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  1. Minga

    looking at the figures 45:61 45 is the number of games he played 27 2016 and 18 2017 I assume 61 is total games Toulouse played 21 league games 2016 and 23 last year 44 so the rest must be play off games and challenge cup 61 on the main forum more than one person has said if a player misses a game through injury or suspension that fixture not counted to total looks like rfl ignored their own rules so if that's true FEV only got to prove he missed one game through injury 45:60 is 75%
  2. toront sack three

    don't forget coat hanger Chris burton
  3. rfl block minga

    out of the original figures 45 out of 61 well he played 45 games 27 2016 and 18 2017 for the 61 if games being unavailable has been taken into account when he missed a fair chunk because of his knee problems Toulouse playing over 60 games in two seasons of championship rugby league seems a lot of games
  4. https://www.totalrl.com/toronto-wolfpack-in-turmoil-after-exits-of-three-big-name-stars/
  5. 2018 Squad.

    the chairmen “At Featherstone, we are closing in on becoming a full-time club and genuinely pushing as a serious promotion candidate via the Super 8s format.
  6. Minga

    just a thought before injury he got picked for French world cup squad for that to happen I assume he had to get a French passport so doesn't that make him an E.U citizen who can work anywhere in the E.U
  7. Minga

  8. rfl stop FEV signing Toulouse winger http://www.totalrl.com/kuni-minga-without-a-club-after-winger-has-moved-to-the-uk-blocked-by-the-rfl/ https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/featherstone-frustrated-as-minga-move-blocked-Js6qz
  9. Toulouse 2018 thread

    rfl stop FEV signing him https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/featherstone-frustrated-as-minga-move-blocked-Js6qz
  10. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    try and tackle don't worry he will be knocked over players love big men you don't have to chase them like a nippy half back they come to you
  11. B and S club FEV good beer good company!!!!!
  12. not true we had a dominant pack that made teams work hard to stay in the game which meant that at the end of games and they were dead on their feet and us still running we looked fitter with the centre of excellence we will be as fit as anybody in the league hopefully with the pack we've got this year we will be able to bully teams and finish the games stronger
  13. 2018 Squad.

    I agree but just pointing out he's a penalty machine true leigh didn't want him but they didn't want anybody since October they got rid of 13 players and signed on 19 everybody in the championship know FEVs a good fit and according to our chairman “At Featherstone, we are closing in on becoming a full-time club and genuinely pushing as a serious promotion candidate via the Super 8s format." maybe that just swung it
  14. 2018 Squad.

    ones in canada ones in france and ones in london
  15. 2018 Squad.

    as many as lockwood