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  1. I'm genuinely not comparing our current situation to the regime in 1984 but this whole subject reminds me very strongly of the bit where the enemy changed and everyone was expected to pretend they were the real enemy all along. Last summer: "No, of course we don't want to leave the Single Market, that'd be ridiculous, same with the customs union, we're only talking about leaving the EU political mechanism" Now: "No, of course it makes sense to leave the Single Market, we can't be held hostage by these EU mechanisms that just hold us back, why would anyone think anything else? Any other option is just ridiculous." Doubleplusungood.
  2. By your definitions, you've described someone who would happily watch the world burn just as long as she was still Prime Minister when it happened. Has she actually looked at the opposition? She can afford to take a decision that splits the party almost along 1992-97 lines and still comfortably win in a general election in 2020, in fact, she could probably stand up and announce 50% taxes on those earning under £25,000 and still win going by the state of the Labour party. There is no immediate, mid-term or long-term need for her to overtly shore up the Tory party, she's blatantly put her internal party politics a very long way ahead of the country. Gibbering moron may not be the right term but I think I'm getting to the position where I'd rather have Maggie Thatcher in power than her, and that's me quite comfortably saying this coming from a mining family that suffered greatly under her power.
  3. With the Affordable Healthcare Act looking increasingly like it'll be canned without a replacement, could you imagine the uproar if the US government proposed removing guns from that many people rather than their healthcare?
  4. So, she puts the entirety of the UK's fortunes as second place to keeping the Tories together and herself at the helm? There's psychiatric terms for people like that. She not only has put the UK's fortunes at severe risk, she's put the union with Scotland at risk as well by swatting away the olive branch and giving the SNP the moral right to seek a second independence referendum. I think "gibbering moron" has a good chance of being a kind view of history on her.
  5. Also, if May is wrong and it can't be done in time then we're screwed and we'll have taken a chunk of the EU economy with us just because, well because Brexit means Brexit. There really is no fallback option, it's Russian roulette with the country with five of the six bullet chambers in the revolver full. Anyone who has ever done anything really complex as a rush job will know that you have to make some pretty severe compromises or shortcuts with risk, there is no way that we can do a perfect negotiation getting us better than we have now (in terms of overall financial position) in two years. The EU countries will have us over a barrel if we try, and if the EU doesn't then small countries who don't particularly like us will in terms of getting it signed off. The consequences of it going wrong are spectacular in their impact on us as a country. That's not an exaggeration, that's not an expert opinion, that's just common sense reality. I've revised my opinion again, May isn't Michael Howard in drag, she's a gibbering moron who I wouldn't trust running a car boot sale stall.
  6. Is it just me who gets a cold shiver at the thought of old folk being the subject of competitive bidding when looking for a funded care home place?
  7. We're not talking about the federalised political EU, we're talking about taking us out of the Single Market.
  8. It'd be better if May were doing a handstand while giving this speech... talking out your bum is much easier that way.
  9. Here's a first for me... Maggie Thatcher's speech in 1988 on the single market: Yep, May makes Thatcher look fairly normal in comparison. The arch-Thatcherites should be looking at what their deity really thought about the EU rather than what 30-ish years of listening to swivel-eyed nutjobs has told them.
  10. Four shifts actually. You need an "off" shift in any proper shift system. Also, the biggest cost in diagnostic departments is often the staff, regardless of the large capital costs of the equipment or revenue cost of leasing it. To turn from one shift of specialists to four shifts to give you 24/7 coverage would mean trebling the cost (you get a discount for using the same building but also a detriment for increased use meaning you get overall about a 1/3 discount so treble rather than quadruple) and around a decade of spin-up training for all the new staff. You may get the hint from that that those options have been repeatedly answered to those who keep bringing them up because they heard an idea from someone who doesn't know the reality of the situation. The only reason the management can't handle the situation is that around 1/3 of NHS non-clinical management is taken up with the implications of the contracting and competitive tendering introduced by the Tories to allow private companies to take work. Finally, how would a shift system make the bed shortage better? Isn't there already a nursing shift keeping them going? You've really confused me with this one.
  11. Just had a very interesting meeting with someone very senior who made it clear that his opinion was that the only reason that the NHS was given any austerity cut protection at all was due to the Hunt and that without him and his relentless fight, against first Osborne/Cameron and now May/Hammond, the NHS would have had to suck up its share of even deeper cuts along with everyone else. His view was that none of the four mentioned see any benefit in giving the NHS money as the Tories would be criticised anyway over the NHS so they'd be as well hanged for a sheep as a lamb. Gives a completely dystopian view on the chaos of the NHS that the Hunt is potentially doing the Severus Snape role in protecting it as best he can... I don't know what to believe now...
  12. The actual government statistics (Excel file) covering the first full week (well, 6 days as the 2nd gets counted in the week before) Of 152 hospital Trusts in England, there were 273 reported incidents of a trust reporting a "black" alert meaning patient safety was at risk, that means an average of 1.8 times each Trust reported that status over the six days, or, to put it bluntly, just under 1/3 of the total days recorded. Are you REALLY proud of the fact that just shy of 1/3 of the time in that week hospitals in England were so overcrowded that patient safety was at genuine risk and of risk enough that NHS England actually noted it? And those stats are all around bed capacity, none of your "30% shouldn't be there" because they're never going to get a bed and therefore don't count towards that stat. The leaked stats when fully released in proper formats will show that yes, there is an improvement, but it's trivial in real patient treatment terms, the provisional figures I saw showed it at around 280 reported incidents (albeit over 7 days rather than the 6 of the week before), the full figures are expected to be released on Thursday after they've been quality checked. To put that "black" status in context, if you watched Hospital last week then that Trust didn't get bad enough to count as "black" on any single day it was recording. It's also hard to use beds more "effectively" if hospitals can't get patients out of them because there's nowhere for the patients to go because the community hospitals and care homes are even more overwhelmed than hospitals. Yep, hospitals are covered by very public statistics meaning they can be seen to be failing while it's far easier for the government to hide the disaster that is social care. The NHS is a basket case but it's a golden paradise compared to social care.
  13. Trump even has a go at John Lewis! Follow-up
  14. Well, just finished the first episode, I think I'd rather have had the Six Thatchers... deary me, that was a dire episode.
  15. Catching up with watching the two Sherlock episodes before tonight's finale but it's a bit terrifying: Six Thatchers. One was scary enough but six is just beyond acceptable conduct for TV