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In Topic: 888 Crowdwatch: Not P&R v licencing!

19 August 2015 - 10:50 AM

Regards TV viewing figures, the data for the first weekend was as follows: -


Wigan v Hudd Thurs SS1 - 117k

Leeds v Warr Fri SS3 - 141k

Leigh v Hull KR Sat SS1 - 139k


So on there was a very good audience for that first game in the Middle 8's. 


With regards the OP, in August 2014 there were 20 SL matches played and in all but 5 of those games the crowd was lower than the home teams season average. Of the 5 that were better than average, 4 came on the last weekend of August and included Leeds v Saints and the Hull derby. 

In Topic: NRL's international blue future print

14 August 2015 - 07:20 PM

Not an Aussie but from what I read it wasn't deemed successful enough in transforming exciting youngsters into 1st graders. Think they're looking at a more condensed comp similar to lower age groups and then coming through new/q cups.


Too many big scores and not enough defence in the Holden Cup, appears to be the issue. I also read somewhere that cost (inevitably) was an issue for the clubs, hence them organising it more on state lines.


BTW, the article the OP refers to doesnt look much like a blueprint to me, more a lot of guess work and wishful thinking. Too many ifs and maybes. 

In Topic: ANZAC test scrapped

10 August 2015 - 08:28 AM

The whole 'international rugby league will be given priority with a new window at the end of the season' quote is absolutely garbage. The Aussies will do what they did last year and with draw a load of players due to injury and treat the competition with no respect.

Such a shame that the country with the most influence on RL in the world is the most insular one. No wonder that we are dwarfed by other sports when comparing international calendars.

Basically the Aussies have scrapped the 1 mid season bit of international RL we get a year between the best 2 nations in order to get higher viewing figures for state of origin. You literally couldn't write it.


I'd agree with your point about the 'new window' for International RL at the end of the season being garbage, simply because we already have an end of season window. 


As for the Aussies scrapping mid season internationals, well they're not. What they are doing is scrapping their own involvement in them, which is very disappointing. Hopefully, the Anzac Test may be played annually in October instead. And Origin wont get better viewing figures on a Sunday night, as they've tried this before and it always rates better mid week .


It does mean that NZ and the Pacific nations now have a weekend mid season where they can play whoever. What is a pity is that the calls for NZ to play England will probably be ignored because we've completely closed up any gap in the calendar for a mid season international, and I very much doubt the SL clubs would agree to releasing their best players for a mid season jaunt to NZ or even to play the Kiwis here. 

In Topic: Round 22 Match Threads -*** SPOILERS R US ***

08 August 2015 - 12:58 PM

It's a bit unfortunate really. So many teams struggle in Darwin but the Eels have a deal with NT Tourism to play a game there every year so they have to do it.


It's unfortunate for the good folk of Darwin who payed good money to sit through it. 


What a fall for the Panthers. Top 4 last year, now bottom 4. The battle for the wooden spoon looks like going right down to the wire.


Kick of the day has to be that JT effort to set Beale up for his try in the Sharks v Cowboys game. Pinpoint accuracy - just a shame they're not on the same team though.  ;)

In Topic: 69% increase in TV viewers for St Helens v Leeds Challenge Cup semi final.

04 August 2015 - 08:49 AM

it was quoted as the 2nd highest viewing figures for bbc 2 that day


For Friday it was (Gardeners World was the most watched), but across the entire week it would be in the top 30 most watched on BBC2.