's team are playing some exciting rugby and this is the ideal opportunity to give the Under 20's a try.







#2903280 challenge cup

Posted by oldham13 on 21 March 2014 - 05:24 PM

Oldham on Tour Bradford 2014


See you all at Bradford

#2896952 Break in at Whitebank

Posted by oldham13 on 11 March 2014 - 06:27 AM

Another break in at Whitebank.


Mindless idiotic vandals with no regard or respect for everybody or anything but themselves have caused excessive damage to the outer building at the club. I am not sure if any thing has been taken but again it is additional cost of the repairs that will dent the clubs revenue.


If anybody works in the technical security / CCTV industry and could temporary provide recordable CCTV equipment then I am sure the club would appreciate it. I haven't spoken to the club about this idea but I am sure it would be gratefully received. also if anybody is able to provide security lighting I am sure that will help. 


Not sure what the local neighbourhood policing team are doing because this the club are now repeat victims of crime and the offenders need to be brought to justice.


(this is an appeal for CCTV recordable equipment and not a thread about the area and or the local residents who reside there, The club works hard in the local community)