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  1. The Bulls deal was just an old pals act, not some sort of financial savvyness from the RFL.
  2. 'LA LA LA, ...not listening, nothing wrong here' says RFL defender. Just another side of the coin of course.
  3. Personally I don't think it's the way to go. But I do think it was a cosmetic exercise pretending that other people were in the running. And let's assume these other bids were ALL fantasy stuff...does it really take much to ring someone and say 'sorry but you're unsuccessful'?
  4. Another bidder not happy. Lot of sour grapes around, or maybe it was all decided beforehand?
  5. I love Bose stuff, got a lot of them. But in cahoots with Apple its a poor choice.
  6. All of them more like.
  7. I love Europe. Hate the EU though.
  8. That's quite a weird mentality going on there. Somebody is fed up of Scotland being ruled from London and wants independence. But what they really want actually, is to be ruled from Brussels? Inconsistent to say the least.
  9. There is an adaptor actually, 32 to 12 I think., so I'll probably end up getting that but its very annoying.
  10. Apple and Bose. I love Bose....but have just got a new docking station. Nice one I thought, except the ancient Ipod I have (64G 'classic', all of 3 years old!) won't fit in the docking station as they are only designed for Iphone6 and up. What a scam, it was a present so don't want to seem ungrateful but it's going to have to go back.
  11. Why don't *they* accept they were in the minority and deal with it? Or are they only willing to buy into something they want? Either way this topic bores me to tears so that's probably it for me.
  12. Well, you're just proper mean. I'm going to tell my mum now.
  13. The 48% were on the losing side, since when have we done stuff on the basis that X amount of people voted a certain way? The simple fact is that the majority of people voted to leave and the clever clever people don't like it. And so are busy hitting themselves with twigs saying 'we deserve anything the EU can dream up' whilst being furious at the lowlife thickos. Ha ha, screw them. I'd be happy to die in poverty and in constant pain caused by not being in the EU, as long as it upset those pricks.
  14. Then you should check out some of the condescending drivel from various cry baby Remainders. Wahhhh
  15. Who cares anyway? Some people will trade with others, some won't. Some will get rich, some won't. Load of carp all of it. Don't like the tone of 'stop this madness it's undemocratic' though. We had a vote, that's democracy Dennis.