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  1. the scumbags cover all home games and report breaking liverpool news all the time so getting reports on magic wasn't out of the realms of possibility bottom line they didn't want to and are using the ban as an excuse to finally get rid of northern working class flatcap sport rugby league
  2. pray tell how am i'm i ignorant on the scumbags and their ban for some one who list his interests as fact not fiction let me tell you a fact the scunbags are banned from anfield end of story
  3. nothing went wrong scumbags banned from anfield end of story the scumbags used the ban as an excuse to stop reporting on rugby league nothing to put right scumbags banned from anfield end of story
  4. the sun had no intention of reporting magic all this rubbish it's not football they know they are banned from the ground full stop no football no press conferences no player interviews they were banned from the take that concert at anfield have they stopped reporting on them if they had any interest in rugby league gary carter could have gone to the matches as a reporter accredited to the press association or the scumbags sister papers the times or sunday times who all have access to anfield
  5. so that's c%s capacity 11 775 and wakefield capacity 9333 along side FEV capacity 9850 in the championship
  6. who in their right mind wouldn't want to play for FEV be interesting to see if he gets in squad for game against wigan friday
  7. no drama got bussey and davies to come back in personally thought we only took him to play nice with hudderfield and sweaten holmes deal
  8. I thought I'd seen everything a few weeks back when FEV best bradford FEV winning 38-4 bradford have scrum on their twenty hooter goes ball comes out but instead of dying with the ball scrum half passes it to winger FEV intercept try to FEV 42-4 but on sunday widnes might have beaten that FEV have the ball on widnes 40 holmes chips ball over widnes line hooter goes 16-4 to FEV gelling picks up ball and is stood still a FEV player is about ta yard in front of him walking towards him instead of letting the FEV player grab him end of game he decides to run to the side and pass to winger winger runs forward and is tackled as he is falling to the ground he he decides to pass the ball back to gelling who's got a FEV player running towards him gelling knocks the ball over his head ball goes to ground FEV pick up try 22- 4 a pure masterclass from gelling and his winger on how to see out a rugby league championship game
  9. bottom line is ryan is turning us into a very good side that will be hard to beat
  10. i wonder what this new " Emerald Stand" would have looked like if it was a stand alone rugby ground and not connected to Yorkshire CCC because according to GH it's a 43 million pound redevelopment
  11. even though he signed for them I think we'ave got a good chance of getting him on loan again next year remember he signed for rick stone and he's gone woolford brought over first choice matt frawley someone he coached in aus he signed 2year contract with option for a further year in 2019 there's also gaskell with over 100 super league games who signed 4 year contract 2017 they also pick a young lad russell who signed 2 year contract at the end of last season before holmes when either frawley or gaskell are injured gaskell and russel tick another box over tom they both kick goals so as things stands at the moment tom's well down the pecking order long may it continue
  12. think again it's in black and white Championship Play-Off Final: Winner of 2nd Semi-Final (home) v Winner of Preliminary Final (away) it doesn't say Championship Play-Off Final: highest placed finalist( home) v who's left (away) the confusion arose because people assumed the championship final would follow on from the million pound game where highest ranked team in middle 8's had home advantage to save all the confusion the rfl missed a golden opportunity to promote championship rugby league the Championship Play-Off Final could have been played it as a curtain raiser to another game played at old trafford some time in october
  13. POR


    you can start to watch the episodes on the saturday after midweek show
  14. Featherstone Rovers are pleased to announce that James Harrison has signed a two-year extension to his contract which will see him remain at the LD Nutrition Stadium until the end of the 2021 season. The 22 year-old started his career at Batley Bulldogs, and joined Rovers prior to the beginning of the current season. He won the Bulldogs' Coaches Player of the Year in 2018. Harrison made 58 appearances for Batley after making his debut back in 2016, and spent three games on loan at Oxford in the same year. Featherstone Rovers Head Coach, Ryan Carr said: "He's got a really big future ahead of him, he has really impressed here on and off the field and the boys love playing with him. "I've been really impressed, He's had a few injury setbacks along the way, but he's worked hard to get back on the field and he's starting to reap the reward for it now". Harrison said: "I'm delighted, it has come around pretty quickly. I'm really enjoying my time here and I can't think of a better place to spend two more years. "I've learned a lot this year, especially under Ryan, who's been great with me. When the opportunity came to stay under a coach like him and a club like this, I couldn't say no to it". He is the son of former Featherstone Rovers, Great Britain and England representative Karl Harrison. James Harrison is proudly sponsored by Chiorino, an Affiliated Company of the Chiorino Group, a worldwide leader in the production of Conveyer and process belts, power transition belts and more.
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