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International selection

13 July 2014 - 11:42 AM

Is it to early to consider the likes of daryl Clark, Marc Sneyd, mason caton-brown, joe burgess and John Bateman for the up coming 4nations down under? Personally I think all 5 have had great to exceptional seasons to date and have huge futures for England but at the present time I would only consider daryl Clark and maybe John Bateman for selection, with the likes of Sneyd, burgess and caton-brown only having the lack of experience counting against them. Also do the England knights have any fixtures scheduled this season?

The next "golden generation"?

05 July 2014 - 03:42 AM

10-15 years ago a steady stream of exciting young English talent emerged from various super league academies, players like Leon pryce, chev walker, Kevin sinfield, Danny McGuire, rob burrow, Richard Horne, Sean o'loughlin etc, today their seems to be another batch of exciting young English players breaking through with the likes of joe burgess, Ryan Hampshire, John Bateman, Andre saveillo, mark Percival, Ben currie, Callum Lancaster, Liam sutcliffe and many many more. Can this new generation of young stars go one better than the last and leave their marks on the international stage? I personally believe that they can as I expect a fair few of the names mentioned to be snapped up by NRL clubs which would improve their chances and games a whole lot more and I'm totally in favour of this happening.

Radical idea!

29 June 2014 - 11:52 AM

Following on from another thread posted on here about RL/super league in the USA IMHO I think for RL to even have a chance of "taking off" in the US it's going to take a radical idea and some out of the box thinking in order for this to ever happen. If a very rich and successful backer could be found one idea could be to hire a well known and highly successful RL coaching staff for example like Wayne Bennett, Matty johns, brad fittler etc whose job it would be to travel throughout the US holding trials for potential RL players from NFL college players who didn't make the cut/draft. Trials could be held on the west&east coast(LA&NYC) mid-west(Chicago) the south(jacksonville)and central(Dallas) with a view to picking the best 25-30 players to tour Australia in order to play a series of matches against Queensland(players from the Queensland cup), NSW(players from the nsw cup), western australia state side, the aborigines, prime ministers 13 and maybe even 1 or 2 NRL sides, all the while every trial, trainning session, selection process, match is shown on tv/cable in a reality tv format for the US public to see. Could be a winner?

10 years from now

15 June 2014 - 11:24 AM

What will both the domestic game here and in Australia and the international Scene look like a decade from now? I can imagine a 2nd French team in super league, more French and welsh players at other super league teams coming through the academies, more expansion teams in the lower league along the lines of Hemel stags and more English players heading down under to the cashed up NRL. As for the Aussie game I can see an 18 team NRL with expansion to Perth and a second Brisbane side, a huge influx of png and Fijian players, maybe even a merger or relocation of at least 1 Sydney team and even more money pouring into the NRL increasing the salary cap even further. On the international stage I can see Fiji and png becoming stronger due to the increased player pool in the NRL pushing them closer to england, nz and australia and the break through of Jamaica into the second tier nations of France, Wales, tonga etc.

Also I should add that as much as I desperately want to see Salford succeed both on and off the pitch I just get this sickening feeling that the wheels will come off a la Branson and the broncos, hope I'm wrong though.

Tony Blair

15 June 2014 - 10:11 AM

According to tony Blair the takeover of towns, cities and provinces in iraq by radical Islamic fundamentalists has nothing at all to do with his and George w bush's invasion and occupation of Iraq but because we(the US, UK&nato) didn't bomb Syria. Absolutely unbelievable that a. This man can think this but also b. that he's given a platform by the British media to spew such nonsense and lies. I can only surmise from this that he's a deranged individual or is on the payroll of the military industrial complex and war contractors or both.