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Yesterday, 07:02 AM

Not sure what you mean Ben, "thus increasing revenue" just like that??

Like the English semi pro league it's a perennial struggle.

The path Les Catalans took would seem the proven way to go.

That's fair I could have been more specific

What I mean is with a potential pathway to the top and a chance to test themselves against better sides, more of our semi pro league have turned pro and are seeing record season ticket sales and new sponsorship revenues - plus marquee signings that will have a knock on effect for raising club profile and in turn more sponsorship Etc.

If French clubs were given a pathway to the top as well this could have the same effect and allow investors with a dream to buy into it becoming a reality and doing something proactive to try to make it happen.

Becoming the biggest fish in a small pond is not as attractive as becoming the biggest fish in the biggest pond - or as ambitious - and that's what investors tend to be.

I think fans would see greater potential for their club as a big incentive to turn up in greater numbers too as we are seeing in the Championship.

Eventually it would be great to build a bigger pyramid across Europe in the long term - then there's an avenue for anyone with ambition to find a pathway through to the top flight of Europe

In Topic: Toulouse news

27 January 2015 - 11:40 PM

Surely there must be some way of involving the whole French league by incentivising making the last four in that competition with inclusion in the Championship Shield for starts and then as they get better in 5-6 years upgrading to inclusion in the super 8s if it still exists or whatever has replaced it?

Developing their own competition has to be the way to go - and thus increasing their revenue so they can catch up.

In Topic: The Allams flexing their muscles?

17 January 2015 - 10:43 AM

Print at home tickets are the answer - or having the barcode emailed to your phone.

Problem solved.

Oh and make sure you boycott the bars and block the toilets every game.

Why wouldn't you buy in advance? Its cheaper - and you get entry easily on the day. Also provides a more accurate insight for the club as to what the games attendance is likely to be.

Print at home is always easy - as is phone tickets which is the latest step.

Provided they make it easy to buy on the day this won't be an issue for those who haven't had a chance but have decided to go at the last minute.

As for drink prices - it was probably an inevitability and as long as it is consistent with other events its just life

In Topic: Eng v NZ - What The Hell is Going On?

16 January 2015 - 10:41 AM

If the Kiwis send over a weakend side we should put out the first team in the first game put 40 points on them and play the u19s in the other two.

If the Kiwis aren't sending a test side, it's a con and disrespectful to British fans to sell it as a test series.

Personally whenever any side rests players I always feel the best statement is to beat them and beat them well, whether it is club or international.

Nothing could be more damaging to their game than a series whitewash by plenty of points every game - then maybe they won't do it in the future.

Hopefully France would beat them too and it would be the worst tour they could hope for.

Better than that though they all turn up and play some proper test rl and we still beat them 3-0.

In Topic: Rugby league rocks

14 January 2015 - 09:51 PM

Any guesses as to who will be the 'top band'?

From looking at who's touring the UK at that time, the venue and the previous choice of James, I've narrowed it down to the Charlatans - just a guess mind