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  1. Tre Cool

    Nou Camp

    It's fair to say you've got a base 20k of fans going to this game before any neutrals or locals. 30k would be great and more than possible.
  2. Tre Cool

    KR's South Terrace

    Maybe they could stick all the fans that enjoy singing 'shoot the...####' at every game in that end....then build a wall in front of them
  3. Tre Cool

    New Grounds.

    Turn the corporate boxes into council flats
  4. It has no chance of success without vast sums of money being written off for 10-20 years at least. Building a new stadium too? Come on.
  5. There's too much of this kind of thing coming out about Toronto for my liking. They need to sort it out fast.
  6. I don't understand your point. There's not much "good" about the gobby egotist either.
  7. Complete waste of time and money, especially if he's in charge.
  8. Tre Cool

    Can Keighley replicate York?

    I don't think so, Skipton is small and touristy and wrong demographic. Keighley is as big as Widnes or Leigh and bigger than Castleford and has no direct competition in the town in terms of pro sport (sure some people there support Burnley and Bradford City but they're not in the town). There really is potential there with some investment and imagination. Maybe the sizeable asian community makes it a bit more tricky than for Cas/Widnes/Leigh but still.
  9. Tre Cool

    Can Keighley replicate York?

    Yes they could, spread the marketing into the surrounding towns and villages and there's plenty of people to go at. They've done it before and could do it again. Bit of imagination and then some momentum.
  10. The name is fine. Original and marketable. Their logo and overall image needs a complete rework though. Coventry do that side of things really well.
  11. Tre Cool

    This Forums Members age

    Nobody debates RL on instagram mate.
  12. Tre Cool

    This Forums Members age

    The younguns are all on F*ceb**k
  13. Tre Cool

    London Broncos open day

    Lots of good things happening. Still a bit of a "build it and they (won't) come" mentality about game day, but that'll probably never change. I'd like to see some kind of announcement about a long term deal to play at Trailfinders, old fans will come back if there was some long term stability.
  14. Tre Cool


    Can't the RFL effectively kick them out and allow a new club to join?
  15. Tre Cool

    Hearns not coming to Rugby League

    Good. Whatever the question was, they aren't the answer.