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  1. Quadrupling the attendance would still fit in Ealing. I don't see the point in playing games away from Ealing at some random bigger more expensive stadium in front of a crowd that will fit in Ealing.
  2. But what would it cost? What would the target attendance be for it to make it cost effective? What about the hassle for season ticket holders? I just don't see the point from a business perspective. Yes Ealing could do with being a bit bigger but its a great venue and facility for the foreseeable future.
  3. So Ealing's fine for super league matches despite the "gazebo" and "wooden benches"? London could triple their average Championship attendance and still have spare capacity at Ealing. How many promoted clubs have tripled their average attendance after promotion. Hull KR maybe just?
  4. What are you saying then? Is Ealing suitable for super league or not? Is 3k a big enough capacity for nearly all games or not? Is it worth spending loads of money on a big stadium on the off chance there's a 4-5k crowd on? What's more important? the long term sustainability of the club or a big shiny stadium with lots of plastic seats?
  5. It's enough for the vast majority of games and id rather it was full for the big games than pay £200-300k a year to play in a 3/4 empty stadium all year just so we can all say it's showing ambition to achieve something that's not going to happen.
  6. A sport that's biggest and most successful clubs draw 10k crowds doesn't need it's smaller clubs to be rattling around in hugely expensive 20k all seater stadiums just to satisfy a fantasy some RL fans have of our sport being as big as soccer.
  7. Oh come on there's a few wooden benches there that are literally not used, but the other two stands are all normal plastic seating as you'd expect. And stop calling the metal stand with plastic seats and a roof a "gazebo" it's disingenuous.
  8. Wooden benches? Where? They pretty much averaged at best 3-4k at their peak apart from the odd exceptional game. They could always play 1 or 2 big games a year elsewhere I guess but i don't see the need.
  9. I really hope they stay. Maybe add a temporary stand behind the other posts. It's plenty big enough and a really good facility. Another move would be a disaster and big crowds are a pipe dream in the short term super league or not
  10. Tre Cool

    Bulls struggling again?

    Sounds like a lot to me. They're not exactly York City Knights are they?!
  11. Apart from the odd exception London would generally draw 4-5k crowds against the big northern sides with about 1k away fans. And anything from 2-4k for the other games with a few hundred away fans.
  12. Tre Cool

    George Williams to NRL

    I don't see him succeeding in the halves in the NRL. He's nowhere near consistent enough. Maybe he'd make a half decent centre.
  13. He's made a pigs ear of replacing the golden generation of players Leeds were very fortunate to have that's for sure.