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  1. St Helens vs Bradford Bulls

  2. Bulls go for Crocker

    History of injuries. Penalty machine. Will fit in perfectly.
  3. St Helens vs Bradford Bulls

    Saints by 60-70
  4. Meet the referee at Odsal

    Or indeed even adding the second line. Just like this.
  5. Meet the referee at Odsal

    Unnecessary verbal abuse from 'know-it-all' leading to being escorted out by security - check Buy dictionary to learn to spell 'Interrogate' correctly - check
  6. BBC RL in HD

    Anyone any ideas why the RL shown on BBC, be it the Super League Show or Mickey Mouse cup games is shown in SD and not in HD? Just wondered as the titanic Division 2 soccer clash between Scumbags Utd and Derby County is in HD right now??
  7. lol. In what league is that sorry?
  8. The current fiasco with Widnes being touted as a SL club despite appauling results on the field makes a mockery of licensing. That aside, i'd certainly love to see P&R return. The drama of Wigan being close to facing the drop a few years back, and the fairy story promotions are something that IMHO are sorely missed. We'd have had Barrow and now Fev up if we'd have kept P&R. The charm of Rugby League is somewhat lost with licensing - its all about the money, which it shouldn't be and never was.
  9. Andy Wilson's latest offering

    It doesn't matter who wrote it, the fact that a side that finished 4th and lost in the semis last year, are currently languishing in 8th and lost the National Rail Cup Final makes an absolute mockery of the setup. Period. If Widnes go up, its a travesty for Rugby League. You can produce 50 youth players per season, but if they're all rubbish it makes no difference. To get a license in SL by what seems like by default is a disgraceful by the RFL. Promote Widnes and they finish in the bottom 2 of SL for the next 3 years. Genius idea - watch the crowds plummet.
  10. Brian Carney on B&A on Wed

    Widnes, Fax and Leigh have all had their chance and have royally blown it. Time for Barrow or Fev to get a go.
  11. Andy Wilson's latest offering

    Im sorry, such rational arguments aren't allowed on this forum.
  12. Andy Wilson's latest offering

    No, not really. Exactly what calibre of players do you expect Widnes to attract? You're currently 8th in a league of 12, which isnt exactly groundbreaking, nor attractive. I'd expect you'd be getting whoever loses their licences' cast-offs and a smattering of out of contract players. Having a fairly new stadium and surviving off Wigan and Saints' academy players ad infinitum doesnt really seem too stable a plan. It would seem to me that the main reason Widnes would get a licence is that the RFL feel duty-bound after picking Salford over them last time. Bit of a sad state of affairs really. The best team should go up. Otherwise it makes a mockery of a team bothering to actually win games.
  13. Andy Wilson's latest offering

    The sad fact is that Wakefield would tonk Widnes every day of the week but because of their seeming stubborness to share a stadium they are perhaps going to miss out on top flight stadium to a far inferior club.
  14. Indeed. The same can be said with regards to 'tangiable success' and especially 'value for money'. In Top Trumps, Warrington would be one of the cards you definitely wouldn't want to be stuck with.