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  1. Tre Cool

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    Many northern working class RL players would much prefer to stay near their family and friends in their local community than go to London where the pay is similar but housing is 4 x more expensive. There's a few reasons for this. Some cultural, some financial. Obviously there are and have been some exceptions.
  2. Tre Cool


    is my house a business? No is my house a historic community sports club? No is my house a member of the RFL? No
  3. Tre Cool


    What worries me is that potentially an historic club can be sold seemingly without correct due diligence on the new owners. The person who sells the club is every bit as responsible as the new owner if that is the case.
  4. Tre Cool

  5. Tre Cool


    From what i could find online it's just a Wakefield based (?) businessman who's started a few businesses in his time shall we say. It's not looking good. I don't think there's money there.
  6. I don't want to roam an inner city suburb of Liverpool no. But having decent pubs in the surrounding area would be a big plus. The Magic experience isnt just for hardcore rl fans that want to watch 6 full games of rl.
  7. Im just saying im put off by the idea of being in Anfield for 2 days.
  8. yes but it's not ideal between games to be getting a taxi to and from the city centre. I wouldn't want to sit inside the stadium for the whole day tbh.
  9. Maybe if they aarrange a free shuttle service to the city centre it could be a winner then.
  10. I've been, and yes it's great. Anfield though?
  11. I don't think we need to be over critical without knowing how much the city's paying for it, and it makes a lot of sense to push the game more in the big football towns and cities in the north of England. Taking the semis to Bolton every year, and Magic to Liverpool/Manchester could be very good for the game and our pro clubs in these areas. Personally as a southerner(ish) who doesn't know much about Liverpool I'm immediately put off by what i've seen and heard about Anfield as an area in terms of crime. I doubt the local pubs are particularly pleasant and I wouldn't want to be hanging out in the area between games. Newcastle is much more appealing.
  12. Tre Cool

    Rowley leaves Toronto

    Not many coaches have had such poor seasons as him either. With the richest and biggest club in the sport. You can't ignore his failings.
  13. Tre Cool

    9s World Championship

    We should ask the NRL for a full 96 page health and safety report before we even consider it.
  14. Tre Cool

    Rowley leaves Toronto

    Not a fan of McD off the pitch at all. Was pretty disrespectful at London and generally poor. Did well at Leeds at times but at other times was awful. I wouldn't be overly excited if i was a TWP fan but i think he is an improvement on Rowley. They were very hard to watch under him and ridiculously niggly.