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  1. I've seen Sinfield do that in the past (and A N Other who I forget)
  2. World Cup Boycott?

    I know Gary, I know. But the one thing they need to do, however ridiculous it might sound, is believe that to be true. Show them absolutely zero respect or hero worship. OK, so it won't happen....
  3. World Cup Boycott?

    Will be even sweeter when England win. 👍👍
  4. I bleeding hope there isn't tbh.
  5. Yes, it is a bit of a long shot.
  6. Let's imagine I have some spare cash burning a hole in my pocket. I might fancy a season ticket....but what exactly would I be buying a ticket for? I don't know WTF is happening next year for sure. It's crazy.
  7. That's subjective tho, depending on your views on Murdoch. But whichever way you look at it, the original SL deal was pretty incredible for RL as it was. It definitely wasn't the worst thing to happen to RL. Turning down the deal and pretending there was a queue of suitors waving cheque books might have been though.
  8. Coronation street

    Norris and Mary turning out quite well, not quite Stan & Hilda but not bad at all. Think there's room for a proper old battleaxe too.
  9. Adam Hills - any ideas?

    I think Ann Widdicombe would be an improvement.
  10. Adam Hills - any ideas?

    Blimey, how much disability do they need? Good stuff though.
  11. Except that Halifax and Oldham were SL clubs. It's hardly Murdoch's fault if they didn't do the business.
  12. I don't want any more false dawns. If it means 5 years at the bottom until things turn round, so be it. Any more BS and I'm done.
  13. Coronation street

    To be fair, there was more than one woman involved. And he shagged someone else, bad but she tried (succeeded?) to ruin a factory that employs many people.
  14. It's not real emotion though, it's only a game. It's vaguely annoying but hardly worth getting too wound up about. I won't support Leeds no, although it's not unknown for people to switch clubs. I'll probably just drift away from the game truth be told.
  15. Not sure I totally agree with you (although you're mostly right) The reason I've lost interest in going to the Bulls is not because they're doing badly but because I feel I've been taken for a mug. And until I think otherwise, no amount of emotion will make me part with money to support them again.