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  1. POR

    Wembley Crowd

    at FEV every body who got ticket through club shop been told got to get free upgrade original tickets invalid
  2. POR

    Making up for the short fall in funding.

    the junior season ticket scheme which allows free entry is for league games only
  3. POR

    team v Batley.

    he was taken out head high smeaton again couldn't see what went off ref put him on report and gave FEV a penalty for head shot what happens next is anybody's guess
  4. POR

    toronto question

    excuse me but if you listen to super greed on main forum only teams with x amount of fans should be let in so if making up crowds to tick a little box at the expense of FEV THEN YES IT DOES MATTER!!!!!!!
  5. POR

    toronto question

    on the main forum torontos attendances are often praised ridiculed and dismissed FEV's game supposedly had 8000 so the question to FEV's happy band of followers at the game were there really that many sat watching the game
  6. POR

    The Eights.

    not included at FEV we get cheap summer bash ticket yes they do I'm paying a fiver
  7. POR

    The Eights.

    season ticket holders at FEV get in for a tenner and old un's like me a fiver
  8. tell you a tale about one of my mates the late great Steve Evans Steve was in our gang we used to go out on the lash all the time we had been to Wakefield Christmas night Steve was a bit worse for wear so we took him home rang doorbell and dropped him into his dads big Alan's arms and ran off Boxing day FEV played Leeds at Headingly he's playing having a mare told us had headache so one of lads went and got him a pint necked it in one seemed to perk him up later on intercepted ran full length of pitch scored under posts where he was sick in front of us next to little wall and when i say sick every thing but kitchen sink came up stood up shaking and sweating heaps while we all took the mick trainer came on to wipe him down and sort him out a few minutes later he got subbed official statement concussion unofficial statement loads Tetley's Christmas night one pint of Tetley's boxing day needless to say all out that night celebrating his try and the win happy days
  9. POR

    Shield Fixtures

    don't think any prize money as such winners get money for finishing 5th in league similarly losers of mpg classed as top of championship and get appropriate funding
  10. POR

    Qualifiers...here we go!!!!!!!!

    to get into MPG you only need 6 points so that's championship teams 10 points gets you automatic promotion so which two super greed teams do you think you got the best chance of beating one last thing don't look at league tables qualifiers are different animals in 2015 Leigh like TWP walked the championship but in qualifiers came bottom wining only one game
  11. BUT you don't say how it is if TWP had lost after say six games no one would have give a monkies but 21 wins on the bounce rattling in cricket scores along the way never looking like they would lose and the mantra of TWP Defend the Den so FEV winning is a little bit history making in itself
  12. because Catalan and Toulouse didn't go two years without losing that's the point TWP won 21 LOST 1
  13. that's! true were all going to get nowt!!!!!!!
  14. its not super greed its KIA Super League womans T20 cricket Western Storm v Yorkshire Diamonds
  15. POR


    they couldn't let him break record not a fev player