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  1. Johnoco

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    So 8 days after being given less than 24 hours to live, my mother has finally decided to call it a day. 87, not a bad innings for someone with such a hard life. I had many ding dongs with her, usually about religion (she *was* Mrs Doyle) but it was all fine in the end. I'm oddly slightly relieved as it was very very hard to take and not unlike mental torture. Thanks to all TRL people for the distraction over the last week or so.
  2. Johnoco

    The Culture Wars

    Well you seem to be doing that by dismissing WR's statement that he got anywhere in life through hard work. From your reply, you'd think he was a member of the Royal Family or something. I'm not sure what we can do to prevent being born the way we are. It's not a privilege to be born where i was, let me assure you (at least not financially) and I can't accept any inferrence it's a privilege. In fact, it's BS
  3. Johnoco

    The Culture Wars

    Because it's a case of inventing something like, say, Twitter, will earn you a fortune VS digging a hole in the ground.* *Unless you're Bernard Cribbins perhaps
  4. Johnoco

    The Culture Wars

    Well, exactly. All that matters is they are white and the rest is obvious. I aren't the one arguing that being white means life is a breeze and hard work is irrelevant btw.
  5. Johnoco

    The Culture Wars

    Maybe you do OK in life, not because you're white but because you're a nice person and have goals that you wanted to achieve? Maybe the allowances come, not because you're white but because you're a good communicator with a friendly manner? Its not nonsense either as WR's claim that he got anywhere in life because of his hard work was dismissed as luck just because he's white.
  6. Johnoco

    Smart phone/technology addiction

    Not sure I can criticise anyone for spending too much time messing with their phone. I'm terrible for it. Although not while walking, crossing road etc etc.
  7. Johnoco

    The Culture Wars

    If it's nothing to do with hard work and all down to being born white, why isn't every single white person in this country absolutely loaded? I can't be doing with the concept of original sin.
  8. I remember quite a few years back, having this knobhead driving about 10cm behind me for quite a while, so I braked sharp purposely and made him stop harshly. I could see him gesturing but just ignored it. When I got home though, he'd actually followed me and pulled up across the road. I went over and just said 'what?' and he drove off....but it was a bit unnerving to think this guy knew where I lived, especially as the kids were young at the time. Nothing happened like, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a bit scary.
  9. If I let anyone out into a road (in car obvs) and they don't acknowledge it. I follow them home and batter them. It's only fair.
  10. Johnoco

    Haribo to invest in Super League?

    Could it be Magic (Weekend)?
  11. Hasn't that hat just been pasted on by the BBC to make him look more commie?
  12. Johnoco

    New league structure revealed

    He's alright is old jbd
  13. Johnoco

    The Culture Wars

    Can't be the same incident. It didn't compare tramps with tramps
  14. Johnoco

    The Culture Wars

    It's a serious point. Don't forget, according to that US academic/###### a while back, a white hobo living under a bridge has more privilege than any black person.
  15. Johnoco

    Haribo to invest in Super League?

    I'm not sure but you can bet that if RU was there they'd manage to attract some of these big brands on board. Old boy network aside, there's a reason that they would.