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#2982150 England's 4nations fullback

Posted by boxhead on 24 August 2014 - 11:53 AM


Tomkins didn't have a "mare under the high ball"

The whole Warriors team got blown away by a red hot Roosters team, the bombs that Tomkins didn't catch we're almost impossible because he was generally up against three on rushing Roosters without any support from his own team mates.

Anthony Minichiello dropped a Johnson bomb cold but where's your criticism of him!



I am not sure what 3 defenders coming at him has to do with catching the Ball

About the same as Minichiello being 34 years of age and a veteran in his last year in the NRL and scoring 3 more tries this season than Tomkins the "Gun" English Fullback.  ;)

#2981302 Expansion

Posted by boxhead on 22 August 2014 - 09:14 AM

Expansion is all but dead, the teams that were expansion Clubs have withered on the Vine.


London was left to rot and die a very slow death. They needed a massive cash injection and continual support to make them viable (not unlike the Melbourne Storm)

The Crusaders and most of what has not been done in Wales has been a disaster.

Catalans are banging on but looks like a remote outpost under siege at times.


I can not imagine any worthwhile progress in the near future after the disaster of expansion in recent times.

The best places to expand to have been cocked up and its harder to go back there after that and the second choices are just that, second choices and even harder to sell a game in.


The game in England needs a shake up big time, the rot starts at the top they say.

As an outsider I can barely see anything that the administrators of this game have done well in the last decade in England.


The game is contracting to the "homelands" and even they are shrinking.

#2973481 Expanded World Club Championship

Posted by boxhead on 08 August 2014 - 10:07 AM

Along with their traditional fanbase, it's hard to overlook the English connection at South Sydney, so you're right. I still get the impression Canterbury are the biggest club. For any Aussies: is that correct? 


I agree with the selection criteria apart from the last point (if I understood it correctly).


GF Winner and runner up, plus the highest placed finish in the regular season table. If the two Grand Finalists are 1st and 2nd on the regular season table, then the third place team gets in. If the two Grand Finalists are 5th and 4th on the regular season table, then the first placed team during the regular season gets in. If the two GFs are 6th and 1st, then the 2nd placed team in the regular season gets in. And on it goes. 



St George have the biggest number of fans outside of their local area. (Australia wide)

Parramatta when they are going ok have a massive fan base as does Newcastle.


Brisbane are a big Club but only because they have a large city to themselves and half of those residents hate them.


Canterbury would be just behind Manly in the most hated Club in the NRL in most neutrals minds, their fans, the Clubs record off the field, the salary cap cheating is neck and neck with the Storm..


The Storm has a loyal fan base in Melbourne a non League City, they have rorted the cap more than most in their short existence.

#2969005 RLIF Announce Latest World Rankings

Posted by boxhead on 01 August 2014 - 06:35 AM

How is France rated Fourth.

Realistically they are not in the top 6.

#2963470 Mason Caton-Brown, the next Greg Inglis!

Posted by boxhead on 22 July 2014 - 11:49 AM

As opposed to Michael Jennings who is pretty similar in size and build.

Michael Jennings is far removed from the class of Inglis, he is a fringe Test player at best.

I would not have Jennings in the Kangaroo team and the Coach felt the same way in last years World Cup when he used Hayne at Centre to great effect after dropping the patchy Jennings early in the lead up games.


I am not saying Caton-Brown is too small, I am saying Inglis has freakish skills and is fast and very large, that combination does not come round too often.

#2961007 Culture, image and Rugby League

Posted by boxhead on 18 July 2014 - 10:12 AM

Good point about taking a leaf out of how they changed the image of snooker albeit it took about 20-30 years for fans to realise that image of the game has changed.


One thing that would help the game is if fans were reminded consistantly that its a family game and educated/re-educated in how to cheer their own teams. This might help the fans to express their emotions, have a great time and shout less abuse out. In the end the game will lose if its not nipped in bud - I will definitely not take my child to a game where theres swearing and what-not being shouted all over.

You must not attend games then.

In past threads I have said something similar about swearing and not wanting my young kids to be around that.

I was shouted down as a fool living under a rock where young kids already know these words and should have no problem listening to the F&C's yelled from the fans around them.


I think it was a harden up and grow a pair message that was sent to me.


I am happy with how I feel about that sort of rubbish and what I want my kids to be around.


#2959941 "Pom" watch

Posted by boxhead on 16 July 2014 - 12:53 PM

He's speeding up.


I thought he held back at the start of his NRL adventure....there have been short bursts of speed but too few to be fair ( count them on one hand ).


Tis good for us that Sam is the quickest player at the moment. Glen Fisiahi might be the fastest player in the NRL, he would go close, having him out obviously makes Tomkins speed more essential than ever.


Sams done a hip flexor at training....might not play this weekend.


Big blow if that's the case, the Warriors have to win without his not too insignificant contribution.



How is fastest measured?

Over short distances like 30 metres or over length of the field?


Michael Jennings has explosive acceleration and is regarded as one of the quickest over 30 metres but drops back at longer distances.

Jarryd Hayne is pretty quick although he has filled out a bit and lost some pace from what he had a couple of years ago.


Not many players have both blistering acceleration and the ability to go long distance.

Ben Barba and the Morris boys are no slouches in that category.

#2957883 Culture, image and Rugby League

Posted by boxhead on 12 July 2014 - 07:30 AM

Maybe its only a view from Downunder but football/Soccer is a as boring as watching paint dry for 99% of the game.

It appears as bent as it can get by the upper level administrators.


It may well be the "World game" but in my opinion the "world" set its expectations pretty low in what they consider quality entertainment.

#2952941 Ashton Simms to Wire confirmed.

Posted by boxhead on 01 July 2014 - 12:39 PM

He is solid rather than first rate.

He his leaving because he is  predominately a bench player in the NRL.


At 29 years old he still has plenty to offer the game.

#2952301 USA and Super League

Posted by boxhead on 30 June 2014 - 11:45 AM

But that wont happen, although I feel Barcelona would make a SL franchise work well due to being in Catalonia


Get NY in and watch the game take off - no need for funding they will sort that - team full of Aussies and a splattering of the US of A's best, 2 home then 2 away fixtures during the season.

After a few years you would have a USA league booming and no need to be in SL



You are very optimistic mate.

Very few countries accept or adopt new sports successfully for sustained periods of time.

England should concentrate on France, the lack of growth and foundations in that country is something no one seems to want to address.

They are next door neighbours.

They have a history in the game.

They have players that may not fancy the other code that is strong there.


If you look at the difference between what has happened between Australia and New Zealand compared to England and France its a stark contrast.

I accept that football is not dominant downunder but NZ has a tiny population that treats Union like a Religion.


France needs to be handled a lot better before any thoughts go to the USA IMO

#2950124 Daniel Vidot - Depressing International RL story

Posted by boxhead on 26 June 2014 - 01:39 PM

I'm not saying that is your attitude, but the game needs to move on from that too. RU has no trouble with filling grounds where teams are not competitive, look at the way the All Blacks have never been beaten by some nations.


Even if the Kangaroos are not interested, there is no reason why the England v NZ battles couldn't be massive crowd pullers. Plus we have already seen that some of the lower ranked nations are crowd pullers when organised properly and promoted.



Its a different Sport and a different market Dave.

The All Blacks are a draw card around the World and their own fans would give their left one to see them in action against anyone. Its almost a religion in NZ.

That is not the case in Rugby League where the best the local game has to offer are seen week in week out and the best of the best Australian players against each other in the SOO series.


England needs to make its mark at Test level and France needs to be brought on to make the international game start to shine.


England V NZ in either country would be a break even deal at best with average crowds IMO

#2949610 Daniel Vidot - Depressing International RL story

Posted by boxhead on 25 June 2014 - 01:08 PM

Not straightforward at all - it should be a diploma course in itself! But under the rules even when qualifying for Australia Radrandra can never play Origin. As I said, if he suddenly develops into one of the World's best (which is not beyond the realms) NSW will move heaven and earth to bend the rules again - you can guarantee it.

I don't think they will be able too.

The new criteria was brought in because there was considerable backlash from the Australian fans.

I know in England it may seem like all Aussie fans want to steal the best players from around the World to play for the Roos including $BW and Slammin Sam Burgess but its a long way from the Truth.


Fans get tired of walkovers and expectations of always winning, they want a competitive series, even if its just between three nations.

Look at Australia's record in last years world cup, they didn't let a try in after the first game did they? Five Test without a try scored including the reigning World Champions..


Believe it or not, that is not what Australian fans want.

#2949581 Daniel Vidot - Depressing International RL story

Posted by boxhead on 25 June 2014 - 12:28 PM

But this is a guy who has play 6 tests for Samoa in the last 8 months including one just 8 weeks ago. Vidot played in the Samoa-Fiji test in May and scored a try. This was the same game that Milford decided not to play in because he was worried that not playing for Qld U20s would hurt his Origin chances.


Now is Vidot even eligible for Australia (and Origin) any more because he played test football for another nation this year? Is Milford still eligible for Samoa in the autumn because he hasn't played for anyone?


It is just one disgraceful mess and no-one seems to know the rules or be prepared to stick to them.

I don't know the answers Scubby.

The eligibility rules seem murky and flexible.

I do know its complicated when you have such disparity between Nations both in wealth and players and you try and build the International Test teams based in a substantial way using heritage players.


They have already tightened the regulations regarding overseas players being eligible for SOO but how do you bar Aussies from being selected if they have been encouraged in some cases to play for Test teams they have little connection with other than ancestry?


If you lock Australian born players into a one Test Country Rep choice I am certain you will see a massive drop in heritage players.

#2949567 Daniel Vidot - Depressing International RL story

Posted by boxhead on 25 June 2014 - 12:07 PM

He is a Samoan "Heritage player" though.

I am not saying its right or wrong or what his motivation is, but he was born in Brisbane and as such he is Australian.

Many Australians have a heritage from elsewhere as its a country of migrants.

It highlights the heritage player issue where Australia, NZ and to a lesser degree England stack International teams with Heritage players.

Most Australian heritage players will play for the country of their parents or grandparents (whatever the ruling is) because as youngsters they believe they will not make the State or Kangaroo Teams, it may not be where their loyalty lies and they may feel 100% Australian, they should do.



The whole system has issues and its not the fault of the players and the way the system stands Australia can call up Australian born players to their Rep squads.

#2947182 Joel Tomkins

Posted by boxhead on 20 June 2014 - 09:30 AM

Folau will not come back.

He has embraced the Union code and has become the pin up boy in Australia for union.

He follows the money as he did when he went to AFL before nearly coming back to League with Parramatta and then taking the money and going to Union.


I have no time for him.

He was never one of the very top tier players in League, he was an outside back with some pace and a good leap in attack or defense.

I hope he never comes back,