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  1. Johnoco

    It's Ralph

    As terrible as a decision as I think it is, they aren't going to sack him just yet, so I'll let him prove that he was better than all the others. And that's being very very generous.
  2. Johnoco

    Tommy Robinson

    I'm not looking at it from a right wing perspective at all, I'm looking at it from a 'fed up of unthinking lumping everyone together' perspective. The world has too many attention seekers like Owen Jones or Katie Hopkins and I hate these cnuts.
  3. Johnoco

    Elon Musk

    I saw this thread and thought it was about some new aftershave or deodorant.
  4. Johnoco

    Tommy Robinson

    Perhaps this tweet didn't mean it like that (although I doubt it personally) but in general today, that's the implication from lots of 'the left'.
  5. Johnoco

    Tommy Robinson

    It's rare nowadays to not see them bundled together as if merely supporting Israel implies far right politics.
  6. Johnoco

    Tommy Robinson

    You sure you aren't mixing it up with 'Glad to be gay'? Tom Robinson used to say 'you can tell who's straight at our gigs, they're singing along with GTBG'
  7. Johnoco

    Tommy Robinson

    I'd totally agree. It's as if by being in favour of Israel being allowed to exist, you're somehow far right. Effed up thinking, not uncommon amongst Twitter idiots.
  8. Johnoco

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Great tournament spoiled by the eventual winners. There's a few Francophiles on here but I ain't one of them.
  9. Johnoco

    Tommy Robinson

    ? Shome mishtake? Dolphin Taylor was a good drummer and joined SLF for their last few years (first time anyway).
  10. Johnoco

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Possibly sour grapes on my behalf but I've absolutely no interest in who wins now. Its on in the works canteen but I won't be watching. I've really enjoyed the WC but can't be glad for someone else.
  11. Yeah so they could keep their campaign going. Unlike Remain who are still banging on about it over 2 years later.
  12. So why did a Tory party, led by Remainer Cameron, call the referendum? Because he thought he'd win. More people voted to leave the EU than for the tory party, its not a one party issue. As for the 'advisory' comments, PMSL guys, who was it posted the pic of clutching at straws?
  13. Johnoco

    How do we build support?

    Are some teams more successful than others?