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  1. The decision should be the England doctor, or if involved with a club an independent doctor, to decide. You don't play games with the International side. If Williams is knackered he must not play for Wigan next week.
  2. Game gone, pulled off by the coach rather than risk him being pulled off due to a Samoan being involved. Hope that if he is being held back by Wane then he isn't allowed to play in Wigan's next game.
  3. Cas are just creating holes and picking their way through them.
  4. Wigan down to 12 again for ten minutes and Cas score
  5. Manchester have young Liam Forsyth as co-commentator, he has had some interesting perspectives, after a nervous start.
  6. Wigan's determination is without question, they are determined to lose and they will do without question.
  7. Somebody kick the $h!t out the idiot who set off the smoke bomb at the Wigan end.
  8. It's a paraphrase of Mel Brookes.
  9. Well go and find him if you've lost him.
  10. Cas spotted he was down and took advantage.
  11. Zurich Parkway Whiteley or Zurich Switzerland?
  12. Happy to help, if you have any more questions on the International Zurich Concussion in Sport Regulations on which our regulations are based then just ask.
  13. He can start light (non-contact) aerobic training after two days rest, walking, static cycling, swimming etc. and return to sport specific training (non-contact) on day 3