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  1. My lad just told me there was a big anti Trump protest when I rang him but I don't know anything else. It seems to be saying they don't like the choice of the US people. I don't like the choice of a lot of countries but there ain't a lot I can do about it. And probably rightly so. BTW, have they introduced a new system of electing the president this year?
  2. Good man, just don't drive at the same time.
  3. Replace it with any equivalent item under any financial circumstances and people will still want it. Inflation and stagnant wage rises have been going on long before brexit. I didn't get a pay rise for several years in the early/late 00's, inflation has been minimal since the banks crash. But we were in the EU then so bad financial things/job losses/sterling fluctuations didn't happen.
  4. Why are there protests in London etc against a democratically elected leader? Not even the leader of this country. What are they protesting about exactly? They don't like how people voted?
  5. Imagine the IPhone doesn't exist and I invent it next week. Would people not buy it because we weren't in the EU? Or ultimately would they not give a toss? That's the bottom line, make good products people will want them -wherever they are. There seems to have been some sort of hypnosis thing happened which makes people think we can't function without being in a big corrupt euro state. We can and will - just watch.
  6. Bit of selective memory going on here, Reagan (or Raygun as he was often called) was thought of as a dangerous cowboy who was going to lead us into all out nuclear war.
  7. Head in the sand time then? Everything is OK because they can cook the books like others?
  8. If the governing body receives a record amount of money, then its up to them to ensure that money is used well. The initial SL deal showed that clubs can't be trusted to act responsibly so as the governing body, they should have ensured clubs didn't get the chance to throw it away. Yes, its ultimately the club who is responsible but think of it like this...if you had 3 children and two were very good and responsible but the other was a bit of a waster and a druggy. You hold a large amount of cash in trust for you just give it to them 3 ways? Or do you ensure the waster one doesn't get a big wedge, pee it up the wall and end up destitute? Yes its their fault but you'd know you had a job to do to see them right. Alternatively, you could say 'not my problem he/she is an adult' and leave them to it.
  9. Sell outs? Weren't so many games targeted as sell outs the other year...but weren't? 4N, why take it to Coventry, on a difficult time and not promote the #### out of it?? Clubs in financial strife, yet a record TV deal?? Crowds aren't improving. I'm also well aware of KPIs and how easily they can be manipulated.
  10. I can't think of any contributor to this forum that doesn't at least go to games, so whom are you referring to? All people on here want RL to do better. As for at games??? I've heard more moaning and groaning at games than anywhere else. Even internationals. As for the leadership, I think they're pretty poor but have the air of people who know they're safe. And if the alternative is 'can you do better?' then its a weak defence. The problem is that if claims are made and not achieved, yet there's no apparent reason or explanation for the failure then people rapidly lose faith. If for instance, the CEO of Daves Cars proclaimed 'Daves Cars will sell a million cars this year' people might be impressed and think it's a big hitter, maybe buy one. If it transpires they sell 400k (which might be in line with expectations in reality) then people think 'pfft rubbish, thought they were gonna sell 1M'....and their brand is damaged. That CEO can't then turn round and say 'can you do better'? They will be seen as a failure and possibly given the boot.
  11. No straw men or anything so deep. Just a case of whatever the intelligentsia don't like (ie brexit) gets put down to ignorant voters, not the possibility of having a different opinion. As for St Obama, he's made America and the world safer because.....??
  12. Putin is exactly?
  13. Why would even 5m non whites vote for a racist? Are they not as clever as you? Low information voters eh? Who'd have'em?
  14. Build it and they will come.
  15. But that's always the implication, if a country or area is predominantly's automatically intolerant or racist. And why is he only talking to intolerant whites? Plenty of non whites (loads in fact) voted for him...perhaps its not as, er, black and white as it looks to you in England?