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  1. 2 inches for Trump could mean the difference between having and not having children. Small hands... small reproductive organs, as the saying goes.
  2. The number of GP practices in England from July 2017 to January 2018 fell by 133. 534,452 patients registered with a GP practice no longer have their original practice due to closures and mergers in that time.
  3. It's behind a paywall but the headline and first paragraph summary makes the point well enough that you don't need more. NHS England required GPs to order less-expensive and less-effective flu vaccines this year, causing many more patients than normal to be admitted to hospital with the flu following vaccination. Surely some mistake, I thought the government had done everything it could to minimise the winter crisis...
  4. People don’t understand auditing. They’re not there to do anything other than say that the public financial records reflect what they’ve found. A semi-competent bookkeeper, never mind accountant, can make a disastrous trading year seem like fair trading and do it well with the accepted accounting rules. As long as they weren’t hiding anything then the auditors have done nothing wrong.
  5. When it applies to the royals having more than two state funded offspring then I’ll accept people suggesting the jobless do the same.
  6. Turn that around. Why should they go out of their way to do a good deal with us when, as it stands, they will benefit from any delay as we’re far more desperate than them?
  7. Food and drink thread

    Slow cookers are very good for things like lamb shanks or other cuts that are either a bit fatty or have connective tissue. It does things like that perfectly and makes lovely dishes easily. Useless for things like premium meats with low fat contents as it doesn't half dry them out unless you're especially careful.
  8. The Culture Wars

    I think what this flags is that you're reacting the same way that the generation before you reacted to the likes of Bernard Manning and so on being criticised 20 years later with a "oh come on, you're not serious". I don't see the problem with Friends, it's harmless entertainment aimed at a definite audience who lapped it up. But then I'm not in the generation of folk who are pointing out all the bits that'd never make it into a TV show today. Just as years ago I looked at my dad for being a bit of an imbecile for thinking Manning was harmless, I'm sure younger folk would look at me the same way for thinking things like Friends was harmless as well.
  9. Conspiracy Theories

    No... my mate mentioned it on Friday... no original ideas in my head unfortunately.
  10. Conspiracy Theories

    Alternatively, we are in a huge alien version of the Truman Show, unfortunately ratings are a bit down so they have to ramp up the entertainment. Cue 2016 with the mass pile of celeb deaths being the undercover aliens ditching the failing "Earth Show" to go back home, then you get the panicking producers with Brexit and Trump. Again, explain much about the things that go on?
  11. Conspiracy Theories

    No... god is real, we're not in the real world now, it is actually purgatory and this is your chance to prove which way you should go, heaven or hell, you've been stripped of your worldly memories to reset the clock. Do many of the "tests" in your life make sense now?
  12. Jess Phillips is a strange one... she left Labour because of Blair & Iraq, she doesn't like Corbyn, so what does she like? She's always seemed closer to a Lib Dem than Labour for me. I'm fairly confident she's only in Labour and not the Lib Dems because of ambition. Her face fits as an ambitious centre-left woman and is a good representative image for a centre-left party but I still don't get her. Stella Creasey, by contrast, there's something about her I like as a Labour MP but I can't easily put my finger on it. I think she'd make a decent ministerial candidate and has been quite unfairly targeted by the Momentum trolls.
  13. Labour MPs threaten to quit over deselection row.
  14. True, forgot about that! I didn't know how easy it was though.
  15. Projection bombing. No idea of the legality of this sort of thing in the UK...