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  1. two up o brien and sims no beswick for his headbutt both no charge o brien panel says Player makes contact on opponent with open hand around neck area whilst legitimately attempting to make tackle. Reacts to opponent’s change of direction. and sims Player comes into contact at the front of opponent and swings round the momentum of the tackle. Opponents head low as attempts to fend off tackle from other defender. Player’s comes over the top and arm goes over the back of opponent but does not have a grip on opponent. Other tackler brings opponent to ground. Contact accidental as player falls down with tackle.
  2. a knock on isn't a foul and yes refs have to make calls on what they see knock ons ostructions offsides etc but this rule is written in law you cant have a call you have to abide by the rules
  3. with all due respect kman it doesn't matter what bussey did or didn't do later on in the match rules are rules foul someone in the act of scoring straight red end of story
  4. didn't need to dive had clear run to line but lino said he stood on line when he caught ball so no try 2nd a tororonto player touched ball and sent it over his shoulder if no touch THEN it was a walk in
  5. t true but if there' s no one there you don't try to run around the defender you run towards him this will always make him stop running he stops to set himself up to tackle when he does then you run round him
  6. I refer to my previous post when you make a break first thing you do is look both ways to see who is supporting you
  7. don't know if they showed it on tele but when chisolm made the break and o brian got binned a fev player was taken out off the ball so he couldn't back up
  8. what cost us yesterday was a mixture of lack of composure game management and incompetent ref first the ref three time in the last ten minutes toronto knocked on in their ten the ref waved play on gave them head and feed at a scrum and a penalty for FEV being offside even though we had the ball at the time for the game when we went in front they had gone so when we were near their line why did we try silly kicks passes and offloads why didn't we just turn it over and said there you go 90 meters to the line remember when coops went close and passed to toronto and they went 70 down the pitch before that every time they had the ball they were kicking it from inside their twenty got to understand scoring more tries isn't the only way to win a match
  9. it was knocked forward by toronto player so we should have got scrum instead of them when we made breaks in this game and the last all players got tackled problem all running way they were facing when you make a break first thing you do is look both ways to see who is supporting you then run to their side until they learn this then it will always be the same outcome
  10. nice to see somebody kicking into space instead of down the throats of defenders
  11. must be fit because he's named in squad changes from friday broadbent on wing hardcastle in centre walters starting second row with day davies on bench instaed of boas
  12. a lot of visitors stand in that corner at the start of the game but go and sit in stand behind sticks when their team is attacking railway end surprised you didn't funny thing I stood with half a dozen knights back of sticks second half but they just wanted to be near beer hut
  13. FEV played two centres on the wing as well
  14. POR

    cup draw

    If anybody interested Salford v Hull KR Dewsbury v Halifax Warrington v Wigan Bradford v Leeds Hull v Castleford Catalans v Doncaster Huddersfield v St Helens Wakefield v Widnes
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