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  1. This being the "Fourth" team's? This was years ago RU has also been decimated after many young professionals started giving it up in their early twenties. What you miss is that Masters RL is the growth area, because it takes the contact out of the sport so you can enjoy it and not get bashed up.
  2. Yes. Cut to 11 a side, then cut out handling the ball, cut grabbing opposition players, get rid of tries, and just have goals. That should get far more people playing...Oh erm hang on?
  3. You need to stop RFL bashing on the idea that if only someone else ran it thousands more people would play RL. It's a ridiculous notion and it just gets others climbing on this silly bandwagon. As some more sensibly say all the amateur football codes have been decimated, as people find other things to do, many find other sports to play where you don't need to find 25 others to have a game, where you don't have to commit to playing regularly, where you don't have to risk getting bashed up like the Broughton Bothers who are from round here currently are. Social trends change and the change is away from amateur soccer and Rugby. People need to also stop Superleague bashing. It's a ridiculous concept that in getting a £200M TV contract and investing in local junior RL through foundations and academies to ensure there's a flow of players to entertain us all on here Superleague are somehow the problem When in reality they are the solution. The social trends are clear for RL. 30 years ago far more people played the game, far less sat on their bums and watched. So what, just live with it, adapt to it and enjoy it. Don't try to find every reason under the sun to condemn Rugby leagues own institutions. The RFL and SL cannot make people who don't want to play play. But as long as there is an audience, and that is bigger than ever, they can still work hard at offering young sportsmen the option to play RL in Superleague club areas and take that through to a profesional career, where there will be some return on the hard work and hard knocks the game is about. The curent hype over Canada needs to be set against the reality that this is the modern western world and people in more afflluent societies with more choices for their lesiure time, and more awareness about looking after their bodies are less and less inclined to go get bashed up and kicked around on a saturday whatever nationality they are. Whilst all codes of Football decline here we are told playing RL will burst into growth across Canada!
  4. No, may well be based on what the article says: "If you're feeling generous, you might say a professional rugby league team, spun from thin air, based in a sport-saturated country which doesn't care about rugby league, which will play in a scrappy competition over 3,500 miles and five time zones away, is a very ambitious proposition. If you're not, it just sounds like a really terrible idea". The writer says that, I could not possibly comment.
  5. Yes it's late......It's fantasy late...... As we now see Philadelphia, Vancouver and Hawaii on the list..... "Don't think of if Think "When" (link please?). I see you have already got your excuses out for when it doesn't happen. It will be because Toronto have decided to just "slow it down". Come on Gentlemen, people are starting to come on here and take the Mickey if they haven't already. We all have dreams of expansion, mine were/are London, Wales, Toulouse, Newcastle. Real world stuff.......
  6. "naively"?? This is just a puff piece, a vehicle for Noble and Perez to brag about their project. What else are they going to say:- "If the team can get into Super League then Super League can get into North America. The broadcasting rights would be extremely lucrative ("pretty much double what they are now", Noble believes) and this cash would then flow into the coffers of every Super League club. So Nobby finds a nice job in Canada and then starts talking about his club reaching for the stars, and how Toronto will (source please Nobby? Link please Nobby?) double the TV income. But of course that has not happened. So it's Jam tommorrow and the trick is to excuse the lack of any TV contract - right from the beginning - on the intransigence of the tired old fogie chairmen of the failed northern clubs. If only they had the vision to put us straight into SL he says. He says this because this is what Argyle his paymaster wants. Whoever Argyle has previously tried to buy? An NRL club perhaps? not Widnes but Wasps? Leigh? all Argyle wants is as quick a path to the top table as he can. Argyles problem may be Koukash got to Salford first. He (Perez) predicts there will be a Montreal team playing in the UK "within a couple of years". Then maybe a franchise in Boston? How about Dublin? He isn't just spitballing. "If I say it's going to happen, then I promise with all my determination that it will happen." He's hardly saying this will happen with Argyle's money. Read his lips, Perez is saying it will happen with his own "determination". (Source please Eric, Link please Eric). So why aren't we all calling for Perez to back these wild claims up Gentlemen? Don't we remember when the RFL took a game to Dublin?? Been there done that? And when Montreal, Boston and New York "happen" where do the players come from? Because there's nothing in this puff piece about that? I don't believe anyone at Toronto is really interested in devloping Canadian RL. Last I heard from Perez he felt he could find the athletes in China. Best put Nobby and Eric on a slow boat to there and they can grow the Chinese Rugby League.
  7. Well your so wide of the mark on that, but it's just normal for the course with you. Swinton have had to try to compete in a league well above their financial capability, in the end the answer appears to be to start again down in Championship1. Are Oldham overstretching themselves BTW?
  8. The rest will always be what do Toronto offer Superleague? As I understand it the RFL are responsible for the growth of the game itself so they rightly have given Toronto a place in the Championship to achieve that growth. The jam tomorrow. Some of us believe it will come automatically, some of use believe it won't. SL are responsible for running the best competition they can to underpin the SKY contract and so they rightly do that and have even said what overseas clubs need to work on and then offer Superleague to be considered for entry. If you or anyone can give me an answer to what I've asked 50 times, these threads can move on and the Moderator can be happy so I will await a reasonable answer from you or anyone else?
  9. Well I didn't mean that, I meant Toronto has 7,000 fans but they are unlikely to go to away matches. I agree the home side has principally to try to fill their stadia, but "principles" aside the practicality is one of Bulls and HKR offering increased away support that the SL chairmen want as per Lockwoods comments. It's always a two way street as well for the all games not just the derbies, so in reality clubs share a responsibility to get big crowds. They are not selling two different things, or competing to sell their product instead of a rival supplier selling it. When Bradford sell 16,000 tickets for a Derby game at Odsal and Leeds sell 4,000 tickets and coach travel for a game they are jointly selling the same thing.
  10. Thank you.
  11. My stance has always been that Toronto do not offer any away fans, do not offer a paying TV contract, do not excite M62 fans, do not develop players yet and it's admitted this is 15-20 years away. Their crowds put nothing in the SL coffers. I've said this 100 times to the annoyance of the Mods. So for me they have no case for SL at all, as don't North American clubs who don't even exist. Stay in the Championship and build towards these things. We can move forward if someone answers the above I've asked far more times than your 3 Lizzy?
  12. I'll take your Widnes Challenge, how about the Leigh issue as per Gary, plus please be a gent and answer my point/stance below.
  13. 7,000 is roughly the Toronto crowd. The western terrace at Headingley makes a really good rule of thumb indicator. I've seen the away crowds for Leigh, Widnes and Fartown etc who do bring significant followings better than expansion clubs. It's not "nobody" Catalans do indeed add players to the pool, but they can't put out that test team the game longs for, they don't appear to produce decent players in key positions, I'm not against them, in fact I'm for Toulouse all day long as they offer so much more for me than Toronto. I can't see that we can expand the game in coutries with one "token" club. If we take another team with "no away fans" let that be Toulouse. We keep getting "Expand or die" as the argument for Toronto, do you believe in this slogan applying to Superleague?
  14. They can try Tonka. But they didn't want to. They just wanted to buy in. And six SL clubs said no and no doubt HKR and Bradford will be No's when they return hopefully as licenses in 2019........... They can still try, but not in SL.
  15. (A) The report was in league express later league express understood Widnes were the target. Following the approaches to Leigh Gary O told us about and Widnes, the agenda for the SL meeting (photographed by League Express) included Widnes/Leigh. It's a fair conclusion that those approaches were discussed by the SL clubs, and as regards this it was also reported that the SL clubs discussed Toronto and six dismissed them on the "no away fans" idea. (B)Now of course virtually every Totonto Cheerleader was happy to accept those comments were made by the six superleage dinosaurs and a whole thread accepted it because it suited them to believe it. So Sorry Tommy, it's hard to have a conversation with you and others who want to deny things that don't suit them but make up stuff like we see in your post under(b) Where you are again in denial. I say there is no risk whatsoever blocking Wolfpack from SL as they offer SL nothing. BUT there is also no risk yet in allowing them to play in the Championship for some years so they can build canadian RL and seek a paying TV contract as is required of them (albeit they didn't want to do that hence they bid for SL clubs places) Now lets switch to league Weekly. Lockwood says:- "If your running Fax or Fev how many visiting fans do you reckon you'd get from Toronto, Toulouse, London and Perpignan if they went down and Newcastle if they went will not be universal at the Bulls facing the drop......and it's exactly the same motivation amongst the SL chairmen.......they all want Bulls and HKR back in "the comp"......They will smile and say otherwise but Catalans, London Toulouse and even Toronto are not much use to them at all. If you or anyone else have not got the good faith and manners to accept what the RL press is saying and reporting, if you or anyone else think it's clever to intimate people are liars, then go ahead, but from now I won't waste my time on people who are blinded by so many stars (and maple leafs) in their eyes and blind ambition in their heads, that they can't have a gentlemanly discussion....