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  1. The current PUSA is not permanent, how do you know who the next one is going to be? He could be like an Obama who isn't useless, it could be brilliant. Remainers are, in the main, very shouty. They certainly don't mind accusing you of being a cross between Hitler and Genghis Khan if you don't believe in the EU.
  2. This is the bit that gets me too. I could well understand it if the money was a daft amount, or even a modest amount and they were in a hole and needed a short term solution. But to commit to 2017 as well seems absolutely crazy.
  3. If someone is never released, I'm ok with that.
  4. You see you're doing it yourself, there is absolutely no evidence that Brexit is a disaster, just a lot of shouty people who keep saying so. I could surround myself with people who believe the world is flat (they actually exist) but it doesn't make it so. And you've missed the point, if you and the others want to agree with each other all day and ridicule the odd dissenting opinion then that's fine. But debate it ain't.
  5. Thanks for that. But I suspect they very rarely are.
  6. I don't think they can actually say that someone will never be released.
  7. We know he won't be locked up for the rest of his life though. Somebody will be along in 8-10 years to argue that he really regrets it and is now a changed character, besides it's a bit mean to lock someone up forever. He can then join the long line of reoffenders who are released to kill again if he wants.
  8. Do our best to understand him and let him out early. Don't judge as it makes you as bad as them.
  9. There's probably a lot more to it than that but that's what broke the camels back so to speak. If I can dig it out, there's a really good interview with HC talking to Garry Bushell about the band. Well worth a listen. Hopefully that's it.
  10. I've only ever heard Walk on Gilded Splinters by her. Always found it very spooky.
  11. Not just a brawler but a martial arts expert too. To put it in a nutshell, the reason Hugh Cornwell left them was because JJ duffed him up.
  12. Gotta say guys, this thread is pretty pointless. It's just a load of people agreeing with each other and telling one another the sky is falling. There's no debate, just a load of articles for comparison. Not good.
  13. There's no way the RFL will allow Bradford to be relegated from SL. Oh hang on... There's no way the RFL will allow Bradford to be relegated from The Championship. Etc etc
  14. Maybe 'anybody good' didn't want to come to a team cobbled together one week before the season started, on -12 points?
  15. It hardly beggars belief, have you seen the squad?