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  1. I've no idea about his personal circumstances or mental state. I'm not going to sit here and say another grown man 'needs support' based on a bunch of judgments on his personal life. I know plenty of people who've taken coke and/or acted like a bit of a tool who don't 'need support'. He needs to take the ban and be given another chance. If he blows it (no pun intended) he'll have no career left.
  2. Ill only buy you hipster real ale
  3. It's less of a chance if you meet him and talk to him. Maybe he needs to get away from his friends and family. Maybe they're the problem. We don't know. Saints might.
  4. I like the way everyone knows what he needs having never met the guy.
  5. I'd buy New River Stadium and merge Skolars and Broncos, or at least make them both play their home games there on a long term lease and make it a base for RL in the south east.
  6. Right call but for the next guy to have a chance they need to stop sacking half the team at the end of every year because they had a beer and stop shafting their local talent.
  7. It's way too soon for any more franchises on North America, not least because there aren't the players for it. To win they need a ready made team of PRO RL players. You won't win anything with union or gridiron players, not a chance. And we can't afford to send another squad of UK talent out of the country. If they can somehow sign a squad of 2nd tier Aussies then maybe.
  8. I noticed that, i'm very uncomfortable with it too. I do wonder who these people are running the 2025 world cup. They aren't RL people that's for sure.
  9. 'druggy' seems a bit strong. What did he do take coke? a recreational drug? Yes stupid but he's in his 20s and we all did stupid things in our 20s, do we really want to lose him from the game forever for that? It's a tough game, played by tough young men often from tough backgrounds. We're not going to get angels.
  10. I think you must be dead inside. Go eat an eskimo pie.
  11. I think the whole concept is that every team plays there over the same weekend. So you can't change that. But why not alternate between Etihad and St James each year. Fans would be happy with that i think and can save up for Newcastle years.
  12. At least now we know why they dropped the 'Border' from the name Barrow Border Raiders.
  13. What really annoys me about Draper's comments is his statement along lines of 'we tend to see a drop off in year 3 at a stadium'. Seriously? What did they do to prevent that this time? What did they do differently to make it more appealing to fans this year? Nothing. It's pathetic. Put the matches on at a stadium, sell tickets, see what happens. It's an event, make it an event.