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    If the biggest reason anyone can find to prevent Toronto playing in SL is that they can't host games in February then they're doing amazingly well. SL shouldn't even be playing in February anyway, the season's a month too long.
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    tonight's Katana on Bay reception was great..great to meet RogerT and the travelling Batley fans..and here's my Bulldogs personalized shirt...fantastic..thanks Rog. Now the proud owner of a Wolfpack shirt. and topped off by the sight of Brian Noble MBE riding off on his bicycle to the shouts of "on yer bike!!" from the terrific BATLEY mob. epic! !
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    Doesn't make it right though Donald. We have been guilty as well which nearly finished us. The difference is that some clubs like yourselves, Donny, Keighley, Oldham to name a few have become serial offenders knowing they can just wipe off the debt by starting again under a new name. I don't want any club to go out of existence but they shouldn't be allowed to carry on doing this. It's a mockery.
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    Honestly if Toronto aren't allowed in to Super League for anything other than major reasons I would be done with any interest/money spent on the English game. Playing home games in blocks or the fact they haven't produced a Canadian Johnathan Thurston after a whole 2 years are not 'Major' reasons either, not even close. There are plenty of reasons why Toronto may fail, but if self interest from English clubs is the thing that kills them then that's me out.
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    And that’s where my issue lies. They’ve been so hell bent on beating Town and taking players from Town they’ve lost focus of the business side of it and as such deserve what they get. Its easy to get the begging bowl out but why should the normal working man or genuine RL fans have to fund stupidity when the situation was staring them in the face. Issue like that don’t happen over night they happen over time. And once identified they need addressed not ignored as financial problems don’t go away they only get worse.
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    A 60+ point victory by York at London today.
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    Doesn't that just depend on whose focus we're talking about? The only difference between Wales, Serbia etc and Toronto Wolfpack is that Wolfpack have the backing to make a professional team a reality, that is Argyle's focus and we as a sport can't exactly tell him where to spend his money. If Munich, Moscow, Dublin or Philadelphia are the next city to 'come from nowhere' like Toronto are we going to say "sorry we can't have this yet, we're still waiting for Wales to find the backing and support for a Championship/Super League team"? I like the sentiment, I agree it would be great to see Wales, Serbia doing well and France with a 3-4 clubs in SL/Championship but they have to run their own race, it shouldn't be one or the other.
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    Just enjoy the game and try and be positive.
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    Imagine the English FA putting out press releases about their vision of future soccer internationals. Or the NZRU doing the same in their code. Am I the only one who gets embarrassed by the antics within RL, especially the current power grab by the NRL?
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    3 full coaches, plus a couple of Mini buses from Halifax going down to London, despite the early kick off. Should be a good 250 to 300 Fax fans going to London by all accounts. The Supporters Group LS28 has arrange free travel on 2 Coaches and paying for the team to stay overnight on Saturday in London. That alone is 2500 pounds. LS28 also made possible the signing of a couple of players recently. And the Supporters Trust pay for the reserve team to exist and play. Supporters Groups can and should be part of a club, in how it operates in my opinion. By working together, a club can achieve so much on and off the field. The Supporters Groups via volunteers can help clubs in areas they simply dont have the manpower, never mind resources, to promote the Club in the local area.
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    Always interesting to read these honest views, but he doesn't come across well on his comments on Hetherington and Bradford Bulls. In fact a Director of SLE making an accusation like he does should be challenged. Things like moaning about Visas is embarrassing. Telling people to get back in their box is even worse. He seems like a grade A tool.
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    I'm sure Davc1h will take this comment on the chin and continue supporting Hull and pointing out their unfortunate injury problems. Even though he's a Cas fan, which is difficult for you to grasp given his reasonable comments. On the other hand, it's very easy to tell which club you support Steve, your constant bitterness towards Hull FC and efforts to ridicule anything positive about the club nail your colours firmly to the mast.
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    I think it was the RFL imposing a time limit, not Sky. Wood, etc basically told the clubs how much money they'd receive each year, plus the 'signing bonus' if agreed within the time limit, and left all the other information out. The clubs saw the up front £300,000 and went for it, as Wood knew they would. That's why they ended up with a deal where the SL clubs got an increase in central funding, but a big piece of the revenue they generate is now being given to C/L1 clubs. I think the SL clubs get less than 60% of the TV revenue. It took another year for the RFL to finally reveal the financial details in full. That manoeuvring by Wood, orchestrated so that he could get funding to his power base in the Championship and fund his favoured 8s system, is essentially the reason the SL clubs moved against Wood last year and the RFL last month.
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    Canadian TV companies are probably surprised every SL game isn’t broadcast.
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    They have otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to play in League 1 or the Championship... smacks of SL clubs being protective.
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    The Aussie 'split' was the result of a fight between 2 broadcasters vying for the TV rights to one of the country's biggest sports, a different scenario entirely.....although I think that some believe that the Uk game is bigger than it actually is. I doubt it'd survive a civil war
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    What a win from a makeshift Cougars side, in a game where not many (including myself) gave us a chance! The adversity and the players leaving really looks to have brought the remaining team closer together. Couldn't be prouder.
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    MODERATOR:I cannot see a problem to the post from Marrafan,I thought it was a reasonable question for fair minded rugby league fans to reply to.I notice lately you are very fond of using the word "Troll",Has you and everyone else has been informed it is an open forum and he has every right to put a post on here.Thankyou.....
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    I ran this through The Babel Fish Translator, "We don't want that bloody idiot Lowes talking to the press".
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    Are you a man? If so, are you tall? Do you know all the intricacies of Royal protocol? It doesn't take much intelligence or imagination to realise that a big man like trump walking alongside a little elderly lady means difficulties in staying in position. He is supposed to walk slightly behind her. I thought he coped very well given that this is something he has wanted to do for a long time. He must have been thrilled to bits firstly to visit the birthplace of Churchill and then to walk alongside the Queen. He's half British and an anglophile. I hope he has good memories from his trip here and that those good memories will serve us well in the future, for however long he is POTUS.
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    Embarrassing. Bluster and aggression covering for detail and vision. Literally no chairman who has commented during this issue has looked in any way close to deserving the trust of the game. All of them, from all sides have looked amateurish, completely lacking the vision the game needs and entirely devoid of the skills to implement any vision. It is depressingly pathetic, from Wood to Barwick to Chalmers to Hetherington to Lenegan to McManus to Hudgell. A plague on all their houses.
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    I can tell you all RogerT is at the st Lawrence market in Toronto trying Canadian food and more importantly Canadian beer..he texted me to tell me this important information! I am meeting him at 7PM tonight at Katana on Bay to get the weekend officially underway!!
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    Barrow really struggling with injuries, this from the Chairman Steve Neale has sent the following face book message Playing squad update: I wasn't sure if the season could get any worse on the injury front but it has. We picked up more injuries last weekend and topped the list up with some at training last night. We have to register our squad at Noon on a Thursday with the RFL and couldn't foresee the extra problems. If the players don't pull through we are again struggling to fill our bench. We sought special dispensation from the RFL to register players this morning but we were refused. They were sympathetic to our situation but they quoted rules are rules. The new board are learning lessons and, for sure, a lot are from our mistakes, but we will improve because of them. I'm confident we can get through this situation and move forward together

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