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In Topic: Our England Squad

08 September 2015 - 11:11 AM

I have now included Gareth Widdop who looks likely to return for the Dragons this weekend and Adam Cuthbertson due to the rules allowing.


This has led to the removal of Marc Sneyd, and some more split decisions as to who is in the squad.


I have put Sam Tomkins as an option at 7, as I believe as the most capped England player, and currently in the NRL playing with many Kiwis who we will face, McNamara will find somewhere for him. It also backs up some calls in replies for Matty Smith not to be first choice half.

In Topic: Our England Squad

08 September 2015 - 10:45 AM

Wardle chose another nation before England, his place of birth is irrelevant. Uate never played RL before moving to Australia. I can't recall much criticism of the selection of Bridge or Harrison for England squads and 'Brough for England' is often the call when a Test involving England comes around. How do you expect to grow the game in the rest of the British Isles if as soon as one of their players (irrespective of where he was born) shows any promise he's touted to play for England? The top and second tier description of international teams is complete BS. In my eyes they are all equal and deserve the same respect as each other. Developing nations are not there to use as a testing ground for potential players for Australia, England and New Zealand.


The things is we can talk around this as much as we like - but we both agree that the international selection rules need to be more defined so that switching of nations is restricted, and eventually eradicated. This is a complex situation that would require stronger incentives across the world to play for the weaker nations, and therefore is likely to remain an aim rather than an immediate change.


Given we can't change the rules as they are, if anything we should really just pick on the basis of those rules - and sentimental exclusions or counter claims that 'suddenly it's fine for England' are redundant.


We're both guilty of this as I've not included Cuthbertson and you have understandable gripes with Wardle etc. Rules as they are, I should have included Cuthberston, so have amended the team accordingly in order to prevent this going off topic any further.


I would urge you to use your energy to pursue those that can make a difference to the rules by which every nation selects their teams, rather than me. I agree with you that the current rules lead to complications and feelings of unrest, and have felt the same way myself many times. I'm simply trying to share my interest in what the England team might look like for the Test series.

In Topic: Our England Squad

07 September 2015 - 04:10 PM

Ben, you have been talking a load of sense until you mention Cudjoe, really!

He is totally nieve in defensive positioning, he flies out of the line with a regularity that says he will never improve in this department, and I also think that as a centre he has been complimented through his wingers (Jermaine Mc's) ability to score other than Leroy's endeavours.

Cudjoe is a pure confidence player and right now it's high - he was great against Cas and if I remember rightly most of Saints tries v Giants were down their attacking right though I'm struggling to remember. Is close between him and Percival so I'll whack him in as an either or

In Topic: Our England Squad

07 September 2015 - 11:30 AM

Not sure Tomkins even deserves a place in the squad on performances this year, let alone him being considered as 1st choice full back (or half back). Hardaker is miles ahead of him this year.
Hall & Burgess look like they're 1st choice but we have strength in depth with Makinson, Briscoe & McGilvray all in with a good shout of a place as well.
Centres looks like Watkins & Reid but who their back-up's are will be interesting. Percival is having a pretty good year and Wardle wouldn't look out of place either.
Without Widdop I can't really see any stand out's for the halves so good job Johnson will be missing for the Kiwi's.
Prop has to be our biggest strength. Graham is pretty much nailed on for 1 spot so take your pick from Walmsley, Hill and the Burgess brothers for the other spots. Can't for the life of me see what Cooper has to offer in comparison to the other 5 props, seems a bit of a wasted spot to have him in the squad at all.
Back row you'd think O'Loughlin already has his place if he's fit, Whitehead should get a place as well as he's had another fine year. I'd be disappointed if McBanan reverted back to last years tried & failed 2nd row of Tomkins & Farrell. Tomkins has has a pretty average year and Farrel is just way too small and struggles to dominate tackles in SL let alone at international level.

Agree on Tomkins this year at FB and should Widdop been fit it would have been tough to find a spot in the 17 for him as Hardaker was already our no.1.

Have to disagree on Cooper he's been super for St George his year and is a decent ball player too so would be useful in the 2nd row. From what you've examined too it doesn't sound like you have any replacements you are confident with as we already have Whitehead starting.

Percival hasn't looked strong enough in defence for us but is an attacking threat for sure. However we feel no more so than Wardle & Cudjoe - to get in the squad, and as you say we're happy with Watkins with either Wardle or Reed (I'm in the Reed camp) starting

In Topic: Our England Squad

07 September 2015 - 11:23 AM

I completely overlooked Bateman, had Wane played him in the second row all season I am pretty sure that he would have been taking one of those shirts.

If I was in the trenches he would be the first I would call on to have at the side of me, on the field he carries an aura which says " don't mess with me, or else" in defence he is an enforcer, he's young and can easily do 80 mins of energetic rugby.

Never thought Farrell has taken his SL performances to the bigger stage, for me it is a step further than his capabilities, he has had some OK games but that is about it.

Me too regarding Bateman and is a fair shout - however I do feel Wilkin deserves to reclaim his place and also adds experienced cover in the halves should we be desperate. Therefore I think it would have to be Westwood to make way should Bateman get the nod and have amended the squad accordingly, or Sneyd if McNamara went light on halves cover - that's if Sneyd gets recognised at all which is unlikely - but he got the nod from us ahead of Gale and Brown. Surprised it's not been mentioned so far actually as feels like a wildcard.

Totally agree on Farrell has been less effective this year.