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Netherton Ram

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In Topic: Championship Shield: Batley 22 Dewsbury 28

16 August 2015 - 08:57 PM

Very glad of the win today, as couldn't see one after the first half. Batley totally outplayed us and had much more enthusiasm than us in that half. I said to a few Batley supporters at half time that I would be very worried that they didn't score more point in that first half, as it may come back to haunt them. As it showed.

We looked flat and very slow and our tackling technique has had worried me most of the season. What is this tackling around the head and chest area all about!? It doesn't work and just leads to attackers gaining metres. Tackling needs somebody to go around the legs, as Spicer did today.

Not many positives for me from the game, apart from the win and a semi final spot confirmed. Thacks had a poor game, again, apart from his great try. He has disappointed me a lot this season to be honest. Hepworth was also poor. He is very slow getting back up and into position after tackling.

Let's hope we start to perform, and soon.

In Topic: The Summer Bash: Dewsbury v Batley

28 May 2015 - 03:12 PM

My opinion on the weekend.

Firstly, the game.

A typical Dewsbury and Batley derby really. Not much in it and not a great viewing spectacle. Batley should have won the game, but just didn't have any penetration on our line. A couple of skillful moments won us the game. The first being Pryce's offload for the first try and then Grant's great finish. Oh and Seymour's deliberate goal miss...

Thacks and Seymour need to stop throwing stupid passes. Yes, throw passes that can be made, but not ones such as Seymour's on Sunday. Just can't understand throwing a pass which is always going to be forward.

Hopefully this week's rest will have done us wonders. As we did look very tired. Will be a tough game on Sunday, as we never play as well as we should against a team lower in the table.

Now onto the Bash concept.

Good idea and I'm glad I attended it. I'm just not sure if it will he held again as I don't think the attendances can sustain it. Next year, even keeping the same teams in the league, the attendance would be lower I feel. If Leigh or Bradford go up the attendance would be terrible.

Holding it every 2 years may be better to stop the event becoming stale.

Now Blackpool. It's not for me and it never will be. What a hole. That was the worst part of the weekend by far for me. Spent most of my time in St. Anne's. Actually pubs there that serve good beer and aren't noisy and packed! A touch of class, which is me all over...