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  1. Concussion Coming to a Head?

    That's what I thought. Headguards offer little to no protection. It isn't the immediate impact of the collision that causes concussion but the shaking of the brain inside the skull.
  2. The Photography Thread

    Yeah, I think you need some detail from the sky. It's half the frame and seems to suck the detail out of the waves. Play with your levels and see if you can get some more contrast. I also like the rocks in the foreground.
  3. 5K run on a treadmill

    I haven't competed in years but was a pretty competitive runner in my late teens and mid-20's. I had a knee injury which set me back and I haven't been right since. I started running again about 4 years ago and basically concentrate on improving my 10km time. I've done half marathons before (best time was just under 1.5 hours) and have thought about doing a marathon as my Dad ran quite a few. Currently I'm training (sort of) for the Tough Mudder next year. 16-18km obstacle course so I'm switching between gym work and cross training. I think the hardest thing for me is knowing my limits. Starting to run again has been a humbling experience and I seriously had to put away the stop watch for a few months. I'd see my 5km time and get depressed which is why I run for time now. What I'm really getting into now is trail running. There are a few forests near where I live and an 8km run through a rainforest on a dirt track is much more fun than pounding the concrete or treadmill.
  4. 5K run on a treadmill

    Correct shoes are a must but also get someone to look at your running gait. There are clinics around which will analyse your running style and help you out. You'd be amazed at what changing small things to your stride and running posture can do for your body. When I comes to shoes, I actually made the switch to minimal shoes a few years ago. Those Vibram toe-shoes. The results were slow to come but when they did I was running faster and without less pain than I had in years.
  5. 5K run on a treadmill

    Yeah, the nerds are always arguing about it but there is no doubting 30 minutes of really intense cardio is better than an hour or moderate to low cardio when it comes to weight loss. It does come down to your goal though but even if you are aiming to run for an hour or 2, you should still work in some HIIT on your off-days. Hill sprints are a good one. I also found cross training (jumping on a bike and cycling, hard, for an hour) really helped with my aerobic capacity and made running easier.
  6. 5K run on a treadmill

    Just remember that running on a treadmill is a tad different than running outside. You're on the right track, running for longer is better but it really does depend on what you want to achieve. Do you want to shed fat or lose weight? If it's the former, then 30 minutes max but at your absolute maximum energy output. I do 30 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and it works a treat. As many rounds of 500m fast jog, 500m row and 1k cycle I can do in 30 minutes. There is some science suggesting that at around 30 minutes, your body starts devouring muscle as it's energy source rather than fat. In saying that, if you're training for a longer event then start slowly stretching your runs out. I do an "out and back" run where I run for 15 minutes and then turn around and run back. The next week I run for 17 and the next 20 and so forth. Within a couple of months you'll be easily running for an hour. Then, when you can easily do that, it's time to work on speed.
  7. The Photography Thread

    Cheers. They turned out better than expected. I also like the church one. The day before I was a pallbearer at a mate's funeral. A shocking funeral made worse by the way he died. My head was in a funny place for the remainder of that trip. 6 hours in one direction with gives you a lot of time to think.
  8. The Photography Thread

    I've finally got myself some decent kit and have been trying night photos. I was out in Western NSW for work the other week and took these photos. And the road on the way home. Lots of nothing out there.
  9. Hi sweet cheeks. Keep up the 'good' work.

  10. The Photography Thread

    Yeah...some of them. Really want to buy a nice DSLR but just can't afford it with a wee one at home. Maybe next year. Those pics were all taken with a point and shoot 4MP Canon Powershot.... I used to feel somewhat inadequate next to the semi-pro skate photographers who had Nikon Mk1's and Hasselblads etc....
  11. The Photography Thread

    Wow...what an awesome thread. I don't know how I have only just discovered it. After doing my knee a few years ago I couldn't do my most favourite pastime ever...skateboarding. I have been rolling for 20 years and had to take a back I started taking photos. Have now had a knee recon, but keep taking skating photos. Here are some of my pics...they've been majorly compressed though so they can fit on the site I got them from...