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  1. I don't think we would "struggle" at all John there were no dilemma's when we had P & R. When Hunslet and Dewsbury were not strong enough to be promoted Superleague didn't let them in, and when Widnes, HKR, Salford, HKR etc were strong enough they did let them in. This "management" of P & R worked pretty darn well. The problem with Steve's Opening Post is where he talks about "automatic P & R". SL can't and won't let Toulouse in if they win the Championship unless they produce SL quality French players and they certainly won't let TWP in with a squad full of Papua New Guineans (this being the latest crackpot idea) Leigh, if they won the Championship, they would let in of course, they've bunged them a load of money to make that happen. Batley if they won it may see Mr. Nicholas refuse to go up - fair enough. It would probably be OK for Leigh to replace Widnes or Salford who are tipped to struggle in SL this year. Lenegan's original P & R plan was a time protection of two seasons in SL for the promoted clubs. I'm sure that will be back on. I think there were relatively few problems with P & R from 1999 onwards, because it was managed and not automatic. Pearson's and Carter's recent interviews hinted heavily at it coming back. managed sensibly I just cannot see any real dilemmas, because as it stands (and I disagree completely with Red Rooster on this) most Championship clubs aren't up to SL so they won't go up. A rebuilt Bradford may be the next club to knock on the door after Leigh in a couple of years. Beyond those two the other Championship clubs would simply not be an assett to SL either through an inability to produce SL players, or simply having no rich owner, so they would not be let in. Lenegan isn't the sort to allow things to be left to chance hence the Leigh "bung".
  2. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    Yes I think so. We need to work hard to open another 8 North American clubs so we can get to 12 perhaps two a year 2020-2024 in time for the world cup over there?? Like TWP/Leigh each new club needs to be allocated a partner in the English Championship, kind of New York/Batley, Hamilton/Featherstone, Boston/Halifax so they can player share to get teams up and running ASAP. In time we won't need the Championship clubs once the conferences start, I'd propose a good number of cross conference games, so we could sell off the Championship club grounds to pay for our own jets to take teams backwards and forwards, maybe one jet at Leeds/Bradford and another at Manchester. We do need to ensure that the 24 Superleague clubs are compitetive so we will need a draft system. Pre-season all 680 players should be registered and we can hold a "draft convention" drawing lots for the order of pick and then clubs can take it in turns to pick the players they want for the season one at a time. We need a neutral venue for the Grand final, I suggest an island in the North Atlantic - a holiday destination where there will be plenty of hotel places available in October? We can hold the player draft there? Placing New York straight to the Championship may be an issue but we did that sort of thing with London, Paris, Gateshead and Catalans straight to SL. For the sake of the future of the game Bradford Bulls, favourites to go up, could just shut down and we could use Odsal for training facilities for visiting NA teams, maybe even build a hotel there to cut accommodations costs? Odsal is very central and bang on the motorway links to the SL grounds? This is exciting times........
  3. Michael Carter / TV deal etc (Merged threads)

    I think Scotchy has it right that SKY must pay enough to enhance the product, otherwise they will defeat the whole purpose of buying it. The last deal ended prematurely with clubs £68M in debt and collapsing at the bottom end. SKY therefore came in with more money and SL did their bit with a cut to 12 SL clubs. As a business Superleague is effectively subsidised by SKY to run professionally, and I don't see that that subsidy provides any opportunity to grow revenues to make the clubs become "non-reliant" on it, in what is a highly competitive market. If there are other broadcasters in the mix fighting for the rights with SKY (some chairmen felt BT may have been an option, but it appears they weren't) then maybe. Some feel America will provide that more lucrative option, but that comes at a heavy price shifting our game over there that logistically won't work. If you look at the 1904 league table they are all in there, Bradford, Salford, Wire, Leeds, HKR, Wigan, Hull, Widnes, Leigh and Fartown with Wakey and Saints achieving promotion. 114 years later they are all still in there plodding on, just in a more modern scenario. I don't read too much into what Carter says, for 22 years now we've stayed alive with SKY and gone professional into the bargain, and that's been great for the game. (Not great for the Championship clubs though)
  4. Here we go again, back to abandoning the village clubs along the M62 and transferring the 12 SL franchises to the 12 most populous cities across the Northern hemisphere. No appreciation whatsoever that along the M62 we can get most quality Rugby players to pick Rugby league first, and we can accommodate them through a quality junior amateur RL structure, into an academy structure with quality coaches and facilities. No idea that across the wastelands you want us to inhabit Union has the infrastructure and the clubs to mop up the talent, and offer the talent the bigger stage and the bigger salaries. This includes North America where they play union and are getting ready for a pro league in the here and now - not in their dreams. No appreciation that London were put into SL and made to stay there for 18 consecutive years to challenge Union for the talent, and as hard as that was against soccer and RU London, with their backers Branson, Lenegan and Hughes did as well as they could to open their doors and attract rugby players to league, and they had and still get with this kid, some super successes despite the dominance of Union and soccer. We did what we reasonably could do, Richard Lewis forced the clubs to persevere, but in the end it didn't work, it didn't have enough infrastructure, it had too much competition, too many costs, and now it doesn't have the private backing. So what would you do then? Put London back in to fail badly or award them quadruple SKY money and extra cap dispensation to help them build and compete?. Thing is like a lot of my fellow expansionists you never say. As long as a name for a club crops up that isn't along the M62 and is a big place it suddenly becomes a "serious" issue and a pin is stuck in a map , and gross assumptions are made people will flock to the game to play it and pump their £Millions into it. Too late mate, Union and Soccer beat us, so we can only do what we can feasibly and sensibly do. Easy to criticise.
  5. What do Leigh offer Super League?

    Why not explain which Commercial contracts Toulose or Toronto will be bringing to Superleague upon entry next year. You just don't say? What are they and how much are they worth?? Why do you think two small clubs playing a minority sport can capture commercial contracts of any real value? Franchises aren't a possibility given that Superleagues line has been a return to P & R whether Lenegan's 2015 plan to do this or Beaumont and Pearson's nod to P & R before and after Christmas in their published interviews. As Pearson says SL will investigate whether Toronto are even "serious" about what they are doing. Perez himself offered no commercial contracts of any relevant value until he had guided "5-6 North American clubs into Superleague over the next 10 years". Your way off beam and wishful thinking on this. This isn't a board game its real lives and it's intolerable to expect English professionals with homes and families here to commute to America to ply their trade, it's intolerable to even contemplate 5-6 English clubs being shut down as professional clubs along with their academies and Foundations to make way for these NA clubs? All Perez is doing is taking advantage of the plan to hold the World Cup in America 2025, he's a chancer challenging the game to allow North American clubs in to boost the tournament after all why would Americans watch a game they don't play? Why do you fall for this stuff? Anyway Mr. Beaumont has been given a big wedge of money by the SL clubs so they obviously want Leigh back. I'd go for Bradford.
  6. North America sponsorship myth?

    (1) I am sure you meant “naivity” Bob, but maybe it has required the birth of a saviour like Perez to keep the North American dream alive. You are correct that we need to look at what is happening and get an “understanding” of it, before assuming Rugby League will now be saved by the Deity Perez from the Devil incarnate – Rugby Union.. You bet your life you have hit reality, In real life if someone wants to be our friend and spend money on us and want’s to join us and promises future riches then of course we should not be naïve, but we are being naïve. You have naively ignored the player question for far too long. You have ignored the “what’s in it for Perez” question as well. It needs TWP to look to develop North American players for it to "work”. OK some may reply to me that that is a very difficult task that will take 10, 15, 20 years who knows, but TBH I don’t believe that will EVER happen, because there is no infrastructure for Junior ARL in Canada, and pro 14 will only strengthen Canadian RU’s junior game and take the players. English Superleague Clubs produce the players from grass root encouragement through the foundations to offering Pro careers through the academies. You cannot replace them with clubs who do not produce pro players and probably never will. This is all I ask people, and you, to understand. (2) Matt, try some facts. In 2008 Catalans came 3rd. in Superleague and made the semi finals of the play off. At the time they had more quality French senior players (Touxegas, Bosc, Baille, Casty, Stacul, Khattabi, Duport, Elima. Raguin, Fakir. Mounis, Guisset and Pelo – a whole X111) than they do now. This season gone they had 13 overseas players. This last 10 years they have gone backwards Matt.
  7. North America sponsorship myth?

    How can they be better candidates when they have zero professional RL players? The entry requirements to SL include SL clubs having to have significant player development systems. The two guest clubs are from France where they have jointly failed to develop professional players to a level enough to resurrect the French national side from also rans, which they were charged with 2006. Canada will offer no International opposition. Catalans now in their twelfth year started with a Junior game already in existence for them to work with. Last season Catalans had 13 English and Australian pro’s on the books. You may think SL is “odd” and that “Big cities” somehow offer big opportunities. For "Big City's" read on.... How about London Broncos and their development since 1981 or Newcastle’s efforts since 1999, or how well the Manchester clubs are doing (collapsing), or where the Liverpool club went after being in the League from 1934 to 1984? The facts are that RL built a significant infrastructure post the split with Union in 1896 in two English counties, and even then in only parts of them. Still small town Cas can attract 9,000 fans whilst Big city London managed 900. Who is the better bet? Outside the north where RL built the current pro-game Rugby Union ruled and built their own infrastructure we cannot penetrate. You may be in the same bubble other TWP fans are in forgetting the massive infrastructure Canadian RU have built. Someone suggested that “College” footballers would make great RL converts in North America. If they will RU’s pro 14 will be there first. This is why Perez has abandoned all thought of developing Canadian players – as he will likely be developing them for Canadian Union to take. But taking our players just ends up destroying our game. One TWP fan laying bait on another thread suggested as many as three North American clubs in SL by 2021. That's three English SL clubs dumped to the Championship and their player development foundations and academies closed then? I don't expect any real debate on this as the same old slogan is pumped out "Expansion is the way forward in playing numbers" , Not this way it isn't.
  8. League Restructure 2019

    If everyone is entitled to their opinion then why do you tell me what mine is? You blurt out "The potential in North America is enormous" Have you anything to back that up? Did you not know that RL is hardly played there and that most people haven't heard of it as John WP fan admits? Did you not know that Union has a strong foothold in both countries and is street ahead of League there?? Did you not know many other sports are well established over there and there is heavy experienced and rich competition for the NA sports market. Why do you think Perez is offering this investment that is "not costing us a penny? Have you ever considered the Perez plan of putting 5-6 North American clubs into SL over the next 10 years in any detail? Have you not considered how this can be done without them taking well over 100 of our players over there? Have you not thought about what happens to the English SL clubs that step down to Championship to make way for them? What happens to their fans, their directors who back them and their academies who produce players? Are they all supposed to shake Perez's hand for this investment that is "not costing a penny?" Did you not know that once this supposedly happens Perez is to get us a Billion $Dollar TV deal? Once that is in place the North Americans will have control. How long before their sponsors and their fans complain that they don't know where Warrington, Wigan or Hull is and why can't we open a club in Hamilton so we can have an Ontario derby with Toronto Wplfpack?? You see (well you don't see that is the problem) the thing is you don't get owt for nowt in this life. To open up Superleague to North America gives them the chance to grow their game on the back of and at the expense of our game here. Maybe you are the one who doesn't like Superleague and wants to see it eaten up by American Dollars? You blindly throw the word "opportunity" around yet naively believe it is somehow an opportunity for the English game. Mr Perez is not I am afraid Father Christmas.
  9. League Restructure 2019

    Why not let me tell you what I think John? I don’t believe RL will work in North America either way - top down or bottom up. We can’t get it to work outside the north of England. The issue is established sporting markets dominate overall, and Union dominates league massively in the area of Rugby. I’d love to see pro RL expand everywhere but it needs the players ,so it’s a dream as things stand. The only reality is Superleague works. Just. This is only because it’s hung onto it’s history and traditions in a small but populous part of Northern England. It may be an inferior product to NRL who take our top stars whilst we take their surplus pro’s but it’s all we have and it’s so finely balanced that it can’t just start expanding, adding clubs from 3,000 miles away that don’t have any professional players of adequate quality to make a team up, and likely never will. I’ve followed Superleague in detail for every day since it’s inception. 22 years ago. We can’t get people playing it to any standard outside of the M62 motorway the clubs straddle. We have to work very hard to produce players, we have to make the shortage up from the NRL and it’s just a fact that the local rivalries between the clubs keep each other going. It may die a death one day, but it would be put out of it’s misery much sooner if Perez has his way or if the Superleague clubs make rash decisions in the coming years. Now Wood has left Adam Pearson has jumped in and started talking big talk, I am yet to see the article, but I have already seen Bob's reply about it being "anything or nothing" and how it "might" give TWP a chance so I think he get's it. This discussion or argument (I prefer the former) probably has a long way to go yet.......
  10. League Restructure 2019

    "Minor drop"?? You are just playing down a major problem like Bob. How many times does it have to be said 14 clubs failed in 2014 with London, Bradford and Wakefield 2015 being appalling on the pitch. This coming year the lack of quality players is set to hit Salford and Widnes who have managed little recruitment. How many times do the SL bosses have to be requoted that there are not enough players "even for 13 clubs" when they proposed to make a 13th. place to rescue HKR? You now seemingly agree it's untenable TWP want to waltz into Superleague without developing any players. However you try to get round this with an "Expansion fee". This is nothing more than a bribe to get in. As for "require all teams in the top tier to invest in minor-league affiliates at multiple levels" that has already been a requirement of Superleague under licensing and under the new SKY deal where SKY pay money for clubs to encourage local player development through their foundations. Toulouse are on with this after discussing it with SL. TWP are doing nothing. To Tom Moore the answer is Toronto like Catalans and Toulouse are not members of the RFL just guests and have no automatic right to SL entry and even if they were members the power of the SL clubs is enough to refuse them. "What they have to do?" Tom is develop the game in North America not import it from here. The difference with TO is AFAIK Perez has never sat down with SL bosses to discuss possible entry, which is quite ridiculous. Bob gets Kryzzy going with the idea the "Aussies have a surplus of SL standard players". Yes they do Kryzzy but they are already signed to SL teams here as Harry points out, all 60 odd of them. None of them will sign to play part time Championship, and whilst currently TWP boast of being able to spend "£1.9M and more on two marquee signings" this is only under the current system that is set to change. As I say Batley are leading the call for the Championship to be made a "fair league" and one thing SL want to do is reduce Championship funding, and probably reduce the cap to match. Whilst this sounds a bad thing, all the part time clubs are most likely to welcome this so they can start to compete for the Championship Trophy and not be pure cannon fodder for the likes of Leigh and TWP. In turn SL can protect their Aussie player supply. Between now and kick off we will find out just what SL will do and where that will leave North American top down expansion?
  11. League Restructure 2019

    Hi Kryzzy Are you serious? It’s been around in Canada since 1929. it died out in the 1960’s, and was revived in 1986 only to die out again in 2000, back for a third time but hardly anyone playing. Matt Rhino are you serious about “Catalan are just as reliant on overseas players as any club in SL” This year they have had Walsh, Thornley, Tierney, Aiton, Bird, Anderson, Burgess, Horo, Inu, Moa, Myler, Broughton and Williame. I make that a whole team of imports Matt?? Thanks to Bob for now acknowledging TWP will need to find the players and for telling us Argyle will recruit from Australia. So that’s another Catalans this time with even more Aussies in it then? That will go down like a lead balloon with English clubs and fans. What next an all Aussie New York? As for your alleged “slight drop in quality” we’d have if we bring in more clubs, go back to 2014 when London and Bradford were a disaster in a 14 team league and Wakey appalling the year after. Just a few months ago SL bosses said there weren’t the players for even 13 clubs. Bottom line is I don’t think fans will value “expansion” if all it is, is teams full of Aussies.......discuss??
  12. League Restructure 2019

    Have you and your fellow blind expansionists lost all sense of reality? France does not have the talent which is why 12 years later Les Catalans are more than any other SL club still heavily reliant on overseas talent. Bob8 appears to believe they are still so valuable they must be ring fenced, but had they lost out on the MPG they would have rightly been dropped. The fact is Catalans were brought in to develop French talent towards a competitive French International side. The French International side are as bad as ever. But if you want to find worse, look to Canada where the Canadians don't actually play Rugby League to any extent at all (they play Union BTW). That some Aussie has signed a load of Leigh cast offs and paid them full time to beat no better than park teams, can hardly be interpreted as the start of a North American Super league. Perez hasn't had the guts to go see Lenegan with any proposals, and now he appears to be lying low. WLF pontificates about London's great value to this brave new world forgetting that London Broncos are no more than a hobby for David Hughes, a hobby spawned of the failure of League to make any real mark in London despite the riches of Branson. Scotchy states "P+R is methadone for a game too scared to get clean" Is this really a sensible debating point or just some sort of wind up? JPMC states P & R doesn't work yet Hull, HKR, Wakefield, Salford Widnes and Huddersfield all worked thanks to P & R but let's not get facts in the way of fantasy? JMPC also states "hanging on to the coat tails of SL serves no purpose to anyone" Really? What about the little matter of over £16Million of the Superleague's SKY contract championship clubs received The ultimate fantasy being the delusion that real investment is in place and waiting to flood SL with clubs from Belgrade to New York, The Aude to Boston and Toronto to Timbuktu. Even if it was there are no players to stock these teams and no junior leagues to develop the players anytime in the next 20+ years. Then we have the breathtaking idea the Championship should ignore SL and strike out on their own. Superleague allowed over £16,000,000 to be allocated to the Championship. How on earth can they even survive by refusing that money and playing in the winter mud to a few hundred? Back to your main statement about how we can "build" this Rugby League utopia. Where are the investors for this, and where will they get the players for this even if there were the investors?? You aren't as hot air and head in the clouds as most but you say "Avignon I'm confident could. Carcassonne the same". How on earth can these small towns succeed in SL when a well backed Perpignan club after over ten years of alleged "building" with the run of France to themselves almost failed with nine overseas imports. to retain their SL status?? Your from Hull, an alleged rugby league hotbed in which RU plays second fiddle , where to get two clubs in SL has needed heavy investment in NRL players from RL fans like Hudgell, Pearson and Crossland, to cover the lack of local talent, beyond what the merged Academy can manage. Are you really serious that in places where they do not play RL or hardly play it and were Union heavily dominates, for some reason RL investors will spring up all over, sporting crowds will transfer to RL in their thousands and kids will flood to form junior clubs?? It's a wind up, Right??
  13. League Restructure 2019

    Yes there will be an announcement "in the near future" before the season starts, as the clubs need to know what they are playing for at the end of the season. Take no notice of the page after page of "licensing" talk. that process is impossible at this late stage. Besides what is the point? The clubs best placed to operate under licensing are the clubs already in Superleague, so the pontificating on how many SL clubs we should have (the clubs decided it was 12 in late summer but facts are ignored), how few are not up to some mythical standard, and how we need to look abroad for mythical new SL clubs is just treading the old Transatlantic fantasies whilst reality clicks in. The reality is Superleague decide the format not the RFL any more - so go back to what they wanted before the RFL beat them to it with the current system on a 7-6 first split vote. That was promotion and relegation, so as Danny Lockwood says Monday expect that. The excitement of it may be dulled by Salford's odds on struggle without Koukash, and Leigh's odds on promotion with a shedload of dosh and their second team, TWP having no automatic right to promotion, and no record of actually sitting down with the SL chairman like Toulouse did, but rudely declaring they were going win their way to SL when they cannot do this. I don't see they will get an invite if they win promotion, I see Beaumont with one already in his hand. Long live the local Derby eh? As for the championship and the guff on finding investors to make this some sort of "Superleague2" another fantasy subject, again we go back to what the SL wanted for the Championship last time i.e. not to be given £Millions badly needed in Superleague. Last years prize money is paid out and contracts have to be honoured but in future years the Championship salary cap may well be slashed and the (forgotten) majority of clubs in that league can get away from the nightmare Batley's Matt Diskin spoke about Monday (again a fact ignored) of having to play in an "unfair league". Hughes will welcome spending less in future, so will Salford, and Toulouse can spend what they want on French player development which is their target set them by Superleague, so I can see no arguments there. There is no case whatsoever for Licensing. The victory Lenegan has over Wood merely points to now going Lenegans way of one up and one down facilitated by the summer games being additional league games, and a season in which the Championship can spend up their prize money, and simply get back to being a proper balanced league with a much lower salary cap so budgets can be balanced. Winding people up with all this Idle talk has led to poor Knottla believing there's a crisis and the Championship is set to have to break away from SL. What utter nonsense, under P & R these clubs can dream of promotion to SL rather than dreaming of being dumped in Championship One to make way for the Transatlantic dream. If Batley win it Mr. Nicholas can just say no thanks, If Fev win it they may give it a go. I hope they do - that should be the dream! For the next few years the biggest stories will be who will win SL, Leigh's return to SL and the Bulls charge back up the league towards regaining their place in SL. This won't be enough excitement for the dreamers so I expect both the SL1 & SL2 and the Transatlantic dream to live on in this thread...............
  14. North America sponsorship myth?

    No I certainly did not say 5 North American clubs will enter SL 2019, and well Bob knows this. To be fair I have been for a long time the one lone voice at the other end of the spectrum on TWP to Bob, and he is clearly disappointed that the dream is turning to dust. What I said was that Perez had stated his plan was to get 5-6 North American clubs into Supeleague over 10 years - this was in answer to a question asking Perez about when his plans would come to fruition in terms of unlocking the American sponsorship market..........2028 But Kiyan has put the Kibosh on that now and when Derwent supports the proposition that all these riches that will one day come is just baloney I will agree with his expert opinion entirely. I'm pleased we agree (blimey) that Perez is unable to offer any player development that would be crucial to growing a transatlantic league. Slowly more people are getting the reality, hopefully you now get the reality that there was a big power struggle between the RFL and SL and I didn't make that up either! Superleague will now decide the destiny of the Superleague format and the destiny of TWP as an SL club as Wood slinks off defeated. I consider your very kind and honest support here maybe making us quits.....
  15. League Restructure 2019

    In his Editorial Danny Lockwood notes the complete silence as regards any new structure, and interprets this as a sign that the SL clubs may well have already decided what they are going to do. He believes the 12/8's will be abandoned, the MPG game will also be abandoned, and that it will go to a one up one down P & R system, which is what Mr. Lenegan and his supporting chairmen roughly wanted to do before the current "upheaval" shall we say. Lockwood suggests SL will "grab the power" they now have to make this happen with Wood sidelined. Draper meanwhile doesn't seem contactable to comment on the issue. I would guess if Lockwood is correct this is so they can announce it as late as possible as a done deal and then when Wire and Leeds kick off it will be set in stone with minimum time for clubs to kick up any fuss**. Fair enough to have another fantasy thread on structures in the future as we see in the posts above, but the reality is we have the clubs we have, and need to get on with something that minimises upheaval. Corrections welcome but to get to straight P & R maybe it means going back to a 2008 fixture list when SL clubs played 27 league games. That fixture list most likely to be replicated this year and also in the Championship, means after 22 regular rounds, 5 more league fixtures (as opposed to super 8/qualifiers fixtures) are added???? Is this feasible? All the signs are that Salford are set to be favourites to go down. The loss of Kooks money and top players has to be devastating for them. That seems to be the relegation issue settled, and with Derek Beaumont receiving a load of SL dosh you have your soon to be promoted Championship club. The issue of TWP putting their spoke in would be easily sorted by refusing them promotion if they came top of the Championship on the grounds they are only guests in the game. Notwithstanding someone else (I cannot think who) being surprise winners or runners up, then Leigh could get the nod instead being invited to replace Salford. So a simple return to 2008 before Licensing and MPG's in which Lenegan finally get's his way after the row with the RFL. The other issue is salary cap and as nothing has been said here, I assume the current allowances will stay for this year (prize money having already been allocated to fund this?) However for this year probably no prize money for the Championship clubs, and next year a lower salary cap for the Championship to make it a "proper competition" (see next paragraph) - and to return all the £Millions Lenegan wants back in Superleague. This would also be seen as being fair to the traditional championship on.... **Matt Diskin for Batley publicly complains this Monday gone that the Championship is an "unfair league" with Leigh, London, Toulouse and TWP being "full time". It would seem Lenegan has not only an absolute power base in SL but also has eight of the Championship clubs on his side. I cannot see TWP or Toulouse daring to oppose this new structure as they are only guests. the structure suits Leigh as favourites to go up regardless of TWP leaving Hughes at London facing going part time. The support for this structure amongst clubs looks like it is probably going to be overwhelming. The whole thing is Lockwood's speculation yes, but he has some good inside knowledge we do not. The "losers" here if it happens may be, Salford, London and Toulouse, however they may be happy to reduce their spend on players. TWP and the American dream would be the massive loser, and the way in which Perez has gone quiet as has TWP themselves, along with TWP happy to complete "home fixtures" here in England, only adds weight to this being the way we will go come February 1st. A long thread on how SL have thrown away a massive opportunity for Rugby League looms on our horizon. Billions in corporate dollars thrown away in favour of parochialism!!! Obviously there are other possibilites but this one fits exactly what Mr. Lenegan has publicly stated he wants and he's now the boss, with the majority vote of SL AND the championship behind him.........