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  1. Tre Cool

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    Sounds to me like he's off to Oz but who knows. Ideally id like him to replace Rowley at Toronto. If they're as ruthlessly determined with the coaching staff as they are with the players it'd be a wise move before they take the next step.
  2. Tre Cool

    Hardaker to Wigan

    I really can't see him behaving himself for 4 years.
  3. Tre Cool

    Ricky Leutele signs for Wolfpack

    Very exciting times to be an RL fan in the northern hemisphere.
  4. London Broncos are ok but a bit humourless. Hemel (my nearest team but not my team in any way) are awful.
  5. Eric Perez lives in Bradford!?! WTF?
  6. Tre Cool

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    So how come the NRL get such huge tv deals when half their games are played in 3/4 empty huge stadiums?
  7. Tre Cool

    New Grounds.

    Wakey and Cas really should be sharing that stadium.
  8. Tre Cool

    Garry Lo leaves Cas

    Im not sure but i think Mick Gledhill might be more annoying than Parksider.
  9. Opening up the leagues again has breathed much needed oxygen into the lower leagues and it's been great to see. Unfortunately SL at the same time is as weak as ive ever known it, at least on the pitch. It's tricky but we need to strengthen the elite league again to stand a chance of keeping this cash flow coming in to the game from tv money.
  10. Tre Cool

    Championship standard grounds

    They probably chose it for two reasons. The target market and cost. I don't really see the issue. London were forced to play at expensive big capacity stadiums for years despite rarely drawing more than 5k crowds, and that more than anything else sent them bust time and again.
  11. Tre Cool

    Hardaker 14 months ban

    Wouldn't be too upset if he disappeared off to another sport tbh
  12. Tre Cool

    Who's next to join our ranks?

    Between Leeds and Halifax
  13. Tre Cool

    The last rugby league game I ever watch

    I agree with a lot of the points by the OP, although not to the point where i'll give up on the game. I do find myself playing with my phone during matches, particularly after 30 mins, which I never used to do. There's way too many penalties, and SKYs commentary team revelling in referees decisions all game just makes it even worse. There's clearly weak leadership at the top, they need to sit and watch 20 NRL games in a row and see how the game should be reffed and managed. The player's can only manipulate the ref if the ref allows them too. We need teams completing set after set on their own terms, not being broken up constantly by the whistle or a strip or a knock on or a forward pass. Some of it's down to the players, but my feeling is a lot of it's to do with the refs.
  14. My personal opinion is refs are far too fussy in SL and are way too eager to blow the whistle. It's been that way for as long as I've been watching the game.
  15. It's straight from the Garry Schofield school of thinking. It's rubbish. Low percentage flash plays means losses.