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  1. The game is fairly irrelevant compared with finding out about next season.
  2. A replay is highly unlikely but the RFL couldn't have chosen a better venue.
  3. Harlequins should move here

    A log flume would be great!
  4. Harlequins should move here

    Hayes & Yeading is an absolute toilet. And so is the football ground. I suppose you could build something around it, like a huge wall. How about Woking? Not in London, but only 25 mins from Waterloo, ground capacity 6036. It would cut my travelling time down by half, and all the RFL developement staff could then be centred around Guildford.
  5. Amateur Rugby League

    I was involved in setting up Guildford Giants last year and am still keeping busy there. Thankfully I was already 41 years old when we set the club up so not tempted to play anymore!
  6. Up 'n' Under

    Even when it played at Woking it was very recognisably Rugby League. There were lots of Play The Balls and definitely no sodding line-outs.
  7. Up 'n' Under

    Saw the play years ago at Woking when they were touring it. It was fantastic - don't judge it by the film, which was a pale shadow of the original
  8. 20-18 now. 62 minutes gone
  9. Listening to this on BBC London online. Saints are 8-6 up after 25 mins.
  10. Quins..

    I would be reluctantly waving goodbye if it ever became a permanent move
  11. McDermott's reaction
  12. Harlequins ground

    Do I detect a hint of irony?