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  1. POR

    3 to watch in 2019

    As a FEV fan I can tell you he is much like a young Paul Newlove
  2. remember in 2008 both c#s and wakey got the nod over halifax because they said they would be in new stadiums by 2012 the next round of licensing
  3. POR

    2019 Squad

    6 ft 19 st Irish tight head prop plays for Connacht
  4. POR

    Scotland RL hiring

    Glasgow RL founded in 2018 have become Featherstone Rovers Foundation’s newest ambassador club. n addition to the team training sessions and CPD sessions delivered by Foundation staff, Glasgow RL will also be invited down to the LD Nutrition Stadium and will look to play matches against local community clubs. Scotland Rugby League Development Officer Carrie-Ann Downs added: “We are very excited to have the support of the Featherstone Rovers Foundation in Scotland. “The partnership between the Foundation and Glasgow RL is a great development for the club and will provide the players and coaching staff with great opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills in the sport.
  5. POR

    Great PR by Featherstone

    But you're still missing the point FEV don't do it for the beer money unlike many other clubs FEV never turn down a request to play rugby as well as games we would call proper rugby they host many charity games as well example being THE LD Nutrition Stadium will host PDRL United’s first ever match on Saturday, when they take on Team Colostomy UK. and I hope you enjoyed four Heavy Woollen ARL junior finals on consecutive Thursdays in September 2018 and Batley took all the beer sales , it is a business
  6. POR

    Great PR by Featherstone

    well done to you but they are local league finals and should always be played at local grounds C#s and district finals have been played at FEV for years were talking about national and county cup finals barla and acadamy internationals not forgetting leeds v leigh challenge cup last season FEV hosted 60 matches 60 matches that didn't involve FEV ROVERS but please don't let facts get in the way of a good story
  7. POR

    Remaining pre-season fixtures

    all remaining games part of cup the four losers play saturday in double header at FEV next week swap over so FEV v fax at fax hunslets at hunslet if you lose semi next week you play other loser as part of cup competition
  8. Really you think that FEV are in charge of DR last year we played numerous games with no DR players funny thing last year we didn't use it enough and it came to bite us on the rear In the shield we didn't have enough leeds players who qualified so we played 14 v Leigh
  9. POR

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    next saturday 12th its double header at FEV FEV Halifax v Hunslets
  10. POR

    London sign Morgan Smith

    no he's not no relation Camerons older brother is Daniel and I think he plays for Huddersfield Morgans a FEV lad but for you oldens like me his Grandad is former FEV and Great Britain second row Peter Smith
  11. POR

    Saturdays team don't know what ours is yet

    transfer fees only come into it if they're under contract FEV got big money from leeds for hardaker they've also paid for ormondroyd and briscoe whiulst this november like most clubs FEV lost a chunkj of last years squad for nowt at the end of their contracts
  12. POR

    Saturdays team don't know what ours is yet

    yes FEV have three lads from leeds for cup match but not duel reg one is an academy lad who's been injured for last ten months so leeds asked us if we would play him in pre-season to get game time before academy league starts FEV said yes next year FEV are getting two from leeds on season long loans walters and ormonroyd have just turned up so all the money is on it being them two so not duel reg
  13. wonder if these Are the two coming on loan
  14. agreed but people believe what they read remember the vile sun and Hillsborough
  15. the problem is someone called muckymunksy has put it out there for all the world to see and until someone puts it straight that's what the whole world will think