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  1. The problem is that coaches want the ball played before the opposition's defence is set. The quick play the ball gives the attacking team the opportunity to make easy yards. A slower play the ball means that coaches will have to think of ways of getting around an organised defence, something coaches don't like because it involves taking risks. Enforcing proper PTBs will slow the game down, player having to get to his feet, having to concentrate on actually playing the ball with the foot. It will only be slowed fractionally, but we play a game of inches not yards. It is that fraction that the attacking team is trying to gain so they can take the easy yards option.
  2. That's what happened, its true, Saintslass told me.
  3. Blackpool's better.
  4. The reason you didn't phrase it correctly is because you didn't know until you just looked it up what it was you were talking about (again).
  5. Before the 6 tackle rule we had 4 tackles, it was useless that's why it was changed to 6.
  6. You are confusing Britain and The British Isles, they are not the same thing.
  7. Nailed it, Wigan players were offered a chance to take on a top NRL side and were served a dogs breakfast, why should they be interested in expending energy in an extra training session. The behaviour of Cameltoes to this game is disgusting, if they didn't want to play it they should have said so instead they decided they wanted the Wigan shilling and fek it up for everybody. Aussies once again treat any sort of international competition with contempt.
  8. Quality of Rugby League

    One thing you see SL players do is run along the defensive line hoping to draw someone out, Aussies don't fall fot it and hold their defensive shape and let them run. Here often someone will take the bait and create the gap. They rely more on passing to players who can exploit what is in front of them, be that a gap, a weak/smaller defender or just an opportunity to hit a named target very hard.
  9. The reason for the action goes back to the origins of the play the ball. The PTB was a scrum between two players with both being allowed to strike for the ball once it hit the floor. Before the PTB all tackles were restarted with a full scrum. When it was decided that the PTB would be uncontested, the law governing it still maintained that the ball had to be hooked from the 2 man 'scrum'. The reasoning being that it is a very controlled restart otherwise you have a union style ruck where the player just releases the ball and its then a free for all. Its a way to create a semblance of order. The continual speeding up of the ruck I think has been detrimental to the game, the Aussies seem to have realised this and hence they are going for a stricter control this year. They have the advantage as they have already cleaned up a lot of the nonsense that goes on here during a PTB. We really do need to get all the messing about at the PTB out of the game here, the main reason for it is because players can get a quick PTB by the foot touching rule not being imposed so the defence wants another way to slow it down.
  10. The Hull game was very good entertainment and the Wigan game could have been if the Aussies didn't decide to play silly buggers. Nevertheless a good experience for the young Wigan players that got the chance of international sporting travel and showed them that the future may hold experiences of other international destinations.
  11. The games this morning were not World Club Series, some of Aussies for reason's best known to themselves decided to call these games that. The Wigan game in particular was totally undermined by the Cameltoes deciding to turn it into a farce and then Wigan decided it would be a good run out for all the young lads since it was going to be a nonsense game.
  12. the right wing in this country are obviously getting twitchy as they try to drag up embarassing non-stories about Corbyn's past and feed them to the press. I expect to see a lot more of this nonsense as the Tories keep digging the hole they are in.
  13. Quality of Rugby League

    Did nobody tell them the rules at the start of the season?
  14. I walked past a shop yesterday and was sent a message advertising that this particular shop had a sale on.