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  1. Chris_T

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    Really enjoyed that game, if we get entertained like that every week I'll be happy, regardless of where we finish, but I feel we could be in for a good un
  2. Chris_T

    Matchday Magazine

    Yep I agree, I don't usually buy a program but this is a good read and releasing it the day before a game helps to build the anticipation for the following day, the club have made massive strides with their online presence over that last few months, all really positive stuff
  3. Chris_T

    York’s cup match thread

    I have to agree York played some nice open footy and their forwards were very mobile, they will be in the mix 5-8 this time along with us, my point being we still won against a good side, whilst our attack didn't click, that bodes well for the season, at 18nill down we looked out of it but dug in and got the win. The lads did well and I think we have reason to be positive for the year ahead,
  4. Chris_T

    York’s cup match thread

    Bodes well for the season then if we can beat teams who are far better than us. Hope the club have the open top bus company and town hall on speed dial as there may be a cup coming to town. 2016 was one of the most boring seasons I've watched rugbywise, we just ground teams down but I thoroughly enjoyed the 8's at headingley. I'm confident for the season ahead and I'm stumped if I can find something to be negative about after 3 games.
  5. Chris_T

    RL's longest hoodoos

    We won again in 1901, so make that 117 years, it's practically yesterday😯
  6. Chris_T

    RFL initiative

    From what I've heard there's a lot of money riding on your website and social media output, Batley have upped theirs massively this last few weeks but im told the money is paid on overall numbers and not improvement. Ie if widnes have 10000 followers on Twitter and Dews have 1000 widnes get the most funding, the next season Dews grow up to 2000 followers and widnes drop to 8000, widnes still get the most funding, not sure if it's just rumours but surely funding should be on %increase to reward those trying to make a difference and not just sitting on their laurels.
  7. Chris_T

    Boxing Day

    Your all complaining online so must have internet access, you can order advance tickets for £18/£13 that's £1 more than it cost to sit at the Rams last season. For that you get to relieve the cabin fever with 2hrs of fresh air, support your new players vocally and your club financially, have access to some competativley priced home cooked food and beer. If you Rams fans turn your jeans up and flash your lovely new Mr Grumpy socks I'll be able to identify you and I'll buy you a pint. Our best bet is to reduce prices for our 5th game of the season when everyone is fed up, no point doing it now when fans will turn up out of tradition or we both lose out.
  8. Chris_T

    2019 bulldog shirt

    Nice, like them both, the away one especially is something we haven't seen before, let's hope we get plenty of wins in them.
  9. Chris_T

    2019 bulldog shirt

    I'd go for a shirt based on the global hypercolour tshirts of the early 90s that changed colour as you sweated. The coach's could easily see how hard the players were working by the colour of their shirt, and what a sight it would be to see 9'oler in the height to summer with his green away strip turning pink under his moobs and at the crack of his arris.
  10. Chris_T

    Test Match Party

    Well done to the club it was a good afternoon, and well done to my little mate lily for getting us all £1 drinks for the second half, people have had turnstiles named after them at the mount for less, Batley legend!!!
  11. Chris_T

    New Structure

    keV N suggested at his pre-match speech last week that the West Yorkshire clubs (us, Rams, Bradford, York,fev,Halifax,Keighley n hunslet )are intending to form an alliance with regards marketing, he said all the chairmen get along pretty well and they are hoping to work together to promote the championship for the West Yorkshire clubs.
  12. Chris_T


    I guess that's how MD has wanted them to play all year, for one reason or another it hasn't happened. If we played like that week in week out then it would be a joy to watch the dogs. Fingers crossed it continues in the next two games then we can feel some positivity going into the off season. The players who stood out for me today are the ones contracted for next season which bodes well.
  13. Chris_T

    Yaha turns his back on RL The pioneers of Rugby league expansion the Heavy Woollen Donkeys managed it😁 We were a group of blue sky thinkers though, just get Mr Rimmer to give us a call for more marketing ideas. Note the quality of our press releases.
  14. Chris_T

    New league structure revealed

    You clearly have tunnel vision in relation to this thread as I have given my opinion as to what value I feel Championship teams bring to the game and you have ignored it and gone back to teams going bust etc. I truly hope that SL moves so far away from Batleys level that we couldn't get to them via Jodrell Bank, but it wont happen with a few quid extra if you don't address the bigger picture, and It is not the Champs holding you back, its the clubs already in Superleage. The powers that be need to show some guts and force Toronto, Toulouse, London, Newcaste and Coventry into superleage and get rid of the bottom 5 asap, give these new clubs double the funding of the rest of SL for 10years minimum (taking it from the top 5 who clearly shouldn't need it as they are head n shoulders above the rest) . That's what SL needs, taking money from the Champs will change nothing longterm if we don't change the teams playing in SL, all that will happen is the cash will go into the same pockets, the quality of entertainment will not increase, and at best Smedleys may come in and battle it out with Batchelors to be the official mushy pea of SL. Without radical changes we will go round in circles yet again. Blaming the Championships for the lack of progress in the game is like the Chairman of Kodak blaming the cleaners for the company taking its eye off the ball as to where the industry was going (the cleaner did deserve to be paid by the way, even though he didn't make the cameras, that in turn brought in the cash)
  15. Chris_T

    New league structure revealed

    The Superleagues proposal is that the lower leagues and the RFL get 1m per year less in funding after 2021 if the Sky Deal stays the same or increases, if the sky deal is less, then the championship takes the hit for the whole amount and SL keep the same (what's yours is mine what's mines my own springs to mind). I don't think anyone in the Championships, fans or Officials can argue with SL getting the lions share, but lets be honest, there are only 5 clubs in SL (Wigan, St Helens, Leeds, Warrington and Hull) whom can be classed as truly super league clubs based on income and infrastructure , regardless of a decent season here or there for the rest, Skys subscribers and advertisers are not in it for a Wakey V Salford televised Thursday night match. Batley will finish 7th this year, and will get between 150 and 200k? im guessing at that as I don't know the exact figure. If SL is in a position where it has to claw back such a figure then SL has VERY BIG PROBLEMS. You repeatedly talk of Shut or bust teams in the Champs but fail to mention those whom are run far better than a number of SL clubs on a shoestring, you also state that these clubs do not contribute to the income of the game. In the Time that Wakey and Cas have been in SL (I'm not having a dig at theses clubs in particular) Batley have built 2 new stands and terraced the remainder of the ground, built 3 bars, directors boxes and gyms and a wrestle room, we became the first club to have classroom facilities at the ground to cater for kids whom struggled in a conventional school setting, our community team engage with 1000's of school children every year, provide cheap childcare at their school holiday camps, We found and developed Alex Walmsley, Supported Keegan Hirst when he was the first RL player to come out. Gave second chances to Josh Griffin and Greg Johnson when they had been discarded by the game. We have SL teams borrowing the training facilities of Fev and Dewsbury as they have not invested in their own. This doesn't directly bring money to the Sky bid but does add value to RL as a whole, however there are 1000's of Championship fans whom subscribe to Sky, who go to the challenge cup final, and the SL Grand final, whom attend Internationals, this does add to the Sky bid. We all know that there are a number of SL teams whom if they get another 200k a season it will go straight into the back pocket of a Tod Carney, Luke Walsh or a Willie Mason, and will not help the UK game grow. Again I'll say, if SL are so desperate for an extra 12.5% of not a lot, then they should sort their own house out and stop blaming Championship clubs for holding them back, Our Chairman has suggested a compromise maybe SL could counter that with their own compromise and we could meet in the middle because alienating albeit a few 1000 championship fans whom support the game from grassroots up to international could have a bigger impact on SL than the SL clubs realise.