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  1. Of course people can get into sports after seeing them once, it happens all the time. It pretty much happened to me. Just as, conversely, if someone watches one game of a sport and it's a terrible one, they will be put off and unlikely to follow it up.
  2. No, it really won't. Because for every drama queen flapping about stuff on social media, there's a dozen or more people just getting on with life. I find your lack of faith disturbing. Shakespeare? Wasn't he helped by an EU grant? How *did* we do anything before the EU?
  3. I remember at least 10 years ago hearing that they were struggling as I knew a couple of lads who worked for them. But it's nothing new and print has been struggling big time since the early 2000's - in fact it's why I got out.
  4. Who are 'the brexiters'? Me? I should have been able to sort it out? Or do you mean the politicians? The PM at the time of the referendum and our current PM were staunch bothered do you think they'd be if it was so badly done that it led to it being abandoned? Not much I'm sure. People talk about the madness of leaving the EU as if it were as inevitable as the weather and been set in stone for time immemorial. We've been in the EU for not even 50 years, hardly millennia. We can function perfectly well outside the EU, and a bunch of hysterical idiots on Twitter saying 'eff you' won't change that. I haven't changed my views one iota since referendum day. Well i sort of have, in that i think it's more important than ever to get away from the EU, whatever the financial cost or if I have to jump through extra hoops to go to Spain.
  5. I get this feeling too. If I was a conspiracy nut, I'd call it sinister.
  6. It would help to have people who maybe want to leave the EU. Or aren't under orders to 'accidentally' make a pigs ear of it.
  7. I've no faith in any politician, so the fact they procastinate is no surprise - Men From The Ministry was a documentary. If the price was right they'd do anything. And I mean all of them.
  8. May and Co being in charge of Brexit is like handing the negotiations for the next RL Sky deal to the RFU. Who then turn round and say 'oh dear, we couldn't get you a very good deal, maybe you would be better off back in with us?'
  9. I've no idea what will happen any more than you do, nor can you reasonably expect me to know what 17m people expected. But the vote happened, we had a result, we should follow that through. Otherwise let's stop pretending that voting matters. It's a strange argument that voters should have an encyclopedia style knowledge of financial and legal affairs when voting against the EU (otherwise they're thick xenophobes) and can't just find the EU isn't for them.
  10. It's really nothing like that at all. What happened was that there was a vote to see if people wanted to Leave or Remain. Leave had more voters and won. Stay or Go. Leave or Remain...the choice was literally black and white. Not that you'd know it to listen to people banging on about a 'peoples vote'. Presumably they mean people who agree with them.
  11. I'm not confused between the two as I aren't even sure what they mean. All I'm saying is that there wasn't this time when everything was cushty thanks to being in the EU. So to present leaving as being the crazy option doesn't ring true to me. All that will happen is they'll blame something else for messing stuff up.
  12. What a cracking song. Sort of Free-y, pretty bluesy. Love T-Rex!!
  13. Maybe they are just like the GB RL team in that all their players are English at this point in time?
  14. Johnoco

    The TV Thread

    They are a bit more 'professional' these days but many Damned gigs were either brilliant or total chaos - and I didn't even see them in their really crazy days.. They are a lot more organised today and should both turn up with all members and not cause mayhem. Possibly.