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  1. I've only ever heard Walk on Gilded Splinters by her. Always found it very spooky.
  2. Not just a brawler but a martial arts expert too. To put it in a nutshell, the reason Hugh Cornwell left them was because JJ duffed him up.
  3. Gotta say guys, this thread is pretty pointless. It's just a load of people agreeing with each other and telling one another the sky is falling. There's no debate, just a load of articles for comparison. Not good.
  4. There's no way the RFL will allow Bradford to be relegated from SL. Oh hang on... There's no way the RFL will allow Bradford to be relegated from The Championship. Etc etc
  5. Maybe 'anybody good' didn't want to come to a team cobbled together one week before the season started, on -12 points?
  6. It hardly beggars belief, have you seen the squad?
  7. Totally agree. The decision to keep them up was wrong anyway and this would be just bent. I'd be out.
  8. Not that I ever knew much about them, but can never see them in the same light after watching that spoof of them on Morgana Robinson.
  9. I personally like the BBC and use a lot of it's content (as well as Netflix etc) and wouldn't want to see it disappear. But the scenario you paint is a very real one, I aren't sure what they're going to do in say, another 20 years though.
  10. Indeed, amongst many superb efforts by him. One guy you certainly wouldn't with, hard as they come. Went to Bradford Uni too.
  11. I'd agree with this, very few people are actually up to playing full on RL, certainly not at good amateur level. There must be loads of people who would have a run out but are put off by just how hard it is. I know some social RL exists but it's not that widely pushed. I'm not the first to point this out but this is where RU does really well as the Old Bellendians can put out teams of old fat guys just having fun. RL needs to find something to accommodate more useless players at a social level. It might not produce a glut of SL players but could widen it's footprint leading to more interest....even tag can be too fast for some.
  12. In all honesty, I think the BBC are probably slightly more left wing than right. But they do get criticised from all sides so must be doing something right.
  13. I'm sure they coped in the past and will again. If people want to buy something, someone will sell it.
  14. I'm not a fan of Chris Evans but he at least has talent and has made a good living from his talents. His mum wasn't connected well or anything. I don't have a problem with anyone earning good money, even at the BBC, if they are good at what they do. Like the Royal family, it's the hangers on and also rans earning big bucks for doing not that much that grates with me.