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  1. I've found that putting Parksider's post's through "The Professor Stanley Unwin Translator" doesn't improve his accuracy but it makes a much better read!
  2. Unsurprisingly Dane Chisholm tweeted he had to phone them to find out he's not required by the owners!
  3. Aaron Bower tweeted on the League Express that Henry Paul was not now going to be the next Coach. A strange bit of phrasing!
  4. Somebody mentioned the word Henry and assumed Henry Paul , there's an ex A B's Coach called Graham Henry, now he's an experienced coach and his appointment would be jaw dropping!
  5. Dane Chisholms tweet @dane_chisholm 8h hours ago Another day of no news .. had it up to here Absolute joke. Get your act together @TheRFL and get Bradfords team and staff sorted NOW! Either he wasn't at the meeting or not asked or it didn't happen?
  6. As a Bulls Fan I agree with this open letter to the Newco
  7. If I recall the Fans shares were non voting but it was the other directors that were supposed to be the problem in that they were rarely able to get together to decide the issues of the day, so the Club changed the rules handing the day to day business to the Chairman and two others, I could be well wrong,perhaps Adey could clarify that!
  8. Adey whether the creditors get anything seems to be getting less important in the scheme of things looking at various rumours, pseudo facts around the net and Twitter its seems the RFL are looking at 2 or more bids one wants CL the other from last Thursdays meet wants L1 and a clean slate, we know where the Sod Hall mob will be leaning, but with the Club still losing Players CL has become less of a realistic option! Monday may see a slight clearing in these muddy waters!
  9. I have noticed the lack of rumour and innuendo emanating from Red Hall concerning the Bulls in trouble again! They've learned to keep it quiet at last!! Shame a few others haven't but that's Human nature!
  10. Well that would mean the RFL forking out for the majority of ground maintenance and H & S checks, and that's a big expense at an old ground like Odsals
  11. This must mean Kev Sinfield has really retired then!? :-)
  12. Sadly it was whether the Kiwis would have played better if Kearney had stayed on till the end of the Tournament is now a moot point, the Roos have improved under Mel and are starting to have that invincible look about them, England would have given them a better match but their lack of game time together, lack of High Intensity match's meant they were going to be underdone, but I expect a far better England next year at the World cup
  13. I see the Bagging Benny Brigade have roped in the UK hacks and pundits, surprised at one or two of the more sensible ones towing that particular line. Did they think he was going to change the way he speaks to the Media?? I must have made the wrong assumption that he was brought in to raise the bar and take England on from where Macca left it, which would have been fine if the Roos hadn't done same. Speaking to the media isn't going to improve England on the field so I don't give a t**s whether they like his media persona or not! Its a result business so he would rather be judged by that!
  14. That's very true but the Kiwis tend to have a fair few from the Warriors and quite a few ex Warriors and are usually all NRL Based so have less disparity than the England as such, so should be at least nearly equal to the Roos. 12 months ago the Aussies would have been there for the taking but new Coach and changing roster and change of attitude means they will be a lot harder to beat despite England having a decent squad for a change. The Kiwis ironically were wrong footed by Kearney leaving to join the Warriors but will be getting back to their best again now they are settling in under Kidwell
  15. They haven't, it was mentioned in an episode of the new TV series Hyde & Seek recently over here! If Sheens was still in charge, England (still with McNamara) would have had a good chance of beating the Aussies next week, but the perceived animosity by the Oz press between Bennett and Meninga will mean neither side will want to lose. The fact is the England NRL players don't get to play in the intense Origin series and that will favour the Aussies!