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  1. Bossed it completely, once we'd pulled it back to 6-all. Some sterling defence on show. Oldham scored at the death to give it the appearance of a contest. A really solid showing. Oldham clearly with some work to do - a bit short on ideas we thought, and no real 'threat' player.
  2. We were scheduled to play it at Spotland, but the football club got a home draw in the FA Cup, which scuppered that. My understanding is that Warrington were committed to the Saturday, so an alternative was sought. I like the idea of a bit of an 'on the road' game, with a new ground to tick off.
  3. Black Kappa t-shirt off the market £3.99
  4. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein
  5. Fans/clubs have to go with the model they're comfortable with. We didn't have loads of people beating the door down to take us over, so it was that or die. I'd like to think we have enough to have a decent shot at staying up regardless of where Bradford started. Your Friendly with Huddersfield still on the cards for weekend? How are you getting a team out? (Assuming you know, Adey).
  6. This just landed in my inbox: http://www.runningrugby.com/accounts-funding-and-financial-services/chalmers-and-lowe-revealed-as-owners-of-new-bradford-club/ Supplements what's already out there.
  7. I'd say yes - but I am biased...
  8. Full-timers on their own patch? Means nowt - ask Toulouse
  9. Henry Paul is pretty jaw-dropping. Jaw-droppingly bad.
  10. Bringing him from Bingley is cheaper than flying some poor bloke and his family round the world...
  11. Seems they've fired Rohan Smith - and are about to replace him with Henry Paul!! Not too worried about that - the bloke's not been involved in League for 10 years - last seen coaching Russia at *nion and football director at Bradford & Bingley RU.
  12. Rohan Smith out. Henry Paul in? Not sure he's seen a play-the-ball for ten years...
  13. The best tackle by a Hornets player since Paul Okesene hit Dave Tanner in the Lancashire Cup Final against St Helens in 1991? Discuss.
  14. From Trevor Delaney's book "The Fall and Rise of Bradford Northern": “The collapse of Bradford Northern RLFC in December 1963 sent shock waves throughout rugby league in Great Britain. Northern were the first team to appear in three successive Wembley Cup finals, from 1947 to 1949, and were top of the league at the start of the 1954-55 season. However, by December 1963, this once proud club had sunk to the bottom of the league table and withdrew from the competition in mid-season. It was the first time since the 1920s that a team had pulled out of the league without completing their fixtures. Their membership of the Rugby Football League was terminated and that season's record was expunged. No club in the game's history had fallen from the heights quite like the old Northern…” #BasketCase
  15. As last club standing, fan-owned and run at a small surplus the RFL can put us straight into SL then.