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  1. He's had a decent grounding at assistant coaching in the NRL as well as bringing England forward, I hope he makes a decent fist of it this time round!
  2. Storm need to make points count with the amount of possession otherwise another 2nd half failure is on the cards!
  3. Some pathetic Reffing gives Penrith a try
  4. Good first half by the Knights now showing the confidence from last weeks win still bit of naivety but good work ethic showing through. The Refs have been a bit ordinary with some of their decisions against them, no change there till Archer goes and someone who can raise their standards comes in!
  5. Bromwich has stepped down as Kiwi Captain and donated match fees to a charity and misses the next 2 Storm match's Very disappointed with him. I expect Bellyache will be reading the riot act to him as well! Can't see him surviving the Storm culture after this season unless he can be really honest with his team mates next training session and basically man up privately and publically!
  6. Again the Tigs show a lack of leadership Take it from Woods and give it to Teddy!
  7. Moses general kicks in general play poor but could one say suspect considering?
  8. The Eels will need to be a bit more composed 2nd half as the Tiggers are finding that confidence again and could take the game away from the Eels 2nd half
  9. Too much poor play between tries with sides having the talent to play much better fluid footy!
  10. Now Johnston gives away a try being sloppy in the in goal!
  11. Then Alex Johnson does a long distant try to the corner
  12. Both attacks wanting in the red zone so far
  13. Will the Cows have the same fortitude as Storm to comeback 2nd half or will the Tiggers have enough nous to go on and win, important HT talk for Cleary though to achieve it!
  14. Classic English is not smoked, the Aussie still have this trend of smoking all pork products, a hangover from the days before refrigeration!
  15. Sea Gulls have taken a step back this match while St Jarge are still making small improvements! Ft 35-10 to the Dragacts, Widdop another good game, the fact he's off contract is just a coincidence? is it not??