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  1. 2014 fixtures

    Delegates meeting 20th Jan I would guess
  2. Summer/Winter debate

    And there am I thinking it is only NCL clubs that have to fill there 1st team with 2nd team players because of the switch to summer. Seems that is not the case anymore looks like the same is happening in winter. ie different team every week your words not mine. Oh you must stop contradicting yourself Mr Marauder.
  3. Summer/Winter debate

    No crisis at the Milford club One game missed does not make a crisis our Reserves missed more games when we played in the winter season by the way the game we missed was last weekend and if we was still playing in the winter league it would have been our 1st game of the season we would still have had to call it off due to players been on a holiday.
  4. Summer/Winter debate

    Just a simple question where do you get your players from.
  5. Yes I think it possibly is If the NCL is going to remain summer which I think it will, some bank holidays will have to be left free this is the only way forward. which other sport other then Rugby League would you have a main event like the magic weekend been played and other games been played at the same time Rugby league is great at kicking itself in the foot and it only devalues the game when things like this happen.
  6. Think if I was a Hull FC fan I would feel Robbed

    today once again Mr Ganson favoured his hometown club, this is not the first time this has happened. Please note I am not a Hull FC supporter.