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  1. And once again there never has been more expense to run it. We have to find many £Thousands just to try to keep the numbers playing up. Looking on the "bright side" of things doesn't pay the bills. It's not about being positive or negative it's about being realistic.
  2. The sport may have attracted more money. But at the same time it attracted more expense. You need £Millions to run clubs professionally. As for rich owners there aren't any at Bulls, Wakey, or Widnes and the richest owner was deducted points for spending too much on players. The real problems certainly includes not enough money. The actual shortfall in 2014 was openly stated to have been £68,000,000.
  3. Well as Graham Lowe suggests you should maybe "forget" about it, as it's an "off field matter".. It's hard to work out how far Bulls may (or may not) have been favoured once the RFL realised they may have been no more. If there has been "favouring" of one club over another then that's been in place for 20 years for highly obvious reasons. Your accusation of Bulls being "Iconic" may well be correct, after all there was quite a lot more interest in owning them than several other collapsed Championship clubs, but it will be up to the fans who have earned the club that tag to prove they still are iconic.
  4. Learn what? That all the best players who there is a shortage of, gravitate to the big clubs, and that over 20 years Salford seems to be a club who struggle to attract players notwithstanding the fact the Chairman is now properly salary capped? Why shouldn't they bring Carney in if they have the money, who else do you suggest? The Salford management will surely have learn't that the difference between Superleague and the Championship could be two seconds of Magic? Did you not see the HKR.v.Salford MPG?? This guy may spend a lot of time mucking about and being injured, but if the club can manage that come Qualifiers time they will have a strong weapon in the armoury and that one or two bits of Carney magic could again make all the difference in the world.
  5. Yes there was and after the pause it was reported that they had finally come round to presenting their "Vision" for the club which was something you were keen for fans to press them on to ensure these guys were the real deal. Messrs Least, Worst and Option duly revealed in the spirit of all positive press conference rallying that their vision was to:- "Lift the spirits on and off the field". I don't know if that meant trebles all round, but if Spirits can overcome a 12 point deficit then that may well be very spooky indeed. As for ensuring these guys had the money and were't just another bunch of villains (i.e. no fat wallets) they were very clear when pressed hard on this point:- "Forget everything else off the field" And so they took the view rightly that that was none of the fans business. I suppose you could buy a shareholding and then demand to find out whether this would yet be another board whose only real crime is not to put in multi-millions. On a more positive note we have the SL dominated SL/RFL joint review on the league system that could easily put the Championship back to part time next year and thus Bulls may well be able to find a way back to superleague. I'd guess that if such as Wakey hold onto SL status again HKR will have to wait for 2018 to get back up with Bulls chance coming 2019. I would guess that these issues have been spoken about behind closed doors - who would travel around the world to buy a club just to scrub around in the Lower leagues year after year. Easy for fans of trophy winning sides to declare the Halifax model better than nowt. Off the field I'd also guess the Millstone around any Bull owners neck of the ground costs has been lifted. That would I assume leave the Bulls great advantage over the Championship being the high income through the gates, and ironically this time it appears the fans have to rally round rather than walk away in their (over ten) thousand. It was the fans wot dun it in 1964/5 and I'd suggest they are the ones who can do it again rather than moaning about people who did their best to kept the club alive in the past and casting suspicious eyes on the new lads.
  6. I'm genuinely asking you if the Bulls would have survived had Marc Green been handed that £787,000 for a parachute payment into a semi pro Championship. I'm genuinely proposing the large majority of fans will just want to hear some positive noises and then they can get back on board and see if they can help the club forward.
  7. 1. Well I can only guess that the committed fans whose life and businesses revolve around a passionate love for Bradford Bulls .i.e. the ""Real Fans" as we often call them will stay on board. The problem always is the real fans are not enough in number to create the success the Bulls may crave, to once again achieve. Now the Bulls are to go semi pro to survive a thousand more may peel away and what that may reveal is 3,000 real fans and a loss of 12,000 "Plastic" Bulls fans, Sadly it's the latter 12,000 Bulls need and the Bulls new Directors will do well not to wash any dirty laundry in public and put them off. 1. You tacitly agree seemingly. SKY pay as little as they can get away with leaving clubs always teetering on the brink. Yet you and others go mad at the Directors who try their best to help your clubs survive when they fail to do so. Again the villainous Marc Green turned out to have lost £2,000,000 and several years of his families life trying to make it work. The man actually came out and gave the fans all the answers in the LE article. What do you want Lizzy? Blood??
  8. Go steady Adey, you do not speak for the 15,000, and I know I don't but the attendance figures back my theory that most of them want on the field success, after all the internal dealings of the club may not be the business of the consumer any more than shennanigans in the Sainsbury's boardroom is my concern when I'm buying my groceries.. What is the truth as regards Bulls survival had the Championship being semi pro on a low cap??
  9. It's never been a "new question" to ask whether Bulls would have survived if they had received an £800K parachute payment at the end of 2014 into a semi-pro championship operating on a low salary cap? You are welcome to explain that they would have gone anyway, I'll always give way to your honest assessments, but if they would not have collapsed under those circumstances then this would be an important point.
  10. The fans want success, the fans want the club to win games, the fans want the club to climb the league, and the fans want Superleague. Isn't this painfully obvious?? If the new owners today are "open and honest" and say they haven't got any money to invest in the club but they have a business plan to break even on a low salary cap with a mainly semi pro team, and if they go down they will adjust that salary spend right down and run at a lower semi-pro budget to stay alive will the fans all be cheering and climbing aboard the Bulls express? You still don't get it that owners are forced to "BS" the fans or many won't turn up if the truth doesn't sound too good to them..
  11. The "TV rights" that Championship clubs received are based on them appearing on TV in a league structure that many SL clubs vehemently did not want and did not vote for and was never proved to be wanted by SKY either, and is failing miserably. So they certainly have grounds to complain and the unanswered question is would Bradford Bulls have collapsed had they being relegated to a Championship that was wholly semi professional with a cap of say £400K. If Green had a couple of £hundred grand to put in that would have helped pay full cap for several seasons to come.
  12. It's way way off thread apart from one point below........... The SKY money is paid for Superleague to be on TV and always has been, that several £Million went to Championship clubs this last contract has greatly angered SL clubs, who need every penny they can get. If you want to start a thread suggesting Championship clubs and SL clubs should all get the same SKY money then please do so and I think you will get some challenging and interesting replies. As for Bradford If no extra TV money had gone to the championship and Bulls and the other clubs had played to a semi pro low salary cap then Green may still be with them and they may still be challenging for promotion, think about that before shouting "rubbish"
  13. Well mis-reading the whole post deliberately to come to a false conclusion isn't engaging in the actual point I made. You say "what you could do is lobby for a meeting with the new club to answer fans questions and tell them what the vision is for that new club". What would you do? Ask them if they are going to only spend the income they get so the books will balance??? If they say "yes" then the future will pretty much be another Halifax type existence. Would you then ask them "are you going to put your own money in and if so how much" and if they say "no" which seems likely what else if there to ask. It confirms a Halifax type existence. What you mean by "vision" I really couldn't understand, I think that may be a polite way of asking them are you putting any money in yourself? It may however be a request for the new owners to say what their ambitions are and of course the previous two new "new owners" have been pushed to answer the vision question. The only answer they can give is some version of "take the club forward" what do you expect them to say?? And when they say that but don't do it, they will end up being villified by the fans like the rest of the Bulls owners whose only crime was short arms and long pockets.
  14. Fans pay £20 to go through the turnstile, watch the match and go home after which the deal is over, they paid their money and got their match. Everything that "went on" at Halifax or Bradford would be pretty irrelevant to all Fax and Bulls fans if someone invested a few £Million and reversed the decline. If someone could better the £2,000,000 Green apparently put in then they'd easily get that "trust". Then the "trust" would run out with the money. If nobody has enough money to make the climb back then Bulls can easily survive as long as they can find 20 odd players and a park to play on, plus a mini bus to get to away games which some CC1 clubs manage to survive on. I don't think the fans have anything to worry about as regards survival, and I don't think the fans should be moaning about the various management teams at Bulls or Halifax who just didn't have the private money available to compete. If you want a villain try SKY who simply did not pay enough TV money to sustain Superleague at 14 clubs. Thus Bradford were in the wrong place at the wrong time as they slashed to 12. Wakey were in the right place at the right time to benefit from SKY being pushed to cover the SL wage bill of clubs in full. Is Mr. Carter a genius with what he's done at Wakefield without money? Maybe Bradford can poach him and move the Bulls to Dewsbury.
  15. You keep pedalling this myth as if slashing budgets to meet income levels was somehow what would have saved Bradford. Haifax tried this in SL and cut the playing budget right down to IIRC £500,000 to avoid administration and promptly came bottom of Supleleague on nil points and were relegated, They "cut their cloth" and turned off 4,000 of their fans who deserted the club over a three year period. Green didn't cut Bradford's cloth and go part time because he knew how many more fans would have fallen off the bandwagon only for him to have cut that cloth again and again. Halifax are still cutting their cloth 13 year on with players being asked to take a 10% cloth cutting drop in wages for this year. Green spent loads of money he did apparently personally have to give the fans a chance of promotion, having two stabs at it which sadly didn't work. What would have been the point of him just sitting there and managing a club on a low "income only" based budget? The fans would have just peeled away as they do, and the club still end up struggling in the Championship. If fans want sustainability and prudent budgets look no further than Hunslet. We are balancing budgets year on year and only spending what comes in, thus securing the clubs future. The 400 fans are happy to have a sustainable club, the 1600 that walked are not.