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  1. Given the money given/money claimed back ratio, how does that even make sense?
  2. Got two books on the go at the moment. Tony Visconti’s Autobiography and a book called ‘Riot of our own’ which is by a Clash roadie called Johnny Gray. Neither is new but both good reads. Visconti’s is *really* informative.
  3. You are talking about xenophobes. They exist in every country in the world. And many people didn't 'not like it' so much as they felt it was getting out of control.
  4. Yeah all those things will happen - after March. Prepare to meet thy doom. And I am the Walrus probably ended the Cold War if you're honest.
  5. Wouldn't a racist actually prefer the EU? After all, there's not many of them coloureds from Europe is there? Not like all these places of the British Empire. There are far right organisations that see each other as brothers in Europe. Clearly this is also the aim of every Remain voter too.
  6. Why is it? I don't care if I end up worse off - I wanted to leave the EU.
  7. The point is people who want something will find a way, even under extreme circumstances. In modern day Europe, there should be, at least in theory, no such threat. And so they'll buy whatever is best/coolest/whatever.
  8. Nope, don't care about finance, I want out for other reasons. What relevance then?
  9. Oh look, a politician not delivering on their promises. This never happened before Brexit.
  10. I think you'll find they will, it's the nature of human beings. It's why some people got hold of Beatles records in 60's Russia. When people want to buy things, they will buy them.
  11. Why do I even need to know what the single market means in order to want to leave the EU? Because it's financially beneficial? Is that what I should base my opinion on, whether I make more money or whether I feel something is right? But for the record, what I said still stands. If people want to buy something, they will find a way to sell it, however many barriers are put in place. A single market makes things easy in some ways but it's not like we didn't trade before it.
  12. You absolutely don't know that it is causing harm to future generations whatsoever. It's just an opinion that is repeated and bandied about as fact. Nobody knows what will happen but we will stand or fall on our own merits.
  13. I think in a capitalist society these things will sort themselves out. If we make things people want (be that art, music or consumer products), they'll buy them. If we don't, they won't.
  14. You are adding things in hindsight that simply weren't there in the original vote. We didn't have to reason why we wanted to leave and give a PowerPoint presentation at the polling booth, we just voted in or out. If the politicians who actually put up the vote, don't know what to do, then they better start learning fast. That's allegedly their job.
  15. The point is that people very much did live through those times. Just because most of them have passed on now doesn't invalidate that. I think Bearman was making the point that whatever happens the British people will just get on with things. Like the current moment, despite all the bluster, most people are too busy with work and everyday life to really give a monkeys if May did this or that