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In Topic: BARB - w/e 22 Feb.

Yesterday, 05:23 PM

The 2013 WCC drew 303,000 - that was a Friday night though. 2014's game was on a Saturday morning, but still drew 159,000. 


The first couple of rounds of SL have been down compared with the first 2 rounds last year as well. Like differences in attendances though, there's numerous reasons for this. The Thursday night games seem to be getting hit by the darts - the PL Darts season started on the same night as SL and outdrew it by a fair bit. 

In Topic: Question about a Welsh RL player from the 90's

Yesterday, 02:46 PM

Mark Jones made his debut for Warrington on 20th August 1995 and played his final game on 26th August 1996.


He made 20 starts, 18 sub appearances and scored two tries.


I remember him as being somewhere between decent and average.


I never realised that was his debut - I was at that game and I've still got the programme. Warrington v London at Wilderspool. It was London Broncos first game after their elevation to the top division for Super League in what was the Centenary Championship. Alan Langers brother Kevin was playing for the Broncos. I seem to remember Warrington won pretty easily. 


I'll quote the editor of the match programme from that game who was talking about the pre season Locker Cup match against Wigan - "Pack dominance has very much been a feature of the modern game and Wire fans have long awaited more power in this area. The buzzes created by Mark Jones and Dave King when making some surging runs give an early indication that much needed support in the boiler house has well and truly arrived." Ever the optimists, programme writers...

In Topic: Question about a Welsh RL player from the 90's

01 March 2015 - 11:48 AM

He wasn't playing for Warrington in 1998 - his last game was in 1996. Pretty average player from what I remember. Surprised to read that Wales RU played Zimbabwe - I assume they've not faced each other too often since?

In Topic: NRL consider reducing games to develop international footy and it's time...

01 March 2015 - 11:19 AM

australia are contractual obliged to play nz mid season...not to mention the fact the money earn from it practically funds the NZRL entire annual budget...e.

as for the years australia ducked a 4nations was cancelled...thats hundreds of thousands the RLIF miss out on in gate levies...and other profits..


So Australia haven't 'ducked' their contractual obligations as they're still playing NZ. As for the Four Nations, I don't remember one ever being cancelled - I know there's been plenty of plans for various tournaments and tours, but these are generally never set in stone. I certainly don't recall a Four Nations being mentioned for 2015, let alone being cancelled.


And as has been pointed out above, the Four Nations is nothing to do with the RLIF. The RFL always post increased profits when they host the Four Nations - as I'm sure they will do with this years test series against the Kiwis. It's the reason why they were talking about replacing the 4N's with an RLIF organised tournament so the world governing body can make a bit of money in between World Cups. 

In Topic: OPINION: Do we obsess about the NRL too much?

28 February 2015 - 11:00 PM

I don't think the average fan obsesses about this sort of thing at all, but clearly the RL media do. Mind you, promoting the World Club Series as SL v NRL only leads to comparisons being made between the two comps, particularly given how the series panned out.