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In Topic: CC Round 5 Draw

24 March 2015 - 09:50 PM

That is not what I would call a double header. Miners best chance of winning is at Twist Lane. There would be more on there too than at LSV unless a proper double header could be arranged (which would be awesome). If Wath Brow could play at home against Newcastle then a precedent has been set and Leigh Miners should exploit it

I believe the Rules regarding Suitability of Ground, change after CC 3rd Round. Plus Gateshead were happy to play at the Brow.


In Topic: Lock Lane v Egremont

22 March 2015 - 07:23 PM

Thats rich from an Egremont fan seeing how they have managed to con the league and get the match against the Brow changed because of a wedding when it's really for a stag weekend.pot and kettle comes to mind.

I watch Brow as much as Egremont, and are happy for ANY Cumbrian team to win a Nat Comp.

Egremont will not win the League or be in danger of getting relegated, so Charlo put priority in the Nat Cup. I have posted elsewhere that its not the comp it was, but would still be nice to see a Cumbrian Winner.


PS, im sure they will be in the same position on Finals Day, and have to put 2 teams out. Its just a shame that BARLA and the RFL (NCL) cannot sort out their differences. Too many folk trying to bulid there own little empire. All Amateur Rugby should be looked after by BARLA in my view.

In Topic: Lock Lane v Egremont

22 March 2015 - 04:40 PM

Sour grapes ! Over what ?

,I suppose that comes from winning nothing for years!!!


PS, also they didnt duck their game last weekend. Brow pitch unfit on Sat, but playable on Sunday, by any chance would A few key players been missing if the West Hull game was played.

In Topic: Lock Lane v Egremont

22 March 2015 - 02:20 PM

They sent their 2nd team who are a poor outfit in the west Cumbria league,their 1st team played in the National Cup,they seem desperate to win that this season,I suppose that comes from winning nothing for years

Mmm nice to see you support local Rugby Davo, sour grapes comes to mind. Its a shame the RFL and Barla cannot sort out so teams can enter such comps without been put in the predicament of having to play 2 games on the same day.

In Topic: Haven score fulltime

21 March 2015 - 09:28 PM

Was the 525 genuine or a fiddle? I thought a Saturday evening kick off may increase the gate.

Gate was less than last week, personally think most people like Sun Afternoons.

Plus it wasnt a game we were expected to win, and its an All Pay game.