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  1. TotalRL redirecting to SkyBet

    Dont know if its relevent but same thing started happeing on rlfans about same time it started on here. So maybe a advertisement which appears on both sites.?
  2. 5 Feb: Hull KR v Bradford Bulls KO 3pm

    Strange that your the only one coming out with the 500 from figure. This after months of you putting boot into Bradford at every opportunity. Bulls shop were saying they had sold 700+ tickets mid week and on the day bulls fans who paid on the day were being put into stands with kr supporters,as stand they were supposed to be in sold out. Figure being widely given by most sources, including other hull kr fans is 1000-1300.
  3. Do the RFL now run the Bulls?

    Didn't realise conspiracy theories sent in to league weekly post bag, probably by a bitter opposition supporter, were classed as reliable news these days ?
  4. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    Bradford got about 770k this season for finishing 2nd in 2015 season, not 500k. Leigh got 780k for finishing first for 2016 season. They would have got same again this year if they hadn't got promoted. Now they will get hull krs 1.8millon and hull kr will get 780k as highest ranked team in championship.
  5. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    talks to continue tomorrow.
  6. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    telegraph article is from an hour or two ago. statement on bulls website went up 30 mins ago. Looks like there may have been a breakthrough of some sort.
  7. Care to find that in rules? It only applied the yr the structure changed afaik. We didn't get parachute payment + central funding. We just got central funding for highest ranked team at time of structure change.
  8. There is no parachute payment. We got 780k as we were assigned top rank first year after the new structure came in. Then we got same amount this year as we finished highest in championship after middle eights. If Leeds finished 8th in middle eights they would be assigned 4th position in next yrs championship table and whatever amount that gets.
  9. Your both talking about different things. Micks talking about funding structure after middle eights and final positions for 2016 championship are decided. As sweaty said the funding for next year is determined on final positions after middle eights finish with the fifth placed team in middle eight being the highest placed in the championship table, 6th being 2nd, 7th being 3rd, 8th being 4th. Then the winner of championship shield competition takes fifth place and so on. This is why leigh despite finish top of regular season last year only got 4th highest funding amount this year.
  10. Big difference for league games is clubs count season ticket holders as attending whether they come or not. Club announce tickets sold as opposed to actual attendance.
  11. Tribunal date set for 25th April according to marwans Twitter.
  12. Think Olbison playing at prop had more to do with Clough,Kavanagh and Crossley all being injured. Lauaki not being fit to be waterboy and Fleming just not looking a better option than Olbison than any deep tactical reasoning from Jimmy ;-)
  13. The stand he's talking about putting a roof over is the popular side facing the provident stand ( Popular side was renamed northern terrace last year in a homage to Bradford northern, nothing to do with geographical location) NOT the away end behind the sticks which is rarely opened now.
  14. Leigh to ignore Salary Cap

    Jimmy spoke of cost cutting immediately after losing an important match. Green told the local reporter the same night that we would be staying fulltime, but said reporter decided to go with the more sensational headline. Both green and ferres have given statements since saying we are staying fulltime. They have also stated that we will be spending the full salary cap next year. The reduction is squad size isn't a financial one. the aim is to spend the same money on better quality players. One player (walker) has retired and he made no impact this year anyway. We brought in an ex SOO center in Nielsen albeit it too late in season to make an impact this yr. Don't see that as a downgrade, rather an upgrade.