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In Topic: Kingstone Press Championship: London v Dewsbury

Today, 10:56 AM

Regarding the squad. I'm glad Haggarty isn't playing as he has been a liability since signing for Saints. He gives too many penalties away, as shown at Hunslet when we were attacking, and also drops the ball. I wonder what Saints are thinking watching him on our videos...

I'm really unsure whether Seymour is ready to start a game yet. Very quiet on Tuesday, even though he didn't play long, and didn't look fit to me.

Surprised Hale isn't playing as I think he's been playing well the last couple of weeks.

Prediction: London 32 - 20 Rams

In Topic: Kingstone Press Championship: London v Dewsbury

Today, 10:49 AM

Nice to see that official 19 man squad for both teams are on both official club's web site and twitter for the first time.

I noticed that the teams had been listed on our website, they are linked to the RFLs information, so thought it only right to let the supporters know about it! The RFL have got their act in gear, be it half way through the season, regarding the releasing of squads.

In Topic: Sawyer hails record attendance

Today, 10:44 AM

I cannot answer any of those questions. As I don't know the answers!

In Topic: Sawyer hails record attendance

Yesterday, 10:52 AM

The stadium was capacity was increased for the day by Kirklees Council. This enabling a bigger attendance. It is correct that the ground holds short of 4000, as the new terrace can't be included unless it is covered.

In Topic: Rams snare Adamson ahead of the competition

28 February 2015 - 08:23 AM

I agree that we have a big squad and that it will take a lot of keeping players happy. Saying that, a lot of the recent signings have just about begged to come to the club. They will know that the competition for places is massive, but they knew that before signing on.

Regarding money and player terms, not all players are on season long money deals, some are on match terms, for now.

Players begging to come to the club? That can't have happened since the Neil Kelly 2000 season