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  1. bottom line is you had a loan agreement with Cas cas have now released him so that makes it null and void he becomes a free agent Im sure if he was still a cas player then he would have stayed till the end of the season and we own the ground and a chunk of land surrounding it
  2. Kingstone Press League 1 Keighley Cougars V Swinton Lions Sun 4th Oct 2015 Venue: Select Security Stadium Halton ko 14: 00 The Kingstone Press Championship Shield Featherstone Rovers V London Broncos Sun 4th Oct 2015 Venue: Select Security Stadium Halton ko 16:30
  3. Referee: Ronnie Laughton Touch Judge: P Ward Touch Judge: J Downham
  4. According to rfl web rovers first match Sat 12th Mar KO:14:30 v leigh, This year we will get proper league standings as we play all other 9 teams home and away
  5. stall in cas market she got loads in last week all sizes
  6. back in the day hail hail the rovers are here what the hell do we care etc etc was the song of choice we also sang shoot the #### but only when we played them sunday considering the size of the following made up of lots who don't go regularly me thinks any songs will fall on deaf ears lets get them all chanting ROVERS ROVERS ROVERS on mass and turn up the heat!!!!!
  7. taken from widnes official web site "All 2011 season ticket holders will be eligible to renew their season ticket for the 2012 Super League season at the standard ticket price. This offer represents outstanding value for money, as there are a guaranteed three more home league fixtures in a Super League season, a competition where season ticket and admission prices would typically involve a price increase. "
  8. we all know its gone on for years boosting attendances apart from when it's a shared get then it miraculously falls To boost our attendance for next year give out free tickets to the army garrison in catterick and let them come and support the armies team! 2k a game should do it
  9. A moving documentary on the life and times of rugby league commentator and TV entertainer Eddie Waring, will be shown on BBC Four this September. One hundred years on from his birthday, Eddie Waring
  10. on friday before leeds match c#s announcing the building of a 13,300 capacity stadium with planning permission submited in October. Construction of the new stadium is due to commence in Spring of next year with the base for the pitch to be in place by May 2011. This is in order for the pitch to be ready for the start of the 2012 Super League season." last week in pont and c#s this week along with wakey in league weekly there on on sky. Weather any of these schemes goes ahead is irrelevant its all good PR and looks good on franchise application. The question is when are we going to show the rfl our plans for the future because at the moment the silence is deafening!
  11. true but barrow play rams away on sunday 15th vikings at home on wednesday 18th then FEV away on sunday 22nd so not much leeway besides apart from FEV v Barrow your fixture, two teams in play off positions, is the plum draw.
  12. Thats correct things have been changed! When this franchise system came in we were all told clubs had to tick numerous boxes to be considered for super duper league. Proper grounds and such like but two important ones were teams have to reach a grand final or win NR cup before they can apply. All this fell under