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  1. Yes absolutely right, crowds chanting serious bad language or intimidating people was rightly addressed and I aren't advocating doing nothing about serious issues. But a bit of argy bargy between players (within reason) isn't that serious I think. (Although calling people C's probably is come to think of it)
  2. Ah right, I remember that now.
  3. No, you're right, it's not something we should be encouraging and we don't want players saying stuff like that all the time. But I'm only talking about it because I read it on here....a strong word from the ref and appropriate punishment for serial offenders should be sufficient. Unless it's racial or something, I don't feel its worth highlighting it above what it should be (a brief kerfuffle in a game)
  4. He was my MP until the last election, what's the story there?
  5. Ideally nobody would call anyone a Fat do and so. Or ginger so and so. Or...whatever. But they will and we should put it in perspective, otherwise we won't have a game. You say tackling is a requirement, and it is, but what if in 10 years someone who has been injured argues to remove it....and won the argument? After all, it is dangerous. What's left then?
  6. I think you're going a bit OTT here Dave. Calling people names happens all the time and always has - especially in a high octane affair like RL. 99% of it is meaningless and is instantly forgotten. Highlighting it so much probably makes it worse, like when people find out someone doesn't like being called (insert nickname) and people do it all the more. As for bullying, yes, in certain aspects, sometimes you do need to toughen up - otherwise you're in for a pretty difficult life. Isn't tackling someone physical assault come to think of it? Surely we don't want to be a sport that legitimises assault? Let's remove it. Ditto terrace singing, I've heard 'you fat b____', let's outlaw that too under hate crime laws. I know you're saying this because you don't want to see RL as a game for thugs or bullies but nor does anyone. But getting too precious about stuff that can be solved by a quick apology and handshake, isn't the way to go IMO.
  7. A bit late to this topic but anyway... As very few of us here play RL for a living, I don't think it's a valid comparison using your workplace as an example. Were your work colleagues to grab you and rag you to the floor, then tempers might flare just slightly more than they do. That said, I'm used to working in environments where actual fist fights have broken out and Fat C is a more polite sort of term. So while I do think there should be limits, which there are anyway (race, sexuality etc) I don't think we should go too far down the path of wiping out ever bit of verbals that occur. That's not because 'it's a mans game' but because if someone calling you fat or whatever upsets you that much, you do need to toughen up a bit.
  8. In the early 2000's loads of print contracts went to Poland as they were working for the equivalent of something like £15k for the same job we were getting paid £35k for. A lot of the work ended up coming back to the UK as the transport costs began to outweigh the benefit of lower wage costs. I imagine a similar scenario may be at play here and in reality will be nothing to do with Brexit. I have to work crappy hours due to the nature of what's being produced and today it really is a case of 'don't like it? There's the door'. I'll guarantee this: if they laid off everyone at Nestle tomorrow, and reduced the wages by £5k , there would still be a queue of people applying for a job.
  9. It is though even if they are doing it for their own benefit. Factories are largely becoming 24/7 operations these days due to production demands or lean management... Whatever, and you can't run them Mon-Fri 9-5....I should know, I've done it long enough.
  10. Its inevitable in this day and age though. We all want 24/7 everything but never appreciate someone has to work to make that happen.
  11. I get what you mean but its not even necessarily big companies who can waste time when it comes to paying up. There's numerous things they can (and do) do to delay payment.
  12. Then everybody's happy. Quite fitting that Trojan likes this as he too is fond of accusing people of celebrating far right things, like Jo Cox's murder. You can go on ignore with him.
  13. You don't necessarily need more people though. As I've possibly mentioned my Mrs works in this area and could get a boatload more money collected if companies were not allowed to ###### about and play games.
  14. That's much easier said than done, the amount of evading businesses can (legally) do is ridiculous. They usually have to pay in the end but it's often a long process.
  15. Look, I don't know or care who you are so your opinion means absolutely nothing to me, although you appear to hold yourself in high regard as some sort of fount of knowledge. I don't rant about anything, I offer my take on stuff based on my actual experiences in life and nothing else. Maybe you could come back when you're old enough to actually vote? All the best son. XXX