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  1. Rubbish. If Cas can get 9k Wigan should be targeting 20k. Too many SL clubs are happy stagnating. Maybe if they focused on Bolton rather than Millwall and Wollongong they'd have more success.
  2. Well done Mr Carter. What an asset to RL he is.
  3. James Maloney to Warrington?

    Now that would be a signing. Still wouldn't be Wire's year though.
  4. Wolfpacks new signings

    It'd have to be a top NRL player to blow my mind. Any SL players in their price bracket now. Benji? He wouldn't blow my mind either but guess TWP would expect it to.
  5. It would be very wrong to shut out clubs from the elite league just based on where they happen to be in the system at this brief moment of their history. You're talking about clubs with 120+ years of history in some cases, who have been to Challenge Cup Finals and in the top league. It would be very wrong to shut them out. The top club in SL at the moment are drawing 9k attendances and are based in a town of 38k people!! That's British club sport. That's how it is. Why is it an 'impossible dream' for ANY pro club outside SL to be one day at the top of the pile. I'm very pro-expansion and survival of the fittest, but NOT copying NFL or NRL and having franchising and blocking out any team currently outside the top flight or who aren't in a big enough city. ANY team in the soccer pyramid knows clearly that they could one day make their way up the system, however unlikely, if you remove that possibility you can guarantee there would be a significant problem.
  6. Wolfpacks new signings

    Olsi's an underrated dogged tough player. Exactly the kind of player they need. Consistent too.
  7. Ashton Sims to the Wolfpack?

    Olsi's the man. Easily SL quality.
  8. Ashton Sims to the Wolfpack?

    He's a decent player. Certainly an improvement on Bailey. We don't seem to like consistent, solid forwards in SL. If they aren't knocking every other player on their backside or offloading in every tackle we don't value them. Which very much isn't the case in NRL. He's a good player and a leader/talker on the pitch too.
  9. If taking McNamara AND Agar from us doesn't convince anti-expansionists of the benefits of having Catalans in SL nothing will.
  10. Looks like La Nouvelle Riviere
  11. Twp tonight

    Id be up for a rebrand to NHRL..
  12. Meanwhile, across the pond

    I think he's got much better things to do.
  13. Twp tonight

    Frankly if its "harming" a "pro club" that only draws 400-800 fans a week with the status quo id say it's worth the risk and will actually in all probability help those clubs in the long term if the sport is bigger and more commercially significant.
  14. Twp tonight

    Their PR and media coverage in Canada seems to be going up a notch now and i expect their recruitment to do the same between now and next year. Very exciting times for RL fans. I think the locals will be blown away all over again with the standard of games in the champs and i hope attendances will grow again from the already highly impressive first year.
  15. This was always going to happen when Catalans brought in supercoach McNamara. I understand half the NRL are tearing up contracts as we speak and demanding a move to the south of France.