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  1. its not super greed its KIA Super League womans T20 cricket Western Storm v Yorkshire Diamonds
  2. POR


    they couldn't let him break record not a fev player
  3. POR

    New signings

    looking at league tables on saints and cougars 5 but on fax its 4 so
  4. POR

    Briscoe off to Leeds...why?

    along with ormondroyd on DR
  5. POR

    Cas stadium plans!!

    cas will be tenants so make nowt on hospitality and any extension down to builders/owners
  6. that's why you wont see me tipping takes me all the time to pick my nose!!!!
  7. still waiting for an answer parky about charitable foundations obviously you don't know but like everything you bring forward made up nonsense to support your inane drivel Featherstone leeds reserves if you check there has been eight players who have made a total of 22 appearances between them in 17 league games but don't let facts get in the way and you keep bringing up fiesal walking out on FEV if you checked you would know our chairman got rid of fiesal not the other way round and before I forget THE Featherstone Rovers Foundation is the official charity of Featherstone Rovers RLFC, registered Charity No. 1118452. We deliver projects and activities within the Featherstone and 5 towns area and other parts of Wakefield Metropolitan District Council. the foundation has been running for nearly 12 years and has won many awards for its work but you forgot to mention them but hey FEV doesn't fit into your agenda
  8. enlighten me parky are these the only 15 clubs that run charitable foundations
  9. as a FEV fan I want to thank you for your predictions last week it was barrow 6 result 58 : 4 so keep up your good work and tip us to lose every week and with a bit of luck you will put the kibosh on opposition and we'll win every game ha ha ha
  10. POR

    Luke Briscoe to Leeds

    obviously you haven't read my post when I said I was pocking fun at canuck who said they will win next years grand final but to answer your question more than those three put together
  11. POR

    Briscoe off to Leeds...why?

    apparently if he goes on loan to leeds can't play for FEV for a month If he signs for leeds he can play for FEV on sunday with DR all smoke and mirrors
  12. POR

    Luke Briscoe to Leeds

    and I see you were Marching on together against Sheffield on sunday Priceless
  13. POR

    Fewer than 17 players

    correct something changed at work so couldn't get to sat morn training and he would have to miss some match days on sunday
  14. POR

    Toronto and Visa's

    because it would come with more clout and you would have thought missing out on naughty boy visas would be more unlikely
  15. POR

    Toronto and Visa's

    not the first time this has happened and not always clerical some were denied visas because they had been naughty in the past the rfl should have applied for a rugby league visa so every body could travel